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Study helps pinpoint what makes species vulnerable to environmental change
Princeton to take part in new U.S.-Swedish initiative on artificial intelligence and sustainability
Adversarial machine learning: With artificial intelligence comes new types of attacks
Suzanne Staggs To Present 2019 Buhl Lecture
Algorithms could stop an ‘internet of things’ attack from bringing down power grid
Microbe chews through PFAS and other tough contaminants
Motivated to decarbonize energy systems: Jenkins speaks out on energy transitions
Genes, social environment and adolescent smoking
Townsend Lectures to focus on home in ancient Mediterranean
Princeton project to build a diverse coalition of physicists to confront nuclear dangers
Solutions to urban heat differ between tropical and drier climes
U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor to Visit Tufts University
‘100-year’ floods will happen every one to 30 years, according to new coastal flood prediction maps
When will we observe significant changes in ocean due to climate change? New study offers road map
Offshore oil and gas rigs leak more greenhouse gas than expected
Research shows human cells assembling into fractal-like clusters
Researchers reverse engineer ‘fireworks of life’
A small number of leaky natural gas wells produce large emissions of greenhouse gases
Experiments explore mysteries of ‘magic’ angle superconductors
Small but mighty: A mini plasma-powered satellite under construction may launch a new era in space exploration
Innovative tiny laser has potential uses in drug quality control, medical diagnosis, airplane safety
Fewer fish may reach breeding age as climate change skews timing of reproduction, food availability