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A method to assess Covid-19 transmission risks in indoor settings
Nobel laureate among presenters for UTA Science Week
COVID-19 reduces access to opioid dependency treatment for new patients
Ludwig Cancer Research opens new Branch dedicated to cancer metabolism at Princeton University
Plasma device designed for consumers can quickly disinfect surfaces
U.S. President Biden Announces his Intent to Nominate Key Members for Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Labor
Four Tartans Among 2021 Goldwater Scholars
Despite New York City’s ambitious experiment in pre-K education, racial gaps continue to grow, Berkeley study finds
Attention and working memory: Two sides of same neural coin?
Stanford’s Jeffrey Ullman receives ACM Turing Award
Powering energy transition with better storage
Is Lake Carnegie showing a climate trend?
Chemists grapple with ‘Karma’
Insightful looks at nature and role of science by two former PPPL insiders
Missing Baryons Found in Far-Out Reaches of Galactic Halos
Translation updates Cicero’s treatise on jokes as ‘weapons’
Scientists find clues to a process occurring throughout universe that affects fusion energy
UNE Center for Global Humanities presents ‘Not Born Yesterday: Why Humans Are Less Gullible Than We Think’
Stanford sociologist uncovers hidden side of pandemic life
Princeton’s tech policy clinic builds ‘virtuous loop’ of real-world research and learning
How fast is universe expanding? Galaxies provide one answer
Delay of second doses of COVID-19 vaccines has epidemiological benefits, but long-term effects depend on strength of immunity
Life expectancy falling for adults without a bachelor’s degree
New high-performance computing cluster will greatly enhance PPPL and Princeton University research
NIH awards $3.1 million grant for Washington University, St. Jude ALS research
Workforce Development Team Aids in COVID-19 Vaccine Trials
St. Jude and Washington University researchers receive $3.1 million NIH grant
How we can use psychological principles to foster collaboration in fight against COVID-19
New Sensor Paves Way to Low-cost Sensitive Methane Measurements
Rapid evolution may help species adapt to climate change and competition
Giving people what they want?
Despite sea-level rise risks, migration to some threatened coastal areas may increase
True toll of coronavirus on sub-Saharan Africa may be obscured by tremendous variability
Archaeological team co-led by Princeton’s Vischak identifies world’s oldest industrial-scale brewery
New machine learning theory that can be applied to fusion energy raises questions about very nature of science
Diversity in policing can improve police-civilian interactions, say Princeton researchers
Lab team uses giant lasers to compress iron oxide, revealing secret interior of rocky exoplanets
Adherence to health precautions, not climate, biggest factor driving wintertime COVID-19 outbreaks
Researchers at forefront of national plans for technological and social transition to net-zero emissions
Chemistry and computer science join forces to apply artificial intelligence to chemical reactions
Dewdrops on a spiderweb reveal physics behind cell structures
Inclusion, digital and sustainable finance, health, and taxation at G20 Finance and Central Bank Deputies meeting
Asian butterfly populations show different mimicry patterns, thanks to genetic ‘switch’
“The Renaissance of Stellarator” is unveiled at first 2021 Science on Saturday lecture
Three new public-private INFUSE projects to speed development of fusion energy selected for PPPL
Mange in Yellowstone wolves reveals insights into human scabies and conservation biology
WashU Expert: Biden energy plan is aggressive, but much can be done
Biden taps Eric Lander and Maria Zuber for senior science posts