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Tiny flakes tell story of tool use 300,000 years ago
National conference convenes leaders in firearm injury prevention research
Beavers Have Lived in Family Clans in Allgäu for More Than Eleven Million Years
New Research Suggests Political Events Impact Sleep
Research rethinks blood-tumor barrier and finds novel path to brain cancer treatment
Sleep Research Society position statement supports adoption of permanent standard time
Multi-GI Society Task Force Releases Path to Environmentally Sustainable GI Practice
New study provides experimental evidence that late eating may increase obesity risk
Eating late increases hunger, decreases calories burned, and changes fat tissue
Research finds cortisol level as indicator of addiction recovery success
Australia has relied on agricultural innovation to farm our dry land
Small new study looks at effects of nighttime eating on depression, mood
Daytime eating may benefit mental health
Simple way to significantly increase lifetimes of fuel cells and other devices
Organ-development discovery could boost battle against cancer
Engineer ing research team develops coin-sized wearable biosensing platform for digital health
Halas, Nordlander win prestigious Eni Energy Transition Award
Washington State Academy of Sciences Adds Six PNNL Researchers
Optica, MRS and SPIE Announce Newest Congressional Science and Engineering Fellows
Age 40 is when busy Americans get least sleep
Link between irregular sleep and hypertension risk
Pre-historic Wallacea – melting pot of human genetic ancestries
TARC Researchers Share Findings at Osteoarthritis Research Society International Conference
World’s most beautiful endangered snail crowned Mollusc of Year 2022
Colorectal Cancer Surgery: Adjusting Gut Flora to Help Healing
UConn Health Honor Roll
Journal highlights Lab testing of 3D-printed Covid nasal swabs
What lies beneath: Detroit River narratives emerge through schooner trips, boat building
Research shows psychological impact of pandemic on UK nursing and midwifery workforce
Research reveals psychological impact of pandemic on UK nursing and midwifery workforce
FANCI: new gene at origin of some cases of ovarian cancer
Funding to extend research into impact of Covid on nurse and midwife wellbeing
Smuggling bear parts in Australia and NZ
Researchers join public health talks
ABC has announced Elizabeth Moore as new Head of Audience Data & Insights
Killer T cells could be recruited to ignite immune response against cancer, new study suggests
Princess Margaret Cancer Center researchers refine test to achieve ‘ultrasensitive’ detection of HPV in bloodstream
Northwestern-invented biomaterial technology moves from lab bench to orthopaedic market
La campaña “Mantente Fuerte por Todos” pretende reducir las disparidades de salud en la comunidad hispana
Meeting sleep recommendations could lead to smarter snacking
Hydrogen Compatibility Study Characterizes Performance of Rubber Additives
Valerie Sticher wins Cedric Smith Prize 2021
Bergom elected councilor-at-large for radiation society
Study finds cancer screening tool may help predict risk of developing new cancer among childhood cancer survivors
Widowers more likely to be diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer
What is sotrovimab, COVID drug government has bought before being approved for use in Australia?
Stopping illegal trade of Aussie lizards
New position statement declares that sleep is essential to health