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UF Scripps Biomedical Research names new chief financial officer
Goldberg elected to National Academy of Sciences
Antibody therapy controls HIV for months in new clinical trial
How bacteria “self-vaccinate” against viral invaders
Cryo-EM finds how ‘911’ molecule helps fix damaged DNA
Cryo-EM finds how ‘911’ molecule helps fix damaged DNA
Enzyme could be new target for cancer immunotherapies
Potential new target for cancer immunotherapies
‘Roadmap’ tracks trajectories of embryo development
Two Columbia Scientists Receive Hirschl Trust Research Awards
Novel antiviral drug combinations demonstrate Covid therapeutic potential
Evolution of Addiction Treatment: Reflection with Don Egan
Researchers uncover new approach for treating aggressive cancer
World’s first library of underwater biological sounds to monitor changing marine life
Can Higher Temperatures Accelerate Rate of Evolution?
Scientists discover new mechanism involved in learning and memory
Insights into cystic fibrosis treatment may herald novel class of drugs
New comprehensive map of portal to cell’s nucleus
Novel compound might defeat multidrug-resistant bacteria common in hospitals
Waddling water bears, grandmother neurons, and other memorable science stories of 2021
Why are some COVID cases more severe than others? ‘Humanized’ mice offer clue
New evidence that boosters may be crucial in protecting against Omicron
Press Briefing by White House COVID- 19 Response Team and Public Health Officials 16 December
How fly’s brain calculates its position in space
Miniature llama antibodies could help fight SARS-CoV-2 variants
French Delegation Visits Columbia Stem Cell Initiative
Covid Infection Can be Inhibited by Elements of Human Microbiome
Researcher helping bring HIV cure within reach
Stem cell memories may drive wound repair-and chronic disease
Hepatitis Drug Increases Antibiotic Potency, Limits Antibiotic Resistance
Hepatitis drug increases antibiotic potency, limits drug resistance
New design may boost potency of monoclonal antibodies against COVID
UN experts panel charts most direct course
Radiotherapy may explain why childhood cancer survivors often develop metabolic disease
Scientists discover how mitochondria import antioxidants
WLA University Presidents Forum highlights Open Science for sustainable future
Antibody treatment prevents inflammation in lungs, nervous system in macaques with Covid
How foodborne diseases protect gut’s nervous system
Dopamine’s many roles, explained
International search focused on scientific achievement, commitment to HMS values
Noninfectious versions of SARS-CoV-2 provide powerful research tools
Small molecule may prevent metastasis in colorectal cancer
Study detects origins of Huntington’s disease in 2-week-old human embryos
Novel method for trapping HIV inside its host may give rise to new antivirals
Linker histones tune length and shape of chromosomes
Gene in monkeys and mice could work as new type of antiviral to block HIV, Ebola, and other deadly viruses
Antibody-producing b cells may be “predestined” for their fates
Could future coronavirus variants fully dodge our immune system?