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HKUMed in alliance with international research collaboration discovers inborn errors of immunity
Immunological cause of severe COVID-19 identified
Scientists trace severe COVID-19 to faulty genes and autoimmune condition
How dividing cells avoid setting off false virus alarms
Microbes in gut may influence metabolism
Scientists uncover antiviral protein that blocks coronavirus infection
How mechanical forces nudge tumors toward malignancy
Newly discovered anti-CRISPR protein gives viruses a leg up against bacteria
Study uncovers molecular events by which popular antidepressants work
Will SARS-CoV-2 escape future drugs by mutating? answer may be a nuanced “no.”
Seen-before image of coronavirus copy machine
How toothless mock viruses could advance research on COVID-19
Images of Antibodies as They Neutralize COVID-19 Virus
Bacteria in gut have a direct line to brain
Amid rush for COVID-19 drugs, a case for helicase
How neurons in body fat grow to boost calorie-burning capacity
Novel cells might act as a warning sign for rheumatoid arthritis flares
Listeria protein provides a CRISPR ‘kill switch’
Why memory-forming neurons are vulnerable to Alzheimer’s
Transparent fish reveal subtle, cellular dance in which sensory organs take shape
How antibodies from llamas may lead to COVID-19 treatment
Brain study finds a molecular “off” switch for nicotine craving
Unique mutation reveals a new role for well-known DNA-repair gene
With CPRIT funding, UTA cancer researcher establishes new lab
United World Antiviral Research Network forms
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA names 2020 Switzer Prize recipient
First results from human COVID-19 immunology study reveal universally effective antibodies
Study reveals first evidence inherited genetics can drive cancer’s spread
COVID-19 study looks at genetics of healthy people who develop severe illness
Scientists investigate life-threatening inflammation affecting children with COVID-19
Mice with patchy coats lay bare how stem cells endure
Race-Specific Lupus Nephritis Biomarkers
Gene hunt to explain why some young, healthy people die from COVID-19
Scientists are using ‘elite’ antibodies from COVID-19 survivors to develop potent therapies
Study captures molecular architect of cells’ infrastructure
3D imaging of blood vessels could shed new light on cardiovascular disease
Technique tracks gene expression changes as cells change
Scientists launch multiple studies into novel coronavirus
How skin cells embark on a swift yet elaborate death
Mapping Bacterial Neighborhoods in Gut
Research on soldier ants reveals that evolution can go in reverse
A new model of vision
Rockefeller grants commercial license for development of new HIV drugs
Neuron-like activity detected in an unforeseen place
Gene Therapy Prevents Chronic Disorders Associated with Alcohol Exposure in ALDH2 Deficiency
Patient with unusually severe infection leads scientists to a rare type of immune deficiency
Why cells need acidic lysosomes
How decisions unfold in a zebrafish brain