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Inside protein channel that keeps bacteria alive
Brain disease transmitted by tick bites may be treatable
Double antibody against SARS-CoV-2 prevents therapy-resistant variants
UVA Advances to Elite 8 in Tournament to Name Biggest Biomedical Discovery
Ministers appoint new Trustees to Kew board
UNESCO Forum on Biodiversity
UNESCO convenes protectors of biodiversity and launches global movement to safeguard planet for all that live on it
UVA Reaches Sweet 16
How one patient’s rare mutation helped solve a mycobacterial mystery
Eyeless roundworms sense color
Financial crashes, pandemics, Texas snow: how math could predict black swan events
Cancer Find Up for Year’s Biggest Biomedical Advance in a Different ‘March Madness’
An old antibiotic may combat drug-resistant tuberculosis
Why male mosquitoes leave humans alone
Rockefeller grants commercial license for development of monoclonal antibodies for treatment of COVID-19
COVID-19 vaccines may need regular updates for emerging variants
Synthetic “micro lungs” could take COVID-19 research to next level
Understanding antibodies to avoid pandemics
After recovery from COVID-19, immune system mounts a lasting defense
Blood may hold clues to some of COVID-19’s most mysterious symptoms
Rockefeller begins testing of new COVID-19 antibody drug in people
Nanoparticle Immunization Technology Could Protect Against Many Strains of Coronaviruses
Scientists capture moving parts of portal to cell’s nucleus
Study of 50,000 people finds brown fat may protect against many diseases
Llamas immune to coronavirus, what zebrafish are thinking, and other memorable science stories of 2020
As COVID-19 vaccines emerge, search for antiviral drugs continues
Scientists map network of SARS-CoV-2’s helpers inside human cells
Telomere shortening protects against cancer
New type of immunotherapy may pave way for better cancer treatments
Conservation of resources is hardwired into genetic code
New atlas reveals journey of human cells throughout development
Molecular atlases reveal how human cells develop and grow
UB takes part in genome sequencing of all birds worldwide
How immune system deals with gut’s plethora of microbes
How cells use mechanical tension sensors to interact with their environment
Rockefeller issues license for development of novel anti-inflammatory drug
Max Planck-Humboldt Research Award 2020 presented in life sciences for first time
Characterizing COVID-19 Antibodies for Potential Treatments
Scientists discover mosquitoes’ unique blood-taste detectors
Emmanuelle Charpentier honoured with 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Nobel Prize for hepatitis C discovery
Nobel Prize Awarded to Power Trio of ASM Contributors
Alumnus Charles M. Rice Wins 2020 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Nobel awarded to Charles Rice for hepatitis C discoveries at School of Medicine
Cancer cells use nerve-cell tricks to spread from one organ to next
Gene links short-term memory to unexpected brain area
A revised map of where working memory resides in brain
HKUMed in alliance with international research collaboration discovers inborn errors of immunity