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Impunity for Arbitrary Arrests, Torture in Palestine
Joint Submission by Human Rights Watch and Lawyers for Justice to Committee Against Torture on Palestine
Sleep deprivation influences physician perception of patient pain
How do we solve mental health problems such as depression?
Jailed Critic Denounces Torture in Prison in Rwanda
Investigators Receive $3.7 Million to Study Kentucky’s Sleep Deprivation Epidemic
Some Patients with Lung Disease Fare Worse Than Others. Could Sleep Explain It?
NIH-supported study links poor sleep to increased risk of COPD flare-ups
Tired mosquitoes would rather catch up on sleep than bite you
Tired mosquitoes choose sleep over food
Insight into behavioural rhythms without circadian clock
Sleep-deprived magpies sing less
Alzheimer’s brain barrier damage theory could pave way for new treatments
Lack of sleep increases unhealthy abdominal fat
JCU Hub works to build ultimate athletes
How Sleep Deprivation Impacts Mental Health
Sleep deprivation or burnout?
Start preparing for Daylight Saving Time
No time to nap in nature
Sleep problems pervasive and persistent among children with epilepsy
Hummingbirds exert fine control over body heat
Australians with severe dermatitis to benefit from PBS listing
Sleep deprivation increases serotonin 2a receptor response in brain
Research reveals later school start times prevent sleep deprivation for parents of middle and high school students
When should you go to hospital for a headache?
Taking Bite Out of Pain Management
Pause might save your life
Simple ‘Pause’ Might Save Your Life
Research investigates how gut wages war on brains of soldiers
Only Alcohol – Not Caffeine, Diet or Lack of Sleep – Might Trigger Heart Rhythm Condition
Smart sound system could relieve anxiety for ICU patients
Postnatal psychosis is rare, but symptoms can be brushed aside as ‘normal’ for a new mum
Mother’s Guide to Fourth Trimester
Don’t let Astros keep you from good night’s sleep 29 October
Scientist collaborates on new device to enhance sleep
DOD funds $4.3M human trial on device to enhance sleep
Dragging your feet? Lack of sleep affects your walk, new study finds
DOD Funds $4.3-million Initiative to Improve Sleep, Clearance of Brain
Dragging your feet? Lack of sleep affects your walk
Sleep loss does not impact ability to assess emotional information
“Is that a bacon sandwich?” – Fruit flies react to smells while asleep
Your sense of smell may be key to balanced diet
Getting kids on regular sleep schedule after virtual year
Research reveals short naps don’t relieve sleep deprivation
New mothers’ sleep loss linked to accelerated aging
Caffeine cuts close to bone when it comes to osteoporosis
Urban areas with high levels of air pollution may increase risk of childhood obesity
‘Fight or flight’ discovery in sleepwalkers paves way to new understanding of phenomenon