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Funding boost for motor neurone disease research
UPMC Hillman Offers New Immunotherapy for MCL
Global collaboration needed to regulate embryo and embryoid research, says Baker Institute paper
Rhythm to fight blues – new depression study
Combination therapy significantly improves survival outcomes for patients with acute myeloid leukemia
Brashear named to state stem cell agency’s governing board
Acclaimed stem cell researcher joins Science & Technology Australia’s stem sector policy committee
Study suggests embryos could be susceptible to coronavirus as early as second week of pregnancy
Dana-Farber study advances understanding of rare sarcoma
Funding boost to develop lung treatment for premature babies
Building new local industries one bioprinter at a time
HKUMed reveals pathogenic gene of carpal tunnel syndrome providing new directions for prevention and treatment
Dana-Farber to offer first CAR T-cell therapy for mantle cell lymphoma following FDA approval
Gene-controlling mechanisms play key role in cancer progression
Simple twist of DNA determines fate of placenta
Study finds that special filters in glasses can help color blind see colors better
Secret defence against adenoviruses
Bad E. coli we know, but good E. coli?
Case Western Reserve University-led team develops new approach to treat certain neurological diseases
Loss of intestinal goblet cells causes fatal disease after stem cell transplantation
A revolutionary new treatment alternative to corneal transplantation
New tool for assessing heart muscle cells helps unlock their potential
Study gives insights into how human fat cells are affected by age
Blood cell mutations linked to leukemias are inevitable as we age
Genetics research produces clinical trial for ‘Childhood Alzheimer’s’
Medicine delivery via microbubbles could be made possible using sound waves
Chinese biotech firm collaborates with University of Southern California on stem cell research
$5.9 million for research into stem cell treatments for incurable diseases
HKU develops non-destructive method of analysing molecules in cells
Treatment for incurable diseases receives $5.9 million research injection
Cloning Stem Cells to Find a Cure for Crohn’s Disease
UConn Researcher Invents Nanoparticle for Overcoming Leukemia Treatment Resistance
A Novel Radioisotope Therapy for Children with Neuroblastoma
Net Pharmacy fined $214,200 for alleged unlawful advertising
Blood cancer find raises new treatment hopes
Study finds path for addressing Alzheimer’s blood-brain barrier impairment
Diluting blood plasma rejuvenates tissue, reverses aging in mice
Patients with multiple myeloma and CHIP often have worse outcomes following autologous stem cell transplant
Researchers find potential treatment for Rett syndrome
Duchenne clinical trial offers promising results using unique therapy
Miracle cures and fast-track approval threatens medical advances, say scientists
Some types of prostate cancer may not be as aggressive as originally thought
Stopping clones may help win skin cancer battle
Lab-Grown Miniature Human Livers Transplanted into Rats
Probing secret forces of pericytes
New grant will help scientists advance human immune model in pigs
Reprogramming retina
University of Southern California Stem Cell study offers clues