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New Orchid Discovered in Unexpected Location
Extreme experiments cast new light on Earth’s core
Team Finds Link Between TKI Cancer Drugs & Inflammatory Side Effects
AI Model Detects Atopic Dermatitis Complications, Malignancies
Study Reveals that Soft Gums are More Prone to Inflammation
Rare-earth-free Spin Valves Achieve Sub-picosecond Magnetization Reversal
Research Team’s Study Reveals How Brain Stores Long-Term Memory
Acid Glia in REM sleep: Stronger Acid Response in Epileptic Mice
Fighting Friction to Protect Machinery
New Insights from Ancient Asteroid
Strong Microwave Magnetic Fields for More Efficient Plasmas
Metaverse Improving Public Health: How?
Optimized Amide Bond Reactions with Heterocyclic Compounds & Acids
Finally Confirmed: High Heat Conductivity of Cubic Silicon Carbide
Novel Immunomodulator Found in Rose Fragrance: β-Damascone
Intermediate Solution?
Navigating Complex Biological Systems with Smart Fibers
Theory Sheds Light on Efficient Hydrogen Peroxide Synthesis
Quasiparticle that can transfer heat under electrical control
Quasiparticle Transfers Heat via Electrical Control
Topological Waveguide Cuts Electronics’ Energy Waste
Doubling Capacity of Li-ion Batteries at Lower Cost
Non-invasive Monitoring of Health via Sweat Analysis with Microelectronics
Atomic Chains Lower Thermal Conductivity of Materials
Identified: Hydrogen Storage Material’s Key Restriction
Wiley Signs Open Access Deal in Japan
SolarEV Cities: Pathways to Decarbonize Developing Cities Equitably, Affordably
Physicists Confirm Wave Growth Theory Works in Space
Ethereal color variant of mysterious plant is actually new species
Body Pitch and Movement Distort Perception
Analysis of Tweets Paints Worrying Picture in Ukraine
Measuring Gamma-Ray Bursts’ Hidden Energy Unearths Clues to Evolution of Universe
Discovery of Interfacial Ferromagnetism in 2D Antiferromagnet Heterostructures
Success in High-Speed, High-Sensitivity Terahertz Detection Using Graphene Transistor
Affecting Baseball Friction with Different Substances
Expand arsenal of drugs against Covid
Cubic silicon carbide disc exhibits high thermal conductivity, second only to diamond
Efficient Synthesis of -Quinine Paves Way for Malarial Drug Development and More
Researchers Develop Scaled-up Spintronic Probabilistic Computer
Can Plasma Instability In Fact Be Savior for Magnetic Nozzle Plasma Thrusters
Researchers to Showcase 25 nm iPMA Hexa-MTJ Technology for Scalable eFlash Type STT-MRAM
Large Band Bending at SnS Interface Opens Door for Highly Efficient Thin-Film Solar Cells
Batteryless and Wireless Device Detects Coronavirus with Magnetostrictive Composite Plates
Predicting New Quantum Echoes: Ultrafast Lightwave Control of Electrons in Crystals
Diamonds and X-Rays Open New Window into Earth’s Inner Core
New Bulk Metal Alloy Shows Large Elastic Limiting Strain Greater Than 4.3%
Optically Analyzing Local Brain Environment: Astrocytes’ Acid Response in Epileptic Mice
Limiting Animal Extinction Requires Preventing Environmental Deterioration and Nuclear War