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Do Compression Garments Facilitate Muscle Recovery After Exercise?
Small Volcanoes Play Big Role in Clarifying Tectonic Plate Structures
Aging Brain Initiative awards fund five new ideas to study, fight neurodegeneration
Researchers Unlock Potential Means to Reduce Lithium-Ion Batteries Reliance on Rare Metals
Single-molecule techniques illuminate mechanisms of GPCR activation
Researchers Unveil Highly Efficient Means to Reverse Magnetization with Spin Currents
Mathematical Shortcut for Determining Quantum Information Lifetimes
Exercise During Pregnancy Reduces Risk of Type-2 Diabetes in Offspring, Study Finds
Discovery of new phenomenon game-changer for efficient bioproduction of useful chemicals ~G6P trapping technique applicable
4 V-class Metal-free Organic Lithium-ion Battery Gets Closer to Reality
Electron Lens Formed by Light: New Method for Atomic-resolution Electron Microscopes
New Protein Discovery Reveals Mechanisms of Nitrogen Assimilation in Plants
Material that Could Save Industries Heat
Researchers Investigate Physiological Changes in Japanese Black Steers During Feeding
Social Acceptance of Geothermal Energy: Visualizing Consensus Building Using Models
CRP Success Towards Standardization of Small Specimen Test Techniques for Fusion Applications
Osmotic Pressure and Viscosity: Anticancer Drug Efficacy and Restricting Tumors Using LDDS
How major volcanic eruption paved way for rise of dinosaurs
Unique ‘virtual wind tunnel’ could help optimise Mars-bound helicopter blades
Gene Regulation at its Brightest
Taking Care of Young Carers
Maternal Lead Exposures Correlated with Sex Ratios of Offspring
Citizen Seismology Helps Decipher 2021 Haiti Earthquake
Discovering molecular ‘team-work’ underlying nitrate assimilation in unicellular red alga
Using Cell Phone GNSS Networks to Monitor Crustal Deformation
Using Cell Phone Networks to Monitor Volcanic Activity
Genetic Mechanisms of Coral Metamorphosis Identified
Black hole billiards in centers of galaxies
Engineered Light Waves Enable Rapid Recording of 3D Microscope Images
Unveiling Chemisorbed Crystallographically Heterogeneous Graphene/FePd Interface
New Lab Model Simulates Effects of Exercise on Muscles
Visual Facilitation Around Hands: Hand Proximity Attention and Handedness
Treating Intractable Diarrhea in Calves and Improving Intestinal Microflora
Strong magnets put new twist on phonons
Microgravity Worms Help Solve Astronauts’ Muscle Troubles
Brain Training with Neurofeedback Shows Enhanced Benefits on Cognitive Functions
Newly Identified Protein May Help Diagnose Ulcerative Colitis, Researchers Say
Study raises new possibilities for triggering room-temperature superconductivity with light
Novel synthetic process for core structure of fungal antiviral agent Neoechinulin B and its derivatives
Harnessing Sea Pineapples and Blood Waste for Metal-air-battery Catalysts
Wiley and Four Japanese Institutions Sign MoU for Transformational Open Access Agreement
New Analysis of Tsunami Deposits Paints Clearer Picture of Sanriku’s Past
Low Volcanic Temperature Ushered in Global Cooling and Thriving of Dinosaurs
Why Are Ripe Tomatoes So Red? Distorted Reality of Carotenoid-based Nanoparticles
Ion Pairings Change Honeycomb Crystal States
Reinterpreting Our Brain’s Body Maps
Harnessing Brain’s Plasticity to Acquire Epilepsy Resilience
Creating Reference Map to Explore Electronic Device Mimicking Brain Activity