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Chirality Memory Effect of Ferromagnetic Domain Walls
Wireless and Battery-free Spintronic Energy Harvester
Engineer s harvest WiFi signals to power small electronics
New Numerical Method Makes Simulating Landslide Tsunamis Possible
Ion-Selective Smart Porous Membranes
RIES: Contributing to advancement of life and energy sciences through an interdisciplinary approach
Distinct Cell-to-cell Communication Processes Controlled Differently
A New Guideline for Solid-state Spin Qubit
Meteorite amino acids derived from substrates more widely available in early solar system
World’s Most Advanced Spectral Measurement Technology
How Do Slow Anomalies Beneath Subducting Slabs Affect Giant Megathrust Earthquakes?
Novel Imaging Method to Visualize Respiratory Activity of 3D Tissue Models
Scientists glimpse signs of a puzzling state of matter in a superconductor
A Central African Shield Amalgamation Tale
Classification Scheme Developed for Newly Identified Multiple Sclerosis-like Disease
First 3D-printed Proton-conductive Membrane Paves Way for Tailored Energy Storage Devices
Preseismic Atmospheric Radon Anomaly Associated with 2018 Northern Osaka Earthquake
A New Materials Enable Usage of “Calcium” for Batteries
Historical Data Offers a Glimpse into Mental Health of Adolescents During COVID-19
Kuroshio Current May Be Responsible for Climatic Discomfort in Tokyo, Scientists Find
Faster Imaging in Rubber X-ray CT Imaging Helps Tires Become Smarter and More Efficient
Electrochemical synthesis of formate from CO2 using a Sn/reduced graphene oxide catalyst
Demonstrating World’s Fastest Spintronics p-bit
Rio Tinto and Komatsu scholarship programme at Tohoku University supports more than 330 students over ten years
Pandemic-related Anxiety in Pregnancy
Researchers Develop a New, Efficient Tin Monosulfide Solar Cell Prototype
Creating a new type of computing that’s ‘naturally probabilistic’
Acute Breakdown of Glial Network in Epilepsy
Changing Silkworm’s Diet to Spin Stronger Silk
Biobattery-powered Microneedle Patch Can Deliver Drugs and Procure Testing Samples
New Training Program Enhances Disaster Preparedness for Healthcare Personnel
Signal Coupling Between Neuron-glia Super-network May Lead to Improved Memory Formation
Keeping an eye on fusion future
Communal Activities Boost Rehabilitation for Older Adults in Long Term Care
Smallest Galaxies in Our Universe Bring More About Dark Matter to Light
Monitoring Body’s Fat Burning by Breath
High-speed Holographic Fluorescence Microscopy System with Submicron Resolution
Constructing First Version of Japanese Reference Genome
Keeping a Clean Path: How to Double Capacity of Solid-State Lithium Batteries
Keeping a Clean Path: Doubling Capacity of Solid-State Lithium Batteries
Newly discovered mutation increases diabetes risk in Japanese men
Using VR Training to Boost Our Sense of Agency and Improve Motor Control
Prenatal BPA Exposure May Contribute to Male Bias of Autism Spectrum Disorder
How Insects Activate Muscles to Adapt to Limbs Removed
Catalyst Transforms Plastic Waste into Valuable Ingredients at Low Temperature
New Hard Disk Write Head Analytical Technology Can Increase Hard Disk Capacities
Age of Father Affects Offspring Through an Epigenetic Mechanism
Protein Tells Developing Cells to Stick Together