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Bringing ‘Sticky’ Back to Pancreatic Cancer
Bending with Wind, Coral Spawning linked to Ocean Environment
Breakthrough Made in Detecting Carbon Impurities in Gallium Nitride Atoms via Light
Researchers Discover A New, Young Volcano in Pacific
Navigating Land and Water: How centipedes walk and swim
Attacking Metastatic Breast Cancer with Sound
Insight into Competitive Advantage of Modern Humans over Neanderthals
New DNA Amplification Capsule Holds Promise for Fighting Diseases
Researchers get first microscopic look at a tiny phenomenon with potential implications for quantum
Accelerating Development of STT-MRAM: Observing Ultrathin MgO Chemical Bonding States
New Laws of Attraction: Scientists Print Magnetic Liquid Droplets
Researchers can finally modify plant mitochondrial DNA
Observation of Topologically Protected Magnetic Quasiparticles
Subaru Telescope Captures 1800 Exploding Stars
Development of Durable MTJ Under Harsh Environment for STT-MRAM at 1Xnm Technology Node
Worm study sparks hope for slowing muscle decline
Solar Wind Causes Jupiter’s Atmosphere to Heat Up