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Sex appeal helped dinosaurs take flight
Environmental research boosts University of Alberta standing in latest Shanghai rankings
Slow start for blue-green algae on Alberta lakes
Hybrid geothermal power plant being built in Swan Hills
Pregnant women who work night shifts have higher risk of preterm delivery, miscarriage: study
Forestry practice inspired by wildfire could help save grizzly bears, study shows
Innovative patient-centred lung clinic reduces suffering along with costs
Researchers discover new genetic link to premenopausal breast cancer
Exposure to parasites may have greater negative effect than previously thought: study
Child care system not meeting needs of Canadian families: study
Researchers tap Twitter to look at how urban design affects mental health
University of Alberta researchers land three prestigious $2.5-million social sciences
Shark fin ban bite-sized solution to biodiversity crisis
University of Alberta researcher uses canola to create biodegradable cling wrap
Wide income gaps affect health of rich and poor alike, says researcher
Newly discovered cattle genes could be keys to more sustainable beef industry
Why you shouldn’t kill your friendly neighbourhood spiders
Researchers improve AI that can tell from your voice if you’re depressed
Sounds of intense emotion may be universal language across species, study shows
Chemicals found in fungus could help in battle against mountain pine beetle
Community energy big renewable opportunity for rural Canada
Cutting back forest in southern Rockies could cut risk of severe wildfires: study
‘Father of nuclear magnetic resonance’ named to Order of Canada
Arctic scientist named to Order of Canada
Discovery of mechanism behind precision cancer drug opens door for more targeted treatment
‘Last chance tourism’ an opportunity to educate people about climate change, study suggests
Scientists develop new method for studying early life in ancient rocks
Four surprising ways to get a sunburn, and six ways to treat it
Medical researchers developing tool to make end-of-life care more effective
University of Alberta research informs proposed new Canadian drug pricing rules
University of Alberta researchers create ‘encyclopedia of milk’
U of A eye specialist warns parents about dangers of Nerf guns
Diets of nearly half of South Asian immigrants are unhealthy, study suggests
New website helps people avoid swimmer’s itch
Too much screen time hurts toddlers’ social skills, new study shows
Study of microbes essential to help solve climate change problems, say scientists
New toolkit guides health-care professionals to assess dementia in a new way
U of A virologists identify how experimental Ebola treatment works
How to handle emotional roller-coaster at family gatherings
Graphic novel helps teen transplant patients navigate life after surgery
U of A researchers developing new treatment that could help protect people with
New model predicts impact of invasive lionfish predators
Palliative care doctor broadens skills to help ease suffering in crisis areas
Sediment from fishing choking out sea sponges, study shows