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Dark matter even more elusive than previously thought
Steroids Improve Survival in Very Ill COVID-19 Patients
Partial collapse of canal wall near BG2
2020-2021 Opening Academic Year: Connect
Effective digital mental health more necessary then ever during COVID-19 pandemic
From identification to a chemical fingerprint for explosives in forensic research
Jan de Boer new member of Executive Board Dutch Research Council
UvA launches new research project on how to design tax systems for a post COVID-19 world
Would you fall for a fake video? UvA research suggests you might
Building a bias when making economic decisions
Towards a silicon light source
USC Deal: Year’s worth of free sports for new UvA bachelor students
Gerard Nijsten appointed director of UvA/HvA Library
A collaboration between art and science
Mark Vermeij appointed professor of Tropical Marine Ecology
Mass graves provide new evidence of violence against women in Franco’s Spain
HIV vaccine design strategy holds promise for COVID
Analysis of municipal wastewater as a predictor for population socioeconomics
Judy Shamoun-Baranes appointed Professor of Animal Movement Ecology
Mies van Niekerk overleden op 70-jarige leeftijd
Is political microtargeting a threat to democracy?
From boiling eggs to blood clotting: how do gels form?
European research institutes advocate a more ambitious EU budget
Digital infrastructure for research into social network of full Dutch population
Research finds being proactive reduces sense of job insecurity
Restitution of Books Stolen by Nazis
How did old masters make their ultramarine?
Power of zero when selling a house
Faculty of Law contributing to research on democratic governance that was awarded millions in funding
Crops can resist droughts thanks to microbes living in soil
Root microbiome can make crops more resistant to drought
Scientists reveal coronavirus camouflage that will aid hunt for vaccine
Dutch citizens support European solidarity in fighting epidemic
What Features Make Text-Based Counseling Effective?
UvA scientists explain implications of coronavirus
Why runner’s addiction is adding to your injury woes
Tracking rise of Euroscepticism and support for far-right
Using light to put a twist on electrons
Problems with cyanobacteria will worsen if CO2 concentrations continue to rise
Dr Sebastian Schelter named as head of AIRLab
Replication study contradicts claim that conservatives have stronger physiological responses
IOP Publishing signs new open access agreements with Dutch universities
Study calls for EU trade policy to anticipate ethical and responsible AI regulation
Study calls for ethical and responsible AI regulation in EU trade policy
4-year European Data Protection Board (EDPB) framework contract to eLaw’s research on implications of GDPR
NWO grant for optimal design of complex and distributed cyber-physical systems
Amsterdam knowledge institutions invest 1 billion in AI
How did baleen whales become our planet’s giants?