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Towers of liquid
What role do gender stereotypes play during elections?
Update cyber security 02-03-2021: University of Amsterdam 5 March
Nominees for UvA Thesis Prize 2021
Update cyber security 02-03-2021: University of Amsterdam
Peer van der Helm named professor by special appointment of Education and Care in Special Education
Housing market contagion: do higher prices there mean higher prices here?
Update cyber security -1-03-2021: University of Amsterdam
Deadline approaching: Change your password
We post so much on social media because we learn from rewards
Human rights law can provide a transparent and fair framework for vaccine allocations, researchers suggest
Update cyber security 24-02-2021: University of Amsterdam
Internal meeting on University Quarter and SMP
Update cybersecurity 23-02-2021: University of Amsterdam
Update cyber security 22-02-21: University of Amsterdam
Creative lockdown alternative for chemistry bachelor project leads to scientific paper
5 legal questions on vaccine distribution
Update cyber security 19-02-21: University of Amsterdam
Populism, do we all mean same thing?
Eileen Moyer appointed professor of Anthropology of Ecology, Health and Climate Change
Update: Cybersecurity 18-02-21: University of Amsterdam
Elsbeth Kalenderian appointed new dean of ACTA
AUAS and UvA target of cyber attack
No increased risk of aerosols with special nasal cannula
When UN freezes your assets
‘New political parties enter a life or death struggle’
Recruitment begins for new dean of Faculty of Humanities
Guido Schäfer named professor by special appointment of Algorithms, Optimisation and Game Theory
‘The anti-racism movement could put wind in sails of multicultural parties’
Ancient Amazonian farmers fortified valuable land they had spent years making fertile to protect it from conflict
‘A growing number of citizens is immune to authoritarian virus’
Why can we skate on ice?
University launches new partnership for International Foundation and Pre-Master’s programmes
ABS PhD student takes to streets with ‘1,5 metre monitor’
‘Why voting as early as 16 is much better’
UvA open access policy and Diamond Open Access Fund
Similarities between partners may lessen negative impact of attachment insecurity in couples
Knowledge and expectations of parents contribute to inequality in education
Martin van Hees appointed dean of Amsterdam University College
‘Not nearly enough women in politics in Netherlands’
Daniel Bonn wins Physica Prize 2021
Astronomers see whirlwind around possible exoplanet-in-the-making
Toon Abcouwer elected president Special Interest Group Education of AIS
Timothy Noël is awarded 2020 IUPAC-ThalesNano prize for Flow Chemistry
City streets experiments to transform urban mobility
Ilker Birbil appointed professor of Artificial Intelligence & Optimisation Techniques for Business and Society
Elizabeth von Hauff named professor by special appointment of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics in Energy Conversion
Polarisation in Netherlands: how divided are we?