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Protection of Migrant Workers Committee Begins 36th Session, Meets Civil Society
UvA Biologists Create New Bright Red Fluorescent Protein Record
Graphene Seen Growing for First Time
International Law Struggles to Regulate Labor Migration
What pupils learn outside of school can enhance lessons
Netherlands Leverages Automated Detection of Drug Samples’ Chemicals
Surprise in Quantum World
LieLab Unveils Complexities of Deception
How Financial Intelligence Units collaborate globally
Voting for Provincial Councils, Water Authorities Urged
Soda Makers: War on Sugar
Plants on Mauritius lose their seed dispersers
Earth System Boundaries Must Include Justice: Researchers Find
Caution Urged for Using Polar Solvents in Art Restoration
Why family, housing and inequality are so connected
Richest people don’t turn out to be smartest
Joining hands to advance Dutch microscopy
Towards circularity in calcium carbonate
100+ Years After TB Vaccine, Why No 2nd?
European Police: Dealing with Non-Institutionalized Protests
Return of ‘native’
How could we evolve such huge brain?
Public Favours Action Against Misinformation Online: Study
Public Backs Action to Curb Misinformation Online: Study
Political elites incite violence to strengthen group identity
Why icicles are rippled
Sustainable chemistry will not solve CO2 emissions problem
Leaves’ Water Pores Found to Fight Pathogens
Bio-Based Plastics Gain Consumer Favor Over Fossil Fuels
Finding evidence in plants for use of chemical weapons
Unusual PaintingUnusual Lead Compound
Degrowth will make healthier and happier cities
Unusual lead compound found in Rembrandts Night Watch
Leaders Urge Action as New Science Shows Earth Systems at Tipping Point
New ecological approach to protect biodiversity
Positive Attitudes Toward Trans, Nonbinary People Linked to Inclusive Gender Signs
Towards next generation of batteries
Bonobos Show More Empathy to Strangers Than Those They Know
In memoriam Kees Boelhouwer
Ancient Iraq Revolutionised Science: Pre-Silicon Valley Intellectual Hub
Quantum technology grant for modelling molecular mirror images
Studying healthcare ethics through anthropological lens
Early Detection of Neurodegenerative Diseases via RNA
Yiddish back in Amsterdam
Exploring employee experience
Call for Sessions: Just International Development Forum 2023
Using machine learning to improve toxicity assessment of chemicals
TikTok Boosts Virality with Algorithmic Control