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Using light to put a twist on electrons
Problems with cyanobacteria will worsen if CO2 concentrations continue to rise
Dr Sebastian Schelter named as head of AIRLab
Replication study contradicts claim that conservatives have stronger physiological responses
IOP Publishing signs new open access agreements with Dutch universities
Study calls for EU trade policy to anticipate ethical and responsible AI regulation
Study calls for ethical and responsible AI regulation in EU trade policy
4-year European Data Protection Board (EDPB) framework contract to eLaw’s research on implications of GDPR
NWO grant for optimal design of complex and distributed cyber-physical systems
Amsterdam knowledge institutions invest 1 billion in AI
How did baleen whales become our planet’s giants?
Amsterdam selected as excellence center to retain AI talent
Honorary UvA doctorate for sustainability expert Johan Rockström
Nicholas Till to hold Pierre Audi Chair in Music Theatre and Opera
UvA and TomTom to open new research lab for autonomous driving
How do we help city dwellers psychologically?
UvA, TNO and CWI collaborate on ‘Meaningful Control of Autonomous Systems’
Amsterdam partners focus on Life Sciences & Health and AI
Human emotional vocalisations: learned or innate?
9/11: One event, many meanings
Prestigious ERC Starting Grants awarded to 10 UvA researchers
Fourth AI University Professor appointed
€20 million for plant stress research
Overconfidence pays off
A new centre for astroparticle physics theory
Plants under drought stress change their microbes through their roots
Drop in air pollution a major boost for solar power in China
Ignoring cues for alcohol and fast food is hard – but is it out of our control?
Similarities between a Van Gogh painting and a golf ball
Leaving microbes out of climate change conversation has major consequences, experts warn
Doctoral dissertation: How are suburban housing estates built in 1960s and 1970s faring?