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Hawaiʻi’s Covid models, responses, lessons learned
Quantum one-way street in topological insulator nanowires
When unconscious, brain is anything but “silent”
Brain’s choice
Magnets in newer portable electronic devices can interfere with implanted defibrillators
Analysis of 20-year study finds malaria control in young children saves lives into adulthood
New, better coronavirus rapid test
Landing therapeutic genes safely in human genome
Effective combination cancer treatment
New health economic framework to help assess what might be required to eliminate African sleeping sickness by 2030
$20M awarded to groups studying human brain evolution, animal development
Schistosomiasis: large-scale treatment decreases prevalence by 60% among school-aged children
Tracking down microplastics in Antarctica
ICRC elects new president
Seemingly unattainable energy transition
Major Parkinson’s disease awards to study brain circuits driving symptoms
ICOS supports science and policy making – first comprehensive article describing ICOS has been published
There’s no one solution
An efficient and low-cost approach to detecting food fraud
Transport pricing in practice
1 in 5 adults has high levels of heart enzymes after any surgery, monitoring advised
On trail of ocean mercury
Augmented reality helps tackle fear of spiders
Improving leukemia therapy with targeted treatment approaches
Nasal cartilage relieves osteoarthritis in knee
People Look Alike if We Think They Have Similar Personalities, New Study Finds
PALY ally: Calculating cost-effectiveness of healthcare
Benefits of acute aerobic exercise on cognitive function: Why do 50% of studies find no connection
Unusual prey: Spiders eating snakes
How do immune cells get activated?
NIH awards Brent nearly $2M
Exercise aids cognitive development of children born preterm
Drought-induced Mortality of Conifers
Overfishing of Atlantic Cod Likely Did Not Cause Genetic Changes
Switzerland’s energy transition
New NIST algorithm for NV center diamond magnetometry speeds up experiments by an order of magnitude
6.8 million euros go to doctoral programme for immunology
Foreign vs own DNA: How an innate immune sensor tells difference
Gut Immune Cells May Help Send Multiple Sclerosis Into Remission
Spread of a novel SARS-CoV-2 variant across Europe in summer 2020
Answer in micro-droplets
Award for excellence in Alzheimer research
AI automatic tuning to deliver step forward in quantum computing
With noise to completely secure communication
Public parks guaranteeing sustainable well-being
Increased Usability and Precision in Vascular Imaging
Cichlid fish loves exaggerated shells
A scaffold at center of our cellular skeleton