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Student expenditures decrease at some colleges that receive promise scholarship funds
Study links High-fat diet to nitric oxide levels, cancer development
Fighting white-nose syndrome in bats benefits agriculture, study shows
UT Supercomputer Helps Unveil Black Hole at Our Galaxy’s Heart
Changes in cholesterol production lead to tragic octopus death spiral
Astroonomers help capture first image of Milky Way’s black hole
Illinois astronomers help capture first image of Milky Way’s black hole
Secure Act regulations seek to dispel ‘illusion of wealth’ for older adults
More greens, less sugar and fries: Abriendo Caminos study finds promising results
Drone-delivered defibrillators could save lives
MIT class journeys to fascinating places where mechanical engineering affects biology
Photosynthesis unaffected by increasing carbon dioxide channels in plant membranes
New CMJ review article examines link between bacterial infection and colorectal cancer
Health experts caution against ‘new normal’ strategies for Covid
Ice-capped volcanoes slower to erupt, study finds
Quantum network solutions, by ground and by air
U of I SMARTFARM researchers use novel AI to model GHG emissions
‘factory reset’ for brain may cure anxiety, drinking behavior
‘factory reset’ for brain cures anxiety, drinking behavior
Astroophysicist chosen for key role in international science collaboration mapping remnant light from Big Bang
Proposed spacecraft navigation uses x-rays from dead stars
Corn genetic heritage strongest driver of chemical defenses against munching bugs
Automated synthesis allows for discovery of unexpected charge transport behavior in organic molecules
Scientists develop powerful strategy for creating new-to-nature enzymes
Scientists create viable, reproducing yeast-cyanobacterial hybrids
Limits to Growth: 50 years later
New study could help reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions
Older Latinos redefine family to include friends, neighbors, other community members
Study tracks Covid infection dynamics in adults
Research could help reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions
Bat box design, placement matter for energy balance in endangered bats
Engineers create frost-resistant, ice-phobic coatings
New molecule sets stage for nickel as ‘greener’ photocatalyst, finds key steps in reaction process
Scientists find elusive gas from post-starburst galaxies hiding in plain sight
Impact of Covid on drug use: and how it contributes to overdose risk
Impact of Covid on Drug Use-and How It Contributes to Overdose Risk
Parents’ reactions while helping with math shape young children’s achievement
RAMPS Grant Will Democratize Entry to NSF High-Performance Computers
Researchers find elusive gas from post-starburst galaxies hiding in plain sight
Washington University joins effort to launch Taylor Geospatial Institute
Machine-learning model can distinguish antibody targets
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology researchers detect coronavirus particles with “slow light”
Portable, point-of-care Covid test discerns alpha variant from earlier strains
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Launches Research Institute Dedicated to Advancing Care of Pediatric Cardiovascular Diseases
Research could enable assembly line synthesis of prevalent amine-containing drugs
Study explores what food sector needs to know about how to reduce sodium
Paper: Covid outcomes not consistently explained by race, social vulnerability
Research reveals increase in black lung disease in coal miners