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Dairy Sector Celebrates 100 Years of Herd Data Collection
Mysterious Early Astronomy Textbook Author Identified
Book: Professional jobs have changed – but not for better
Mystery of Early Astronomy Textbook Author Resolved
Exploring Shozo Sato’s Suibokuga and Watercolors at Krannert Art Museum
Organic Dream Achieved Through Molecular Cooperation
Manure Regulations Reduce Dairy Farm Water Pollution
Chicago Quantum Exchange Sees 2022 Growth: Annual Report
DOE Funds Berkeley Lab’s Joint BioEnergy Institute Again
US-Ireland Research Program Celebrates 17 Years with $21M
AI Tech Could Solve Wheat Disease: Is Hope on Horizon?
Catalog of Exploding Stars Now Online
Physicists Track Upsilons Melting in Sequence
Where sidewalk ends
Illinois Soil Change in 120 Years: U of I Scientist Seeks Assistance
Nitrate Pollution Converted to Ammonia Efficiently
Insurance and Race Impact Advanced Cervical Cancer Diagnosis
Guidance for LGBTQIA+ inclusion during ecology fieldwork
Nurturing tropical paradise in heart of Midwest
Elusive Phason Observed in Charge Density Wave
Researchers develop zebra-inspired thermoelectric generator
Immigrants with Top Lawyers Less Likely to Face Deportation
Anemone Fossils Flipped by Paleontologists
Harnessing powers of human thought and computation
WormAtlas expanding beyond C. elegans with support from NIH
Real-Time Data Tracks Asteroid Debris: DART Impact
Tile Drains, Crop Rotation Impact Nitrogen Loss: Study
Optica Names 17 Recipients for 2023 Awards and Medals
Book tackles myths about science of menstruation
Comparing Sound Exposure in Fetuses and Premature Infants
High BMI Linked to Precarious Jobs
Hybrid Hummingbird Discovered: Feathers Don’t Match Parents
Post-COVID: People Ready to Cycle More, Study Shows
Covid’s Impact on Black, Latina Women’s Mental Health Examined
Lexus to Showcase Sustainability, Innovation at Milan Design Week
Soft Robots: Biology-Inspired Control Model Opens Doors
Researchers Identify Molecules that Optimize Immune Response
CHOP Researchers Uncover Molecules for Optimal Immune Response in Humans
Theory sorts order from chaos in complex quantum systems
Research Models Data Transport via Satellite Train
Genetic Variation Protects Deer from Disease
Video series highlights history of skin in early modern world
Theory can sort order from chaos in complex quantum systems
Lithium-Air Battery Offers Longer Driving Range than Lithium-Ion
Bacteria Engineered to Advance 50 Years of Plant Protein Research
Youth’s Adjustment Influenced by Coping and Physiological Responses
Networks Boost Revenue with Ad Scheduling Model: Researchers
Meth Deaths Surge in Co-use with Opioids: Study