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Brain cancer: serious consequences for young survivors
Chemists, Mathematicians at Sugar Shack for Maple Syrup Season
Colorectal cancer and E. coli: new insights
Genome of lost crop is explored
Preventing Type 2 Diabetes in Youth: No Meds Needed
MITACS Internships: power of applied research
HIV Reservoirs Are Established Earlier Than Expected
Cinema at service of science
Giant step forward in understanding autism
Is brain wired differently in people with addictions?
Aquatic grasslands are in decline, but they can be saved
$1M Donation Aids Teens with Epilepsy Transition to Adult Care
Chemists create nanomachines by breaking them apart
Shedding light on how plants function
Colorectal cancer surgery: gut microbiota helps healing
Bacterium decreases effectiveness of immunotherapy
UdeM holds its spot among Canada’s top research universities
Better understanding cancer and heart disease
Datagotchi: voting-prediction tool keeps learning new things
Obesity linked to macular degeneration
Found: protective probiotic for ALS
Université de Montréal astronomers find that two exoplanets may be mostly water
Montreal Astronomers Spot Possible Water-Rich Exoplanets
Life and death of an “altruistic” bacterium
Associate Professor Ayuko Hoshino Receives NAM Healthy Longevity QuickFire Challenge Award
Incurable neurodegenerative myelin diseases: hopeful advance
Emergency visits more likely for dementia patients with interprofessional primary care team
IREx making major contribution to astronomy
Research reveals no need for concerns about behavioral issues
Towards ‘robust, reasoning and responsible’ AI
Violence on TV: effects can stretch from age 3 into teens
Discovery could dramatically narrow search for space creatures
Unlocking mysteries of tauopathies: protein that gives hope
Research rewrites evolutionary story of gills
Air Pollution Linked to Man-Made Sources More Dangerous to Vulnerable Lungs
Air pollution from factories and vehicles linked to worse outcomes for patients with lung disease
Researchers demonstrate human cognitive system designed to enable moral tradeoff decisions
Ambient noise associated with increased risk of stroke
What do slogans at demonstrations tell us?
Non-opioid compounds squelch pain without sedation
Insecure attachment may be detrimental to sexual well-being of long-term couples
Peter Shor wins Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
Putting food system in context
Signs of CO2 in planet beyond our solar system
$10M to support open-access and open-source research
Virtual trip to museum can improve health of seniors stuck at home
Cells able to talk to themselves for better immune response
Video games: posing in 3D