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University of Otago consults on visual identity proposal
New Zealand’s COVID Response Saves Lives, Room to Improve on Other Diseases
Healthy Kids’ Sleep Habits Linked to Quality of Life
Sleep Changes in Kids Impact Eating Habits: Study
Aotearoa Needs Policy Shift for Health Workforce Diversity
Adverse outcomes in adulthood for abuse survivors
Schools Need Infectious Disease Protection Cloak
Aotearoa’s work-related deaths – real cost
Kiwi Smokers Share Thoughts on Reduced Tobacco Retailers Under Smokefree Law
Otago Tourism Policy School back in person for its fifth year
Robot provides unprecedented views below Antarctic ice shelf
Robot Gives First-Ever Look Under Antarctic Ice Shelf
New Zealand’s 3-Year COVID Response: 3 Ways to Improve
Better targeted prediabetes care needed
Wellness Pandemic: Global Pursuit of Wellbeing Could be Harmful
International Seaweed Symposium heads to Hobart
OECD: New Zealand, Iceland Lead in Preparing for Future Pandemics
Pharmacy Clinic offers free medicine assessment for LGBTQIA+
Calorie Restriction Slows Aging in Healthy Adults
New Zealand Health System Needs Big, Long-Term Reforms for Effectiveness
NZ Island Nations Could Feed Selves in Nuclear Winter
Researchers call for prescription charge to be cut
Bacteria Thrive on Earth’s Ancient Energy in Ocean Depths
Locating for recovery: acute mental health units remain in shadows
Nine Measures to Counter Rising Youth Vaping Rates Caused by Marketers’ Cheap, Addictive Vapes
Inaugural New Zealand Hydrogen Symposium
Collaborative effort finds cause of hoiho chick deaths
Costly COVID Lesson: Global Pandemics Need Elimination Strategy
New species of gecko: What’s in name and why it matters
Six minutes of intense exercise boosts key brain protein
Six Minutes of Exercise Could Delay Alzheimer’s
Diabetes disparity
Can New Zealand’s Native Species be Sustainably Harvested?
Celebrate New Zealand’s Spineless Animal Biodiversity – Over Half are Insects/Spiders
Otago-led study makes significant breast cancer findings
Design of Acute Mental Health Units Could Boost Recovery
Otago’s sustainable business qualification receives global recognition
Indigenous-led Grant to Boost Communities with Rangatiratanga
Later brand reveal in advertisements leads to better sales
New Zealanders still not making enough effort to be “sun safe” – study
University of Otago wins Australasian sustainability award
Study highlights need for primary care funding overhaul
Childhood Bone Breaks Double Odds of Adult Injury: Study
Housing homeless is first step
Scientists propose system redesign to improve access to clinical trials
Novel Treatment Targets Found for Gout: Study
Extinct ‘monkey lemur’ shows similarities to fossil humans
Nano ‘capsule’ to target cancer cells