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Study strengthens argument postpartum depression different to major depression
Government backs critical health research
Research ‘final nail in coffin’ of Paranthropus as hard object feeders
Fully renewable energy feasible for Samoa
Vaccine against pneumococcal disease reduces severe cases in children by 80% in Gambia
“Backpacking” hedgehogs take permanent staycation
World-first finding offers hope for psychosis sufferers
Otago tops class for national educational performance
$14m invested in world-leading RNA therapy: University of Otago spinout targeting new cancer treatments
Research extends length of glacier and snowline analysis
Castration delays DNA aging
Collective battery storage beneficial for decarbonized world
Gaping hole in Australian dental health is preventable
Study examines financial vulnerability of older New Zealanders
Researchers develop world-first weight loss device
Appointment of Queen’s Counsel
Machine-learning algorithms may help identify those at risk
Tuckered out: Early Antarctic explorers underfed their dogs
Why NZ is more vulnerable to a new COVID-19 outbreak than ever before
Why New Zealand is more vulnerable to a new COVID-19 outbreak than ever before
Psychosocial impact of Mycoplasma bovis on Southern farmers
Study finds tiny cannabis capsules could help treat neurological diseases
Snow’s response to climate change focus of new project
Balanced rocks set design ground motion values for New Zealand dam
$1.74 million for Otago feasibility studies
Progress in Pacific on sugary drink taxes – research
Study finds women representation on boards affects gender inequality in firms
Hotel quarantine causes 1 outbreak for every 204 infected travellers
Family connections lead to study of singing’s strong benefits
How space weather affects energy infrastructure
Otago projects receive $1.64m Health Research Council funding
Study aids understanding of invisible but mighty particles
Misunderstanding may be obstacle to hitting Smokefree 2025 target
Virtual reality used to confront phobias in Christchurch trial
Now is time to rethink work in Aotearoa: Otago report
Study helps explain how religious beliefs are formed
Hands-On Anatomy: ‘One Foot in Medical School, One Foot in Undergrad’
Hands-On Anatomy and Pathology: ‘One Foot in Medical School, One Foot in Undergrad’
New Zealand housing lacking basic amenities, new report finds
Continued decline in number of people diagnosed with HIV in New Zealand
On front line: impact of suicide on health professionals and first responders
First scholarship keeps Sophia’s light shining
Physical punishment happening less, but still common – study
How crowdfunding campaigners market illness to capture attention of potential donors
Study reveals workings of nature’s own earthquake blocker
Research finds baby food pouches are sweet and low in iron
Medication-related harm ‘common’ in New Zealand – Otago study
Research identifies new cultural threads in goldfield early settlers