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Sparking sustainable new chemical catalysts
New investment approach for late-life well-being
Research determines orgasmic meditation is more comparable to meditation than sex
Dynamics of adaptive immunity in tuberculosis uncovered
Excessive Gestational Weight Gain Increases Long-Term Maternal Cardiovascular Risk
Scientists use virus to fight bacterial infection clearing way for life-saving lung transplant
National policy leads to reduction in harmful, fatal medical errors
Limiting resident-physician work hours improved patient safety outcomes
Drone-delivered defibrillators could save lives
UPMC Hospitals Nationally Recognized with ‘A’ Safety Grade from Leapfrog
Taking systems approach to beating cancer
Baylor College of Medicine names new dean of School of Health Professions
Affirmative action bans had ‘devastating impact’ on diversity in medical schools, UCLA-led study finds
Tiny sensor used to track migratory patterns of monarch butterflies
Mission to monitor migrating monarchs
Research helps explain how Ritalin sharpens attention
When an Internal Candidate Loses CEO Bid, Other Opportunities Arise
New study could help reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions
Research could help reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions
Gene mutations that contribute to head and neck cancer also provide “precision” treatment targets
New details behind body’s response to tuberculosis could lead to more effective vaccine
Privatization, poverty threaten water affordability
Machine learning model can steer traumatic brain injury patients to life-saving care
No Club: Bringing Gender Equity to Workplace
UPMC Western Behavioral Health at Twin Lakes Expanding Facilities to Increase Capacity
RAMPS Grant Will Democratize Entry to NSF High-Performance Computers
Perspectives on anti-Black racism, mitigation strategies among faculty experts at academic medical centers
Haber-Bosch at atomic scale
Protein that keeps pancreas from digesting itself
Got food cravings? What’s living in your gut may be responsible
Sensing Signals in Paralyzed Muscles
New insights about ‘bad news’ breast cancer mutation point to treatment opportunities
Illumination of immune checkpoint LAG3 ‘black box’ could yield new cancer and autoimmune therapies
Methionine Restriction May Improve Aggressive Brain Cancer Prognosis in Children
Semiconductor technology startup wins 2022 Rice Business Plan Competition
People married into long-lived families share lower risk of type II diabetes
New Hope for Predicting and Treating Heart Failure in Babies Born with Deadly Heart Defect
Research led by Case Western Reserve University demonstrates high prevalence of cancer among men living with HIV
Adding AI to Museum exhibits increases learning, keeps kids engaged longer
Study shows treating preexisting high BP in pregnancy improves outcomes
Pitt electrical and computer engineers uncover hardware security vulnerability on android phones
Teens more likely to disengage from school after police stops
Levels of certain hormone could predict or detect bone loss in premenopausal women
Study Shows Treating Preexisting High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy Improves Maternal, Fetal Outcomes
3D facial analysis reveals biologic basis for gender-affirming surgery
NYU Physicist to Lead Project that Aims to Enhance Quantum Computing
Racial and ethnic disparities exist in prescribing rifaximin for patients with hepatic encephalopathy
Lehigh U’s Vice Provost for Creative Inquiry leads special issue of ASEE Advances in Engineering Education