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Naturally GM: Crops steal genes from other species to accelerate evolution
Rinri Therapeutics raises £10 million to advance stem cell therapy for hearing loss
Affordable reef-safe sunscreen promised by new, more sustainable way to make zinc oxide
Simplified treatment for a cause of sight loss offers eye-opening savings for hospitals
New national study of long-term impacts of lung damage from COVID-19
Dr Robyn Cleland appointed as Chief Environmental Biosecurity Officer
Pioneering study will investigate ways to improve women’s chances of having a baby
University of Sheffield recognised for its impact on society and economy
Prioritise opportunities for chance to say final goodbye during COVID-19 pandemic, new study finds
Paper gives voice to those bereaved during pandemic
New software TopoStats accelerates DNA discoveries
New study finds strong immune response following Covid-19 vaccination
Does selfishness evolve? Ask a cannibal
One year on from sequencing Covid-19 genome, Sheffield shares new research on UK variant
University of Sheffield to be part of leading new centre to implement evidence in adult social care
Parkinson’s gene may impair how new neurons are made throughout our lifetime
Voicing our support for low carbon food infrastructure in Sheffield
Scientists aim to pandemic-proof NHS supply chain
£1.1m research to improve uptake of home kidney dialysis treatments
University of Sheffield manufacturing research centres to help decarbonise Humber
Hard of hearing over-70s report memory loss and mental health problems in lockdown
Innovative agricultural technologies could help meet food security and climate change emergencies
Improved agricultural technologies could help meet food security and climate change emergencies
Is your child afraid of dentist? CBT could help
Standards Matter 2 Further online evidence sessions announced
Scientists awarded £1.2 million to design Parkinson’s drug
Legume trees support tropical forest growth by releasing nutrients from ancient soils
Researchers hope to improve provision for children with rare diseases
Huge gaps in UK regulation exist following transition from EU, new academic report finds
Breakthrough in steel manufacturing could lower carbon emissions in car industry
Renewed funding for national childhood arthritis research centre
Study leads to £3.4billion investment in Scottish affordable housing
Scientists set to tackle big data challenge of next-generation physics experiments
UK scientists set to tackle big data challenge of next-generation physics experiments
Sheffield University Management School achieves AMBA re-accreditation
Honeybees can solve maths tests without using numbers
Visualisation of ‘dancing DNA’
University of Sheffield joins Race to Zero to achieve zero carbon emissions
Intriguing new twist to unfolding story of DNA
New study reveals how first lockdown impacted alcohol consumption
Farmer mental health hit during Covid focus of new research
New study suggests genetic testing could be appropriate for all motor neurone disease patients
Research trial of ‘smart’ hand sanitisers to help hand hygiene in offices
New approach to creating Alzheimer’s drugs helps identify two potential treatment leads
How universities offer academic and vocational skills that employers need
New nursing apprentices providing vital support on NHS frontline during pandemic
Nurses and female health care workers most at risk of distress during Covid-19 pandemic
Boeing and University of Sheffield AMRC renew partnership for five more years