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UT Austin Ranks High in Fulbright Scholarships Again
Big 12 Announces Agreement for Withdrawal of Texas and Oklahoma
HETDEX Uncovers Abundance of Galaxies in Major Study
Hobby-Eberly Telescope Uncovers Extensive Galaxy Gold Mine
Scientists Discover Unexpected Pairs Make Tiny Mouths in Plants
Algorithms That Adjust for Worker Race, Gender Still Show Biases
Urban Gardens Are Good for Ecosystems and Humans
Small Islands Face Risk from Human-Caused Reptile Extinctions
UH Researcher Joins Groundbreaking TX Geothermal Study
Mammals Other than Humans Have ‘Whites of Eye’ Too
Scientists Uncover Global Layer of Melting Below Plates
Partly Melted Rocks Shed Light on Plate Tectonics
Scientists Uncover Molten Layer Under Earth’s Plates
Black youth aren’t isolated in segregated neighborhoods
Texas Science Festival Will Inspire Texans Through Scientific Discovery
New MRI method provides detailed view of placenta during pregnancy
Mellon Foundation Advances Humanities and Arts Initiatives at UT Austin
Vaccination Gets Boost When People Know Their Neighbors Are Doing it
Neighbors’ Vaccinations Boost Each Other’s Likelihood
Hydrogen’s Role in Energy Web Sparks Regulatory Change
Nanoparticles make it easier to turn light into solvated electrons
Project Turns Plastic Waste into Eco-Friendly Homes
Fossils Unearth Prehistoric Patagonian Dinosaurs
Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Can Be Significantly Cut
School Intervention Reduces Metabolic Risk in High-Risk Youth
School Garden Interventions Improve Kids’ Blood Sugar, Cholesterol
Unpacking “black box” to build better AI models
James Webb Telescope Reveals Milky Way-like Galaxies in Young Universe
More Links Not Necessarily Better for Nanomaterials
More links aren’t necessarily better for hybrid nanomaterials
How CRISPR Protein Might Yield New Tests for Many Viruses
CRISPR Protein Could Enable Virus Detection Tests
Biochemists Unveil Structure, Function of CRISPR Immune System
Is it safe? Why some animals fear using wildlife crossings
Improving prostate cancer relapse forecast by 14 months
Ancient Marine Reptile Graveyard Found: Potential Birthing Site
Fossil CSI: Mysterious site was ancient birthing grounds
Donnan Potential, Revealed at Last
Mystery of Ancient Marine Reptile Birthing Ground Revealed
Donnan Potential Revealed After Years of Study
Optica Fellows Elected as 2022 Fellows of National Academy of Inventors
‘Silly putty’ spectral science: stretching cells for brand-new view inside
Greenland’s Glaciers Might Be Melting 100 Times As Fast As Previously Thought
Comet Impacts Could Bring Ingredients for Life to Europa’s Ocean
Energy Titans Collaborate With UT To Solve Most Pressing Global Energy Challenges
In tropics, nitrogen-fixing trees take beating from herbivores
Development of distance meetings
Health benefits of using wind energy instead of fossil fuels