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Mining CO2 for Critical Minerals: New Tech Unveiled
Predicting lizard populations
Court Ruling Could Lead to 2K+ HIV Infections in Year
Vicious cycle: How alcohol’s impact on brain makes us more likely to drink
Aerodynamic Research Center Upgraded with New Equipment
How brain’s ‘internal compass’ works
Statin Use Varies by Race, Risk of Heart Disease
Mathematics’ Highest Prize Awarded to Luis Caffarelli
Mercury Emission Estimate Inadequate to Assess Gold Mining Impact
Willie Nelson Supports Rural America With Endowment Fund
Simulation Uncovers Secrets of Polarons, Exotic Electrons
Bob Metcalfe ’68 wins $1 million Turing Award
Learning to grow machine-learning models
Researchers shine light on how stress impacts women’s hearts
TMAC helping businesses prevent pollution
Drug Makes Mice Slim Despite High-Calorie Diet
Universal Coronavirus Treatments Hinge on Achilles Heel Discovery
Urban gardens are good for ecosystems and humans
Indra Nooyi to Speak at Maverick Series: Business Leader, Bestselling Author
Patients Prefer Immediate Test Results, Good or Bad
Researchers Reveal Forces Behind Biodiversity Shifts in Lizards
US-Ireland Research Program Celebrates 17 Years with $21M
NASA Funds Research to Measure Climate More Accurately
New NASA grant to support quantum sensors in space
Dual Immuno-Chemo Pre-Surgery Improves Lung Cancer Outcomes
Outcomes Improved in Lung Cancer Patients with Dual Immunotherapy & Chemotherapy
Early career honor for Wang
UT Austin Examines Global Water Supply
Non-invasive Imaging Tool Maps Uterine Labor Contractions
Non-invasive Imaging Maps Uterine Contractions in Labor
Decaying Biomass in Arctic Rivers Boost Carbon Export: Study
FSU: Arctic Rivers Export More Carbon Than Expected
Rice labs seek RNA programming for ‘smart’ antibiotics
Family Participation Vital for Advancing Diabetes Research
James Webb Telescope unveils images from major observer program
Younger Black patients more affected by pulmonary fibrosis
NASA Selects University Teams for Aeronautics Research Challenges
UTA Researcher Studies Sediment to Stabilize Texas Shorelines
Texas Invasive Grass Employs Chemical Warfare Against Native Species
Elusive Metal Activity Revealed by New Biosensor
Scientists call for global push to eliminate space debris
Global push urged to eliminate space junk
Versatile Covid vaccine in works
Elusive metal’s activity revealed by new biosensor
Passport Services & Texas Global Move to Main Building
Rice Alliance picks top energy startups for Venture Day 2023
Imfinzi Boosts Event-Free Survival in AEGEAN Trial for Lung Cancer
2D chips advance in replacing silicon