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Can encroachment benefit hotel franchisees?
UTA expert: Ban of menthol, tobacco flavoring ‘urgently needed’
Baylor College of Medicine recruiting participants for throat cancer screening study
Clinical trial shows cell therapy improves clinical outcomes in heart failure
Reference genome comparison finds exome variant discrepancies in 206 gene
Creating “digital twins” at scale
Pay inequity among peers affects turnover
UTA designing a better bearing for small aerospace engines
Discovery of microscopic metallic particles in human brain
Research uncovers broadband gaps in US to help close digital divide
Combination targeted therapy provides durable remission for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Research shows decline in collisions and convictions connected to increase in ridesharing
Targeted therapy pralsetinib safely and effectively treats lung and thyroid cancers with RET alterations
Ever been ‘in zone?’ UTA explores how to keep you there
First Glimpse of Brains Retrieving Mistaken Memories Observed
Trained viruses prove more effective at fighting antibiotic resistance
UTA pioneers quantum physics training for high school teachers
Puerto Rico is Prone to More Flooding Than Island is Prepared to Handle
Case Western Reserve biologist leads discovery of new invasive fish
NIH grant boosts computational search for cancer drugs
ORNL names new Innovation Crossroads cohort of manufacturing, building and clean energy technology entrepreneurs
With NIH grant, UTA team to examine cardiovascular disease
Computer simulations of brain can predict language recovery in stroke survivors
DiBenedetto, mathematician who advanced knowledge on differential equations, has died
Newly approved targeted therapy sotorasib prolongs survival in KRAS G12C-mutated lung cancer
Researchers Reveal Inner Workings of a Viral DNA-Packaging Motor
Scientists Can Predict How Well a Stroke Survivor Will Recover Language Skills Using Computer Simulations of Brain
Preclinical research reveals that new IgM antibodies administered intranasally to fight COVID-19 more potent than commonly used ones
OpenStax Institutional Partner Program expands for next academic year
Intern talks about his upcoming summer of research and fusion energy with Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm
NIH supports mathematical optimization of tumor treatment
How space weather affects energy infrastructure
Mouse pups’ cries give clues about autism spectrum disorder
Fight Against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Has a Glowing New Weapon
UT Austin Ranks Highly Among U.S. Public Universities in Latest Global Ranking
Maverick entrepreneurial spirit grows
Glioblastoma study discovers protective role of metabolic enzyme, revealing a novel therapeutic target
Melatonin was shown to protect kidney damage caused by obesity with diabetes
Prism adaptation treatment improves rehabilitation outcomes in people with spatial neglect
De-icing system moving from test site to Texas bridge
‘Slow slip’ earthquakes’ hidden mechanics revealed
MD Anderson researchers present new findings in targeted and combination therapies at 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting
Saving lives and property during Texas floods
Study on intermittency in gang membership underscores value of preventing youth from rejoining gangs
MD Anderson and other top U.S. cancer centers call for urgent action to get cancer-preventing HPV vaccination back on track
Advanced Technique for Developing Digital Twins Makes Tech Universally Applicable
U.S. CVD death rate drops overall, county-level data signals ongoing regional disparities
Helping Black men cope with prostate cancer