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Belzutifan induced strong responses in patients with von Hippel-Lindau disease-associated kidney cancer
Antihistamines can influence immunotherapy response by enhancing T cell activation
‘There’s always something to be thankful for’
With antibiotic resistance, ‘we are running out of options’
Can we perceive gender from children’s voices?
Severe Covid patients suffer alterations on their tissue microcirculation
Rare mosquito-borne viruses found to be widespread in Florida Everglades
Research that improves speed, accuracy of stem cell experiments
Behold – bendability of tectonic plates
Breakthrough in fight on tick-borne CCHF virus is latest use of new strategy against diseases
ACS launches new course to educate surgical care teams on surgical quality and safety
UTA adds telehealth and health informatics certificate
PNNL-Led Study Delivers Road Map of Lung Development
UTA physicists encourage Hispanic participation in science
MD Anderson research highlights for November 17, 2021
Older Adults Can Improve Prospective Memory Functioning Using Smartphone Technology
Seismic shockwave pattern may be redirecting earthquake damage
Studying learner engagement during Covid pandemic
That’s wrap on Homecoming 2021
Recognition of Texas Tier One
As We Develop, Brain Connects Lessons Learned Differently
Team engineers new way to get medication past blood-brain barrier
New Review Article Outlines Potential of Covid Genetic Sequencing in Patient Care
UT Austin Takes Next Step in Setting Bold Strategic Direction
Rice lab details conditions to decontaminate disposable masks
EMS responders may be vulnerable to outbreaks
Fate of sinking tectonic plates is revealed
Cancer survivors make strides in community exercise programs
Combination immunotherapy improves survival for patients with asymptomatic melanoma brain metastases
Longhorn Veteran Spotlight: Sephora Ngoma
Micro-housing for an aging population
UTA’s commitment to veterans
Collaboration on Data and Computational Sciences Announces Next Round of Projects to Advance Cancer Breakthroughs
An economic summit for New Mexico’s future
Drug used to prevent miscarriage increases risk of cancer in offspring
Explaining and analyzing AI decisions
Model predicts early response to cancer immunotherapy
First Global River Database Documents 40 Years of Change
University of Texas at Arlington – TMAC Wins 2020 TEEA Pollution Prevention Award
‘A true passion for science’
Physicists discover novel quantum effect in bilayer graphene
Researchers probe secrets of natural antibiotic assembly lines
Enzyme research unlocks gateway for new medicines
Breakthrough infection study compares decline in effectiveness for Moderna
Researchers gain insight into how cells avoid assembly-line mistakes
UTA recognizes, honors Native American Heritage Month
UTA brings back Homecoming festivities
Research finds cancer features that could guide personalized radiotherapy