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Feed them or lose them
Impact of viewers’ movement on art experience
Key role of partners and children in pandemic prevention
New Technique to Measure, Understand Multidirectional Polarization
Data Linking Can Benefit Nations: Study
New Technique Streamlines Word List Creation
How microbiomes are influencing our planet’s health
University of Vienna Awarded Cluster of Excellence on Planetary Health
Three Clusters of Excellence in Innsbruck
New technologies from perspective of Jewish ethics
IAEA Launches Lise Meitner Program to Boost Women’s Nuclear Careers
Research Debunks Mozart Effect on Epilepsy Relief
Master’s Programme Global Demography
Jurassic Shark Highly Evolved: Study Finds
Jurassic Shark Highly Evolved
Predicting City Traffic: Guide
African Cities’ Energy Costs Triple with Population Growth
From Godfather to outlaw motorcycle gangs
Autophagy: Self-Eating Controlled at Molecular Level
Artificial sweetener as wastewater tracer
Reversal of Quantum Processes Discovered
Researchers devise new path toward ‘quantum light’
Researchers Create Route to ‘Quantum Light’
Navigating Crowds: How-To Guide
Scientists Take Molecular Photo to Uncover Pulmonary Hypertension Origin
Fishes in ‘Twilight Zone’ Shrink as Ocean Warms
“Can you make me a coffee?”
Deep Ocean Warmer, Smaller Fish Expected
Cosmic Superbubble’s Magnetic Field Charted in 3D for First Time
Perceptions of stress, mood linked to listening to music during COVID-19 lockdown
Chlamydiae expand our view on how intracellular bacteria evolve
Lettuce Absorbs Toxic Additives from Car Tyres
Lettuce takes up toxic additives from tyre wear
Research Finds Prevalence and Outcomes of Cardiac Amyloidosis via Nuclear Med. Bone Scan
Women at Higher Risk of Venous Thromboembolism than Men with Diabetes
Men May Not View Domestic Tasks Equally, Philosophers Say
Shedding light on origin of complex life forms
Men’s Perception of Domestic Tasks Differs from Women: Philosophers
Uncovering Origins of Complex Life Forms
What inner ear of Europasaurus reveals about its life
Inner Ear of Europasaurus Offers Insight into Its Life
Research Finds High Statin Doses Increase Osteoporosis Risk
Research Looks at Parent Income Impact on Kids’ Sexual Orientation
Long COVID: New evidence for cause of fatigue syndrome
Reconstruction core, slice thickness guide protocol
New method finds outsized role of marine microbes in carbon cycle
Transport of air masses in connection with “El Niño” decoded
Transport of air masses linked to “El Niño” decoded