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Aggressiveness of pollen is determined by its place of origin and by environment
Vegans who lift weights may have stronger bones than other people on plant-based diet
King’s hosts first Circle U. National Conference in London
Weak handgrip strength may signal serious health issues
Progress in bioanalytics: Production of RNA chips significantly simplified
Higher voice pitch lets female faces appear younger
Melanoma thickness equally hard for algorithms and dermatologists to judge
When did genetic variations that make us human emerge?
Established drug for symptoms of angina pectoris also protects vascular system
Micronesians came from East Asia, Polynesia, more than 3,000 years ago
New genetic research on remote Pacific islands yields surprising findings on world’s earliest seafarers
Better living through multicellular life cycles
“Hot” graphene reveals migration of carbon atoms
Secret lives of mites in skin of our faces
1.700-year-old Korean genomes show genetic heterogeneity in Three Kingdoms period Gaya
1,700-year-old Korean genomes show genetic heterogeneity in Three Kingdoms period Gaya
Chemical pollution threatens biodiversity
New global biodiversity framework falls short on chemicals
Did Supernovae Help Form Barnard’s Loop?
Innovative lipidomics research wins $1.85M grant
Parasitic worms reveal new insights into evolution of sex and sex chromosomes
Clouds played an important role in history of climate
Endocrine Society’s Clinical Practice Guideline offers recommendations for hospitalized patients with diabetes
German Research Foundation approves funding for excellent research in JGU’s core research areas
Targeted micronutrition ameliorates allergy symptoms
Psychotherapy found to be ineffective or unavailable for medicated patients with severe depression
Research at the University of Vienna could solve mystery of human evolution
Christa Tobler gives presentation at University of Vienna
Rendezvous at night – how moonlight fine-tunes animal reproduction
Too much self-confidence can endanger health
Three new Dioscuri Centres to be launched in Krakow, Poland
Mindfulness as key to success in psychotherapy
Different subtypes defined in small cell lung cancer
Magnetic resonance makes invisible visible
Tungsten isotopes in seawater provide insights into co-evolution of Earth’s mantle and continents
New paper examines ethical challenges in microbiome research
How shark teeth can decipher evolutionary processes
Tropical Forests Benefit Less from Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Than Thought
How our brain influences language change
How octopuses and squid have broken away from previously known pattern of evolution
Squid and octopus genome studies reveal how cephalopods’ unique traits evolved
Calcium supps linked to earlier death in older people with heart valve disease
Adriatic ecosystems withstand major climate shifts but wither under human impact
Blood type may offer insights into risk of blood clot in people with cancer
Prestigious HFSP grant goes to University of Vienna for lipid research
Artificial neurons go quantum with photonic circuits
Combating antibiotic resistance together
Migration across South America led to intensive farming methods spreading across region, study shows