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Spectacular fossil discovery: 150 million-year-old shark was one of largest of its time
Unusual sex chromosomes of platypus, emu and duck
Native biodiversity collapse in Eastern Mediterranean
New research highlights importance of thymus in successful pregnancies
Presenting… early stage researchers: Tadeja Veršič and mystery of dark matter
Microbes buried at bottom of sea start flourishing after 80.000 years
Three FAU researchers receive ERC Consolidator Grants
Environmental exposures affect therapeutic drugs
New project uses artificial intelligence in drug development
Giant study reveals evolution of birds from dinosaurs to present day
Sweet taste reduces appetite?
13 million euros for basic quantum research
Microbial space travel on a molecular scale
World’s first universal jobs guarantee experiment starts in Austria
Living near green space linked to lower rates of smoking and higher chances of quitting
Kolingasse: Neuer Standort, neue Entwicklungschancen
UC Berkeley’s Jennifer Doudna wins 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Emmanuelle Charpentier honoured with 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Citizen Science meets Societal Challenges – Hackathon
Breakthrough for tomorrow’s dentistry
Mineral undergoes self-healing of irradiation damage
Fungus leather substitute could be eco-friendlier than animal and plastic kinds
Magnets for future
Searching for stress-resistant potatoes
Hoher Besuch bei den Science Holidays
Quantum Simulation of Quantum Crystals
Ancient star explosions revealed in deep sea
Evolution in real-time: How bacteria adapt to their hosts
Primate voice boxes are evolving at rapid pace
Key to long-term CO2 storage in soil
New soil models may ease atmospheric CO2, climate change
A new way towards super-fast motion of vortices in superconductors discovered
New circle discovered near Stonehenge
Research into ecosystem tipping points in Arctic
Sugar turns brown algae into carbon sinks
Nature Unveiling Herself Before Science
How particulate matter arises from pollutant gases
IOP Publishing brings international quantum science community together virtually
Brain study contributes to increased understanding of endocrine diseases
Surveying lipid landscape
Giant teenage shark from Dinosaur-era
Turning on ‘off switch’ in cancer cells
Digitalization in times of COVID-19
Current approach to fighting covid-19 may be flawed and based on weak evidence
Antibiotic matter waves
Atomic Fingerprint Identifies Emission Sources of Uranium
A material’s insulating properties can be tuned at will
Medical benefits of nature