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Chemistry Olympians bring home gold and silver medals
After 60 Years, Scientists Find Missing Link in Our Body’s Blood Pressure Control
Researchers investigate productivity of kelp forests, sans iconic kelp
Study Finds Kelp Is Key to California’s Coastal Ecosystems
Oregon State University part of $20M effort to develop artificial intelligence for agriculture
U.S. President Biden announces intent to appoint Leaders to Serve in Key Religious Affairs Roles
Coastal artists reveal talents at North West Art Circle exhibition
Scientists Upturn Understanding of How Key Hormones Act in Cells
UVA Biocomplexity Institute Developing Artificial Intelligence for Agriculture
Washington State University to lead national AI research institute for agriculture
Finalists Announced for 2021 P3 Impact Award
Discovery of Unknown Brain-Repair Process Could Lead to New Epilepsy Treatments
Largest-Ever Type 1 Diabetes Genetic Study Identifies Potential Treatment Targets
UVA Study Aims to Relieve Huntington’s Patients’ Hidden Symptoms
Teens with more secure family relationships show greater empathy
Study IDs Risk Factors for Irregular Heartbeats in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Patients
Who Practices What Religion, Where, in Virginia
High-tech imaging reveals blood, oxygen flow, energy metabolism in mouse kidneys
Depression, Suicidal Thoughts Plague Ailing Coal Miners, Study Finds
U.S. President Biden Announces Six Key Nominations 3 July
Power of two
U.S. President Biden Names Fifth Round of Judicial Nominees
In a Dish, a Mouse, Crafted From Stem Cells, Begins to Form
Breakthrough Research Shows Some Behavioral Traits Emerge at Birth
Researchers worldwide find great value in ReaxFF reactive force field
Self-Powering Sensors to Bring ‘Sixth Sense Awareness’ to Everyday Objects
Vanderbilt joins peer group studying legacies of slavery and racial injustice
Astronomer Kelsey Johnson Reflects on Science Behind Search for UFOs
Osteoporosis: New Approach to Understanding Bone Strength Pays Dividends
Breakthrough study shows defining traits are forged moment we’re born
Discovery of circadian rhythm gene in mice could lead to breakthroughs
New heart metric may increase survival for heart-failure patients
New Heart Metric May Improve Survival for Heart-Failure Patients, Study Finds
UNSW boasts its record number of Fulbright Scholars in 2021
Study: Intense Teen Romance Can Predict to High Blood Pressure in Adulthood
Study: Intense Teen Romance Can Lead to High Blood Pressure in Adulthood
Scientists ID Potential Treatment Approaches for Muscle Loss in Myotonic Dystrophy
New Approach to DNA Research Could Be Key to Solving Mysteries of Deadly Diseases
Tiniest of Moments Proves Key for Baby’s Healthy Brain
Rebecca Wu’s Beckman Scholarship Will Aid Her Research
On Money: Cooper Center’s Population Projections Prove Incredibly Accurate
UVA Develops New Tools to Battle Cancer, Advance Genomics Research
How do clownfish earn their stripes?
Special issue on COVID-19 pandemic
New Insights Into Hormone’s Action Could Help in Battle Against Prostate Cancer
2021 CCSA Conference – Education Panel
How we can retrain our anxious brains to think positive
Vanderbilt honors Class of 2021 Founder’s Medalists