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UVA Joins National Trial to Test Potential COVID-19 Medication
UVA Finds Way to Improve Cancer Outcomes by Examining Patients’ Genes
Biocomplexity Institute Wins $10M Grant to Thwart Future Pandemics
UVA Health Offering COVID-19 Testing to Virginia Hospitals
U.S. President Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Following Individuals to Key Administration Posts
How COVID-19 Affects Children Vital to Understanding, Slowing Pandemic, Doctors Say
Research Reduces Barriers Medical Providers Face in Treating Children with Autism
UVA Discovers Why Obesity Causes High Blood Pressure – and Potential Ways to Stop It
Is Your Adolescent Getting Enough Sleep? 3 Things Every Parent Should Know
UVA Is Ready to Bust Some Brackets – In This Biomedical Research Challenge
Study Examines How Green Space Can Reduce Violent Crime
ITHRIV Funds Ambitious Statewide Collaborations to Benefit Human Health
Commitment to Service and Community at Heart of Code for Charlottesville
This UVA Alum Went From Studying Lizards and Turtles to Data Science Forefront
Generosity Breeds Generosity: 4-Year-Olds Who Receive a Kindness Pay it Forward
To Predict Flu’s Spread, Modelers Turn to Weather Forecasts
For runners heading to Olympics trials, it’s been a long haul
Initiative takes advantage of existing data to solve community problems
When Life-Saving Drugs Are Scarce, How Do Clinicians Allocate Them?
In Memoriam: Hugh Macgill, Former UConn School of Law Dean
In Romance, Special Treatment Might Be More Important Than Kindness
Childhood Brain Tumor Discovery May Unlock New Treatments for Many Cancers
Majority of New Moms Don’t Follow Safe Sleep Practices, Study Finds
Letting Children Play Too Much Hooky When They’re Little Can Have Bad Consequences
Study: Just being around your cellphone affects your thinking
What Happens When Antiquities Are Obliterated? A Sociologist Investigates
Teen ‘Besties’ See Better Grades in High School and Academic Attainment Later in Life
Medicaid Expansion Slashed Uninsured Rates in Diabetes Belt, Study Finds
Major Asian Gene Study to Help Doctors Understand, Treat Disease
State Population Growth Slows, With Most New Residents in Northern Virginia
Telecommuting May Become Virginia’s Biggest Demographic Trend This Decade
Discovery IDs Potential Way to Halt Blinding Macular Degeneration
5 Tips to Get Your Children Excited About Math
UVA Nurses Study Needs of Transgender Senior Citizens
FDA Approves UVA-Developed Artificial Pancreas
Study Finds Dopamine, Biological Clock Link to Snacking, Overeating and Obesity
What Cancer Survivors Need After Treatment Concludes
Royal Society Recognizes UVA Auto Crash Finding as a ‘Statistic of Year’
UVA Leads Statewide Effort to Broaden Access to Research on Protected Data
UVA Launches New Resource Site to Serve Autism Community
Major Epilepsy Study Offers Much-Needed Answers on 3 Lifesaving Seizure Drugs
Seeking Natural Solutions for a Manmade Problem
New Research: Non-Opioid Drug Death Rates Are Also on Rise
Fertilization Discovery Reveals New Role for Egg
Most Attractive Places to Live in Virginia Might Surprise You
Inspired by Abalone Shells, Researcher Develops Strong, Lightweight Metal
From Plants, UVA Extracts a Better Way to Determine What Our Genes Do
Most Comprehensive Study of Genetic, Sudden-Death Heart Condition Posts First Results