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To Predict Future of Polar Ice, Environmental Scientists Are Looking to Past
New Report Says Eliminating Carbon Emissions by 2050 Can Benefit State’s Economy
COVID-19 Trial Via Mail Tests if Common Drug Can Keep Patients Out of Hospital
4 Things Your Teen Needs
Focused Ultrasound Shows Promise for Treating Parkinson’s Disease
Shame and Pain: Lung Cancer’s Stigma Exerts Psychic and Physical Toll
UVA Tests ‘Radically Different’ Approach to Managing Type 2 Diabetes
Research Breakthrough Could Transform Clean Energy Technology
Why Are So Many Asian Americans Unemployed During Pandemic?
Three FAU researchers receive ERC Consolidator Grants
UVA Aims to Battle Disease by Understanding Exercise’s Whole-Body Effects
UVA IDs Genes That Influence Our Risk for Deadly Coronary Artery Disease
Researchers Shed Light on Rewards of ‘Credential Stacking’
UVA Aims to Improve Sepsis Treatment, Save Lives in Africa
Age, Gender and COVID-19: A Complex, Hormone-Driven Interplay
Research reveals how baby’s first breath triggers life-saving changes in brain
Running During a Pandemic: Finding Strength, Solace and Staying Injury-Free
UVA Reveals How Baby’s First Breath Triggers Life-Saving Changes in Brain
How Politics Drive Our Personal Relationships – and Even Where We Live
Preschool children can’t see mountains for cat
Researchers develop a computer model to optimize vaccinations
University Seeks Applicants for Two Research Seed-Funding Programs
Targeting Calcium Overload Could Improve Stroke Outcomes, UVA Research Suggests
Breast Cancer Discovery Could Help Stop Disease’s Deadly Spread
Antidepressant May Prevent Severe COVID-19, Clinical Trial Finds
Promising MS Drug Could Worsen Disease, UVA Research Suggests
Need for Speed: UVA Engineering Boosts Hypersonic Travel
Repeated Small Blasts Put Military, Law Enforcement at Risk for Brain Injury
Eyes Wide Open: In New Findings, 3-Year-Olds React to Immorality
Wound-Healing Biomaterials Activate Immune System for Stronger Skin
Why We Didn’t Get a Vaccine by Election Day – But Why We May Get One Soon
UVA Unveils How HIV Begins to Invade Our Cells
Mother and daughter recover from COVID-19 and make experience count
Study: As Mid-Atlantic’s Native Bee Populations Decline, an Exotic Species Proliferates
Fitzpatrick is new associate vice provost for social sciences
Brain Effects of Repetitive Low-Level Occupational Blast Exposure
Democracy in distress?
David Turk Appointed as IEA Deputy Executive Director
Cancer’s Dangerous Renovations to Our Chromosomes Revealed
COVID-19: Dexamethasone Discovery Carries Treatment Implications
Why soldiers fight
Athletic trainer researches treatment for kneecap pain
RNA Café – Rhianna Laker PhD
Seagrasses restored to Virginia bays are flourishing
This Red Light Means ‘Go’ for Medical Discoveries
Some Good News: Seagrass Restored to Eastern Shore Bays is Flourishing
Inside Science of Testing Wastewater at UVA for Evidence of COVID-19
UVA Tests Drug, Given to President Trump, to See If It Can Prevent COVID-19