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Hybrid Catalyst to Increase Ethylene Production Sustainability
CNN Puts Focus on UVA’s ‘Scalpel Free’ Focused Ultrasound Treatment
When Less is More: How Harnessing Power of Subtraction Can Add to Life
News in Brief: Keeping Your Brain Cells Warm May Stave Off Common Cold
Essential Protein For Cell Skeleton Discovered
UVA Tests Heating with Squid Protein: Successful DOE Trial
Artemis I Tees Up Manned Mission to Moon
What Is Biotechnology? Where Is It Headed at UVA?
Preparing to be prepared
Kids Increasingly Mistaking Pot Edibles for Candy
Robotic Mars Probe Provided Valuable Data
UVA Solves Mysteries About Leading Biomarker for Alzheimer’s
Cosmic Superbubble’s Magnetic Field Charted in 3D for First Time
UVA Health Receives Funding for Cancer Screenings, Care
Kennedy Assassination Docs Show No Surprises
UVA Team Detects 3D Printing Defects in Real Time
Laughable ‘Silly Walk’ Provides Surprisingly Serious Workout
Discovery Will Aid Gut-Microbiome Research Efforts
Brain game may predict your risk of infection
Brain Game Predicts Risk of Infection
COVID-19 Booster Boosts Durability of Antibody Response: Study
Gut Bacteria Can Make C. Diff Infections Worse
Dangerous Ally in Guts May Pose Deadly Infection Risk
Antidepressants, Infection in Pregnancy Linked to Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Mother’s Antidepressant Use, Plus Infection, Linked to Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Optica Fellows Elected as 2022 Fellows of National Academy of Inventors
Clinicians wary of telehealth for older adults: Survey
Epigenetic, Immunotherapy Combo Effective in Mantle Cell Lymphoma
New grant looks to biomaterials to help reduce construction waste
What Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Means for Future of Energy
Robots Inspired by Flying Snakes: Scientists
Researchers Angling To Make ‘Fish-ial’ Recognition Software Reality
UVA Discovery Could Improve Drug Development
White Americans who believe that white people are poor are more likely to support welfare policies
Brain May Have Tools To Treat Neurodegenerative Diseases Itself
New Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guideline explores better ways to manage hypoglycemia
Announcement of New Cohort of U.S. Science Envoys
How Fast Is Earth Really Heating? Researchers Find Key in Clouds
Statement by President Biden on shooting in Chesapeake, VA
New UVA Tool Helps Doctors Better Detect Cancer Cells
Machinery of state
China’s Xi Jinping Consolidates Power. What Does This Mean for World?
University of Virginia engineering researchers strive to match artistry of biological tissues
CHOP-led Study Shows that Antibiotic-Resistant Microbes in Gut Make C. difficile More Infectious
Research reveals that antibiotic-resistant microbes in gut make C. difficile more infectious
Statement from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Shooting in Charlottesville, Virginia
How Do SSRIs Like Prozac, Lexapro Really Work? Ask Fruit Fly
How Do SSRI Antidepressants Really Work? Ask Fruit Fly in Jill Venton’s Lab