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U.S. President Biden Nominates Bipartisan Slate for United States Sentencing Commission
Methylation of tRNA-derived fragments regulates gene-silencing activity in bladder cancer
Mending Heart: UVA Discovery Could Lead to Better Heart Attack Outcomes
New tool better predicts COPD risk for people of non-European ancestry
Research supports stronger conservation efforts Appalachians and Gulf Coast, US
Professors Charles Nichols, PhD and Peter Hendricks, PhD Appointed Co-Editors-in-Chief of Psychedelic Medicine
Can rude behavior mask sexism? UTD professor’s study says yes
$5 Million NSF Grant to Address Climate Inequities Through Data and Narratives
Extracellular vesicles offer new insights into treating endocrine disorders
Workers From Humble Backgrounds Have More Voice Than Once Thought
Research tracks Covid antibodies over time
Survey: More Than 25% of Virginians Unaware of Lifesaving HPV Vaccine
Experts propose evidence-based scoring system to assess overall healthfulness of carb-containing foods
Teens Who Struggle in Relationships Suffer Premature Aging in Adulthood
Recalled experiences surrounding death
Research Discovery Pearl of Hope for Imperiled Oyster Reefs
UVA Institute Report Optimistic That Virginia Can Meet Net-Zero Carbon Goal
Shapeshifting volcano virus points to new ways to deliver drugs, vaccines
Shape-Shifting Volcano Virus Points to New Ways to Deliver Drugs, Vaccines
Trees Are Heroes – More So Than We Ever Knew – in Climate Fight
Getting an edge in today’s financial markets is possible, but it won’t last
Why Are We So Ashamed of Mental Illness? This Psychiatrist Is Determined to End Stigma
UVA Discovers Body’s Natural Alarm to Battle Blood Loss
Biochemical technique for finding small molecules discovered by Vanderbilt and University of Virginia researchers
2022 P3 Impact Award Applications Are Now Open
Computer Playdate for Adults May Lead to Your Kid’s Next School Assignment
Deforestation impacts go far beyond carbon
Scientists studying ways to ease asthma symptoms caused by seasonal allergies
Center for Effective Lawmaking hosts ‘Race & Political Representation: Inside & Outside of Congress’
Decisions in Heartbeat: How 2 UVA Researchers Help Children on Transplant Waitlist
Weight Loss Doesn’t Help Pregnancy Chances, UVA’s Collaborative Health Study Finds
Weight loss doesn’t help pregnancy chances
Martha Williams Sworn In as Director of Fish and Wildlife Service
Inclusive New Tool Makes Genomic Research Better Reflect World’s Diversity
Researchers Pioneer Cancer-Fighting Immunotherapies That Infuse Hope
Appointment to Federal Court of Australia 4 March
For Women Struggling with Obesity or Diabetes, UVA Discovery May Help
Ketogenic Diet Shows Major Benefits for Multiple Sclerosis
Study finds new biomarkers that could assist in identifying deep-space flight risks
‘Drug factory’ implants eliminate ovarian, colorectal cancer in mice
2 UVA Health Discoveries Vying for 2021’s Biggest Biomedical Advance
Study: Expanded Medicaid for Kids Results in More Stable Households
Cholesterol-lowering drugs may slow down metastases
More Than Words: Oral Storytelling Project Brings Black History to Life
Some Good News: Surprise Discovery Suggests New Treatment for Deadly Lung Cancer
Surprise small-cell lung cancer discovery suggests new treatment
Scientists Reveal How Sleeping Immune Cells ‘Wake’ to Confront Familiar Foes
New Study IDs Mothers at Highest Risk for Postpartum Depression