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Light-based ‘tractor beam’ assembles materials at nanoscale
Gaming Protein Structures: X-Ray Studies Confirm Power of Crowdsourcing
New technique lets researchers map strain in next-gen solar cells
Cluster of drug-resistant gut bacteria found in gay men
Bacterial arms race may shape gut microbiome
Political scientist Megan Ming Francis to edit new series on race, ethnicity, politics
Popular third-party genetic genealogy site is vulnerable to compromised data, impersonations
$17.2m grant to explore link between aging eyes and brains
Teen marijuana use may have next-generation effects
Hubble captures galaxies’ ghostly gaze
New fossil trove documents recovery of life on Earth after dinosaur-killing asteroid impact
UW team sending autonomous surfboard to explore Antarctic waters
DOE funds new physics research in dark matter
Did archaic genetic variants help Melanesians adapt?
Humpback whale population on rise after near miss with extinction
Old friends and new enemies: How evolutionary history can predict insect invader impacts
Scientists discover skin keeps time independent of brain
Deaf infants more attuned to parent’s visual cues, study shows
Smart-speaker technology monitors infants’ breathing
Piranha fish swap old teeth for new simultaneously
First smart speaker system that uses white noise to monitor infants’ breathing
New research center to explore muscle health and disease
Fishing for triple bottom line: profit, planet – and people
New genetic link found for some forms of SIDS
New paper explores race, representation in campaign finance
Genes contribute to dog breeds’ iconic traits
Violence has complex, far-reaching impacts on health
New metasurface design can control optical fields in three dimensions
$50 million gift is foundation for brain disorders research
Study will offer genetic cancer tests at primary-care level
Inspired by Northern clingfish, researchers make a better suction cup
Mitochondria studies critical to search for heart failure cure
Engineering lecture series focuses on future of food
Potent antibody curbs Nipah and Hendra virus attack
OSU’s Fairbanks Gallery presents two-artist show, ‘Seeing is Disbelieving’
Pay, flexibility, advancement: They all matter for workers’ health and safety, study shows
Galaxy found to float in a tranquil sea of halo gas
Two UW ice researchers to participate in year-long drift across Arctic Ocean
Introducing VPLanet: A virtual planet simulator for modeling distant worlds across time
Plasma flow near sun’s surface explains sunspots, other solar phenomena
Aim of new U.S. program: Get kids moving, off couch
Sept 28: Forest-owning families can plan for future at Forks Ties to Land workshop
Americans would rather drive themselves to work than have an autonomous vehicle drive them
KATRIN cuts mass estimate for elusive neutrino in half
UW Medicine, MultiCare, LifePoint Health create new network
Tides don’t always flush water out to sea, study shows
UW-GU Regional Health Partnership announces new Spokane center
Breakthrough Foundation honors UW researcher studying ‘exotic’ states of matter