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Superconducting Twisted Bilayer Graphene-Magic not Needed?
PNNL Scientists Apply Expertise to Issues Affecting Washington State
Tests show COVID-19 prevalence low in UW Medicine frontline
Gender bias in evaluating surgical residency faculty members may be decreasing
Dissecting fruit flies’ response to life-extension diet
New molecular tool precisely edits mitochondrial DNA
A completely new plasmonic chip for ultrafast data transmission using light
Putting genomics into practice to combat common diseases
Psychiatric consult line for providers expands to 24/7
ANCORS joins Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Center
Guidelines issued for spine injuries in football
Trouble paying medical bills can lead to longer episodes of homelessness, new study shows
New Zealand’s Ancient Monster Penguins had Northern Hemisphere Doppelgangers
Sweet way to 3D-print blood vessels
Laser-welded sugar: Sweet way to 3D-print blood vessels
UBC receives $14 million in federal funding for COVID-19 research
Black Hole Collision May Have Exploded with Light
Study asks Washington state residents to describe food security and access during pandemic, economic downturn
Laser allows solid-state refrigeration of a semiconductor material
75% of US workers can’t work exclusively from home, face greater risks during pandemic
OSU helping to drive National Institutes of Health effort to harness analytics in COVID-19 fight
Lauren von Berg, Class of 2020, publishes research from internship studying Antarctic sea ice
Vanderbilt defines pathways for solid-state battery development
Drone Test Yields Breakthrough for Use of Nuclear Technique to Fight Mosquitoes – IAEA Study
Federally funded upgrade reenergizes fusion experiment
Study yields clues to how drug may boost aged mitochondria
Is air getting cleaner during COVID-19 pandemic?
A coordinated COVID-19 response helped western Washington state “flatten curve”
UCLA receives nearly $14 million from NIH to investigate gene therapy to combat HIV
Scientists close in on 12 billion-year-old signal from end of universe’s ‘dark age’
Scientists close in on 12 billion-year-old signal from end of universe’s ‘dark age’
Austrade regional market update on impact of COVID-19 10 June
Volcanic activity and changes in Earth’s mantle were key to rise of atmospheric oxygen
Early childhood intervention programs may reap benefits across generations
A rising tide of marine disease? How parasites respond to a warming world
UW Medicine announces termination of Cigna contract
Machine learning helps map global ocean communities
Researchers use brain imaging to demonstrate weaker neural suppression in individuals with autism
United World Antiviral Research Network forms
Most common organism in oceans harbors a virus in its DNA
Multinational study identifies high risk to cancer patients diagnosed with COVID-19
At-home screening for ovarian, breast cancers is effective
Cosmic bursts unveil universe’s missing matter
Using waste to grow wonders
Troublemaking ‘lesion’ singled out in UV-caused skin cancer
UW Medicine concludes union bargaining, announces furloughs
Special Tactics Airman leads outreach programs for COVID-19 relief
Ocean ‘breathability’ key to past, future habitat of West Coast marine species