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Toyota Canada helps drive innovation forward with its largest single donation to a Canadian
New math model could lead to more personalized cancer therapies
New device enables battery-free computer input at tip of your finger
3D scanner could increase accuracy of surgery
Researchers reach milestone in quantum standardization
Patterns of youth alcohol use show need for early intervention
University of Waterloo creates billions in economic impact, according to Deloitte report
Reservoir management could help prevent toxic algal blooms in Great Lakes
Researchers bring gaming to autonomous vehicles
Waterloo medical startup wins first Entrepreneurship World Cup
Scientists develop sensor to save children, pets left in vehicles
Report outlines measures to protect commercial real estate owners against floods
New way to wrap liquid drops could improve drug delivery
Rising emissions are turning arctic permafrost into a carbon source, research shows
Mathematical modelling vital to tackling disease outbreaks
AI system more accurately identifies collapsed lungs using chest x-rays
Research highlights importance of religious vote amid changing social landscape
Perception of risk may lead to more cancer screening
System can minimize damage when self-driving vehicles crash
Researchers find way to harness AI creativity
Weight stigma affects gay men on dating apps
Computer kidney sheds light on proper hydration
Waterloo targets dark matter, dark energy and black holes with new astrophysics centre
Anticipating performance can hinder memory
Global tourism vulnerable to climate change
Virtual assistants with personality can help with mental illness
University of Waterloo unveils new Field House
New imaging technology could ‘revolutionize’ cancer surgery
University of Waterloo team to pitch for $1 million at United Nations
What multilingual nuns can tell us about dementia
New mathematical model can improve radiation therapy of brain tumours
Researchers develop low-power, low-cost network for 5G connectivity
Researchers develop a better way to harness power of solar panels
Speed identified as best predictor of car crashes
New tool makes web browsing easier for visually impaired
Tree of life: Powerful online tool will help researchers make new genomic discoveries
Researchers use blockchain to drive electric-vehicle infrastructure
A key piece to understanding how quantum gravity affects low-energy physics
How much is too much? Researchers balance information needs of parents with privacy of young
New underwater research vehicle makes a splash
Health tech companies woo judges at Waterloo pitch competition
Powerful new robotics technology can improve bridge inspections
How does playing with other children affect toddlers’ language learning?
New technique developed to detect autism in children
Taking action on fast fashion: Study shows way forward on textile waste
Research shows governance is key to better resource management strategies
Report: Canadian communities responding to changing climate
Education, interaction with older people reverses ageism