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Rental pressures force tenants to give up pets
World Dental Congress – your sneak preview
Link between blood clotting and AstraZeneca vaccine
Benefits of AstraZeneca vaccine outweigh risks of blood clots for over-50s
$64.4 million for WA to process signals from dawn of time
How weeds fight back just like cancer cells
UWA publishing calls for manuscript submissions
How Aboriginal rock art can live on even when gone
New video data to help conserve fish populations
WA coastal flooding risk rising rapidly, study reveals
Bone tools in Kimberley among oldest in Australia
Bone tools found in Kimberley among oldest in Australia
Awards and Achievements 6 April
World’s largest ocean monitoring protects marine biodiversity
WA scientists shed light on continent formation
World-first trial for Australian company Pharmaxis
How mass vaccination will shape travel
Social media vital for COVID vaccine success
First human trials for scar-less wound healing cream
Optimism linked to mind wandering
Shark Bay Festival to focus on Wirriya Jalyanu seagrass and restoration
Perth Canyon protection likely to save endangered species
Trial to test new sleep apnoea treatments
How sexually deceptive orchids lure and trap pollinators
New research to protect Perth’s woodlands
International Space Centre to advance optical communications
Why some people are reluctant to get vaccine
Vaccines help us focus on controlling virus
New book investigates WA’s most important shipwrecks
Researchers find new way to extend working life of enzymes
Why Western Australians should get vaccine
How native does your street garden grow?
Making sense of COVID vaccine rollout
Vaxpol Lab brings together vaccination research
Hard to find good help for child sleep issues
Many health professionals not equipped to deal with sleep issues in kids
Perth Festival wraps up this weekend
UWA researcher wins international wound care award
STEM trailblazer awarded prestigious national medal
Misogyny of iron deficiency: how women’s health overlooked
UWA launches Defence and Security Institute
New smart ocean buoys bolster fight against marine heatwave
Driverless vehicles could create more traffic congestion
Some more prone to tendon and ligament injuries
Pawsey unveils its super-fast tribute to quokka
Exercise boosts men’s artery health not testosterone
Scientists date Australia’s oldest rock shelter painting
Big galaxies steal star-forming gas from their neighbours