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New image offers close-up view of interstellar comet
New model for predicting kidney injury after common heart procedure
Growing diversity does not increase votes for anti-immigration candidates
Ketogenic diet helps tame flu virus
Scientists capture dynamic brain in action
In Connecticut, Drug Overdoses Doubled in Six Years
Editing mosquito’s gene wards off malaria and halts reproduction
Study: Poverty, not trauma, affects cognitive function in refugee youth
Researchers find cells linked to leading cause of blindness in elderly
Sentinel lymph node biopsy has no benefits for stage zero breast cancer
Mystery solved: ocean acidity in last mass extinction
It takes two – a two-atom catalyst, that is – to make oxygen from water
Yale receives funding to study myasthenia gravis
Molecular control of neurotransmitter linked to autism described
Olli Silvennoinen appointed director of HiLIFE at University of Helsinki
Scientists help immune system find hidden cancer cells
Yale faculty pioneer development and testing of portable MRI device
Yale to co-host conference in Spain about creativity, emotion, and arts
Study examines shifts in fertility rates among Generation X women
Patient-aligned care reduces unwanted medications, tests for older adults
Researchers develop way to help brain organoids thrive
‘Picoscience’ and a plethora of new materials
New drug helps combat metabolic syndrome
Female orgasm is evolution’s happy gift
Growing old together: a sharper look at black holes and their host galaxies
Get ready for more interstellar objects, Yale astronomers say
Researchers identify rare inherited immune disease
Mammals’ enhanced capacity to see emerges early in development
Once-common hysterectomy technique linked to worse uterine cancer outcomes
Atlantic Ocean may get a jump start from other side of world
Bone marrow may be missing piece of fertility puzzle
Opioid treatment for teens? Medications can help
Transgenic mosquitoes pass on genes to native species
Those with autism make good social psychologists
Skeletons yield clues about 19th-century immigrant life in New Haven
New hair follicles can corral skin cancer
Study reaches multidisciplinary consensus on imaging for kidney stones
Identity ‘fusion’ with political leader gives rise to extremism
Genome screen uncovers new targets for cancer immunotherapy
Researchers detect unreported Zika outbreak
Mechanical forces impact immune response in lungs
Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Study offers insight into effects of housing eviction on people’s lives
Study shows surprising trends for a serious lung condition
Haskins builds bridges between scientists and educators at Summer Institute
Study shows we like our math like we like our art: beautiful
Doctors’ attitudes toward lesbians and gays shaped early in medical school
Healthcare industry is a major source of harmful emissions