Two new Climate Change Master’s programmes launched at Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is launching two new climate-focused graduate programmes, exploring the past and potential futures of the interaction between the planet and humanity, to train a new generation of creative and innovative leaders to respond to our most pressing global challenge.

The two Master’s programmes, in Anthropocene Studies and Holocene Climates, will welcome their first students in October 2020 and will be hosted in the Department of Geography. They are among the first Master’s degrees in the world to study the connected issues of global change, past, present and future from such a cross-disciplinary vantage point. Students on both programmes will complete a common course in interdisciplinary thinking and analysis.

The programmes will provide students with deep insights into the processes and outcomes of global change in the past and equip them with the tools to understand and question the processes of human and planetary change and transformation taking place now and into the future.

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