Xinhua Silk Road: Liuyang Steamed Cuisine Creative Food Show held in Beijing

Liuyang Steamed Cuisine Creative Food Show was held recently in China Youth Center for International Change in Beijing, attracting international audience from more than 30 countries including France, the United States, Italy and Colombia.

“These are camellia oil, fermented local (Liuyang) brown bean, chili powder and locally preserved meat”. Following the introduction made by the working staff, Lydia Taghzouit, who is from Algeria, started to cook the Liuyang steamed cuisine.

When the fragrant smell rose from the steamer beside her, she exclaimed, “what a wonderful taste!”

“I know the rhythm of the song named Liuyang River and I like China’s fireworks. I can’t believe that there is such interesting food in this magical land, and it is very simple to cook. I want to go back and have a try and I will buy some materials to share with my friends,” said Andres Mora, who is from Colombia.

During the show, 20 creative steamed cuisines of four series were cooked and brought to the dining table.

According to Gao Zhi, head of management committee of Liuyang Cultural Industrial Park, “Liuyang people preserve the original flavor of food through most simple and healthy way. This is not only a cooking method, but also a life attitude and wisdom.”

“By adding cultural creativity to traditional steamed cuisines, we want to provide a Liuyang solution of eating to more people, and we hope today’s event can promote the internationalization of Chinese cuisine,” Gao added.

At present, the annual value of Liuyang steamed cuisine reaches 22 billion yuan.

Liuyang Creative Steamed Cuisine Food Show was jointly hosted by the Belt and Road training department of International Youth University and Beijing Centre for International Chinese Education, and organized by management committee of Liuyang Cultural Industrial Park.

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(Caption: International audience from more than 30 countries on the food show)

SOURCE: Xinhua Silk Road Information Service

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