Biden Admin Awards Historic $20B for Nationwide Clean Energy

The White House

Yesterday, as part of President Biden's historic climate agenda, Vice President Kamala Harris and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan announced $20 billion in awards to expand access to clean energy and climate solutions and lower energy costs for communities across the nation. This investment, made possible by President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act, will stand up a first-of-its-kind national network that will finance tens of thousands of climate and clean energy projects across the country, especially in low-income and disadvantaged communities.

Leaders from across the country praised the announcement. Here's what they're saying:

Environmental Leaders

Ben Jealous, Executive Director, Sierra Club: "Today's announcement is a game-changer in ensuring meaningful clean energy and clean technology investments are possible in every community in America - particularly in low-income communities, communities of color, and areas that far too often are overlooked. By making this kind of capital available, the Biden-Harris administration is showing that a clean energy future that puts people first is a reality that is within our grasp. This is another major victory for President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act and one of the many reasons the Sierra Club fought so hard to make this law a reality. I thank Vice President Harris and Administrator Regan for their continued work in implementing this landmark law." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Margie Alt, Director, Climate Action Campaign: "We congratulate the EPA and today's awardees. These funds from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) will be put to work across the country to fight climate change in our communities, including in our own backyards. This program will provide funding for important projects to combat climate change, reduce pollution, help accelerate our transition to a clean energy economy, and create new jobs. The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund is an example of the impactful, forward-thinking investing that Americans want and that President Biden, EPA Administrator Michael Regan, and the Democrats in Congress have delivered. This is smart investing in people who are close to the problems and can implement appropriate solutions that cut costs, save energy, and propel us toward a clean energy future." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Manish Bapna, President and CEO, Natural Resources Defense Council: "This is an unprecedented investment in communities that have been overlooked for far too long. Neighborhoods and regions around the country are primed to see significant benefits; from new jobs and business growth to notable energy savings, putting money back in the pockets of hard-working people'. It's a sizeable down payment on cleaner air, improved livelihoods and a safer climate." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Maite Arce, President and CEO, Hispanic Access Foundation: "Addressing air quality is a matter of public health and economic strength. Recent decades have seen a rise in pollutants, affecting all Americans, with profound impacts on Latino communities facing socioeconomic challenges. The deterioration of air quality over the last century presents undeniable challenges, impacting public health, and economic stability. These issues hit hardest in vulnerable communities, including many where industry and agriculture, vital sectors of our economy, are integral. In terms of health, children, seniors and people with chronic illnesses are suffering from health conditions, such as heart disease, aggravated asthma and decreased lung function exacerbated by polluted air. Economically, Latinos are often faced with financial strain as they try to address these health conditions at clinics and hospitals." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Trevor Higgins, Senior Vice President for Energy and Environment, Center for American Progress: "The administration today is standing up major new investment programs to make climate and clean energy projects a reality for communities across the country. These awards offer dedicated funding for the underserved and low-income communities that need it most. House Republicans voted countless times in a futile attempt to block this funding from being put to good use, but the Biden administration has now moved this vital program beyond the reach of partisan politics. It will fund programs that have the flexibility and permanence to deliver on the benefits of the clean energy economy for years and years to come." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Matthew Davis, Vice President of Federal Policy, League of Conservation Voters: "The Biden-Harris administration is continuing to deliver on their promise to accelerate our country's progress towards a clean energy future and ensure that a healthier, more prosperous future benefits communities previously left out…these investments from the historic Inflation Reduction Act will jumpstart local projects and help cut energy costs for families, create clean energy jobs, and decrease pollution in communities disproportionately impacted by the climate crisis and volatile fossil fuel prices. We look forward to these investments catalyzing building energy efficiency and clean energy projects on the ground and are thrilled that over half of these projects will go to historically excluded communities, including communities of color, communities with low wealth, and rural communities." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

LaTricea D. Adams, Founder, CEO, and President, Young, Gifted & Green, and White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council Appointee: "This announcement is a game-changer for communities that have historically been left behind and burdened by pollution. By targeting low-income and disadvantaged communities, this funding will not only reduce harmful climate pollution but also improve air quality, lower energy costs, and create good-paying jobs. It is a testament to the Biden-Harris Administration's commitment to equity and environmental justice." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Estefany Carrasco González, Senior Director, Chispa: "Chispa is excited to welcome the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund investments. These will address critically needed green energy funding for our communities of color that need it most, resulting in cleaner air, lower energy costs for all, and more local jobs. With local improvements such as community-owned solar, small business loans for local employers to electrify their vehicles, and home loans for families to improve their home's comfort and energy efficiency, we're starting to see an inclusive green energy future for all as a reality." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Rev. Susan Hendershot, President, Interfaith Power & Light: "The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF), established by the Administration's Inflation Reduction Act, will provide critical funding to create jobs, reduce pollution, and lower energy costs for families. This funding represents an important step forward toward a more equitable clean energy future by ensuring that two-thirds of this funding is directed to communities that have historically struggled to gain access to capital. Interfaith Power & Light celebrates today's announcement and the efforts by the Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to invest in protecting our communities and our Sacred Earth." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Rev. Dr. Ambrose Carroll, Founder, Green the Church: "We celebrate the announcement of the awardees for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF). Our communities across the country are going to receive an infusion of investments helping to accelerate the transition to clean energy in their homes, towns, and businesses, fueling economic opportunity and job creation, and revitalizing communities across the country, especially in places that have long been neglected. The GGRF builds on the successful track records of green and community-based lenders across the country and will provide federal funding to help scale projects that push us closer to a pollution-free nation. This announcement is especially important for African American congregations and communities historically overburdened by pollution. The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund is one way the Biden administration is meeting its commitment to the Justice40 principles, and Green the Church is grateful to the EPA for such action!" [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Reed Hundt, CEO and Co-Founder, Coalition for Green Capital: "The EPA's awards of $20 billion compose the largest single capitalization of green banks in any country in the world. The United States now can lead all nations in showing how public-private investment can deliver cheap clean power faster than anyone has predicted - and can focus this new investment primarily on transforming the power platform in every low-income and disadvantaged community. With our pipeline of more than $30 billion in demand for public capital, we at CGC look forward to partnering with the agency, with other award winners, and with all other community lenders that either did not apply for funds or were not selected. Five billion dollars in capitalization is a really good start." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Andrew Reagan, Executive Director, Clean Energy for America: "The Biden Administration is cutting pollution and bringing new jobs and consumer savings right where it's needed most, thanks to today's announcement. Delivering on their commitments, $14 billion dollars is going to low-income and disadvantaged communities, to help them make the switch to cost-saving clean energy. It's more proof that we can and must decarbonize our economy in an equitable way that benefits all Americans. The Biden administration's continued commitment to clean energy will help communities across the country. The Inflation Reduction Act will continue to advance local climate solutions. And today's announcement will cut carbon pollution, save people money, and create good-paying clean energy jobs nationwide." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Kate Wright, Executive Director, Climate Mayors: "Equitable access to clean and affordable energy is foundational to a sustainable future for cities. This unique fund will allow cities to fully leverage community and private sector partnerships to make historic strides in creating green jobs, reducing air pollution and lowering energy bills for residents. We thank the Biden Administration for making that a possibility, and providing an additional tool to help our Mayors continue to lead the way towards a brighter future.'" [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Christian Brock, CEO, Elected Officials to Protect America: "No one should have to suffer the injustice of living on the frontlines of the climate crisis. The Inflation Reduction Act's Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) recognizes the power of federal funding to ensure worthy projects are scaled up to levels where their impact can make major differences for communities across the country who for far too long have been neglected. Elected Officials to Protect America is grateful and excited to see the GGRF empower leaders in Justice40 communities to create economic opportunities with good paying jobs, while transitioning to a clean energy economy for all." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Jessica Buendia, VP of Sustainability and Green For All National Director, Dream.Org: "Dream.Org commends the Coalition for Green Capital (CGC) on their $5 billion award to create a national green bank. Since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act in 2022, we have worked with the EPA, our partners, and thousands of supporters to shape GGRF programs to center disadvantaged communities. We will continue to work together to prioritize community engagement and technical assistance in this next phase of implementation. Today marks the beginning of a new era for climate finance where communities most impacted by climate change will finally have access to the financing they need for the solutions they deserve. Our vision is for this funding to flow to Black and Brown communities and through minority-owned businesses to create unprecedented work and wealth opportunities that create a greener world for all." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Deneine Powell, Executive Director, Urban Sustainability Directors Network: "Sustainability, climate resilience, and equity are the pillars of a future where every community can thrive. Through the EPA's greenhouse gas reduction grant competitions, we are leveling the playing field and ensuring that support and energy equity reach those most vulnerable to climate change. This announcement marks a critical step towards empowering communities nationwide, fostering partnerships that drive innovation in green technology, and securing a healthier, more sustainable environment for all." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Byron Gudiel, Executive Director, Center for Earth Energy and Democracy (CEED): "It's encouraging to see these vital Justice40 investments get to disproportionately overburdened communities from around the country to support pollution-free energy and climate projects. This is only the beginning. We hope EPA continues to work with awardees to create robust community engagement processes, provide clear information on their decision making processes and most importantly deliver direct benefits to environmental justice communities. We look forward to seeing the recipients of the GGRF $7 billion Solar for All competition awards." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Justin Balik, State Program Director, Evergreen Action: "We are thrilled to see the awards announced today are headed to recipients poised to build a clean energy lending ecosystem that will support deployment across the country for years to come. $20 billion in awards is already a major investment, but it's only a fraction of the impact that these programs will have, as the green banks and investment funds awarded today stand up new revolving finance supports that attract even more private capital. This initial investment to fund future clean energy projects will be felt well beyond the 10-year window that applies to most IRA programs. By focusing on communities that have been historically locked out of traditional financing pathways and giving communities the flexibility to design projects that meet their unique needs, these funds will fill in the gaps left by the private sector and allow for creativity in tackling our biggest sources of climate pollution." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Kate Johnson, Head of U.S. Federal Affairs, C40 Cities: "The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund is a historic opportunity to invest in communities and create a cleaner and more just energy system for all. Cities are uniquely positioned to ensure that the projects funded by GGRF recipients deliver the maximum benefit to people on the ground – cleaner air, good paying jobs, and lower energy bills. C40 applauds the EPA's action, and encourages all GGRF recipients to partner with mayors to advance transformative, community-driven projects that will improve people's lives." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Antonieta Cadiz, Deputy Executive Director, Climate Power En Acción: "Today's announcement will help people get the resources they need to make a difference in their communities. President Biden's clean energy plan is already creating new opportunities across America, and there is so much more work to be done. Today's awardees have the deep knowledge and experience to bring the clean energy future to life, particularly in low-income, Black, and brown communities - those who are on the frontlines of the climate crisis. President Biden knows that the climate crisis has disproportionately affected marginalized communities, and their leadership is crucial to right the wrongs of historic environmental injustice and inaction. The investments announced today will bring cleaner air, lower energy costs, and quality jobs to the communities most impacted by the toxic legacy of corporate polluters." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Maggie Monast, Senior Director for Climate-Smart Agriculture, Environmental Defense Fund: "Farmers and ranchers are essential allies in generating climate solutions, but they need the right kind of financial support to do so. Funding from the National Clean Investment Fund will de-risk and catalyze replicable, scalable and equitable financial solutions that accelerate climate-smart agriculture implementation. The EPA's announcement is a major step forward and will generate benefits for farms, ranches and rural communities across the nation." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Chris Espinosa, Legislative Director for Climate and Energy, Earthjustice: "We applaud the Biden Administration for today's Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund awards and especially commend them for ensuring that 70 percent of this funding will benefit low-income and disadvantaged communities. As we quickly transition to a clean energy economy, we cannot leave large parts of the country behind. The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund is a critical piece of the IRA to invest directly in low-income and disadvantaged communities that have long faced the disproportionate burden of pollution, energy development, and the worst impacts of climate change. These investments, plus the major private capital investments they will leverage, will spur sustainable development and job growth, lower energy costs for families, and empower communities with the funding they need to fight climate change and clean up their air, water, and land. While celebrating these funds, we look forward to upcoming awards under the Fund's $7 billion Solar for All program, which dedicates 100 percent of its funding to low-income and disadvantaged communities." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Sylvia Chi, Senior Policy Analyst, Just Solutions, Founder, GGRF Equity and Governance Best Practices Alliance: "We congratulate EPA on reaching such a historic milestone for this critical financing program which targets almost 70% of funds to low-income and disadvantaged communities, We look forward to continuing to collaborate with the GGRF awardees to ensure this program delivers significant and tangible benefits to the communities across our country that bear a disproportionate burden from pollution and climate change." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Irene Burga, Climate Justice and Clean Air Director, GreenLatinos: "Growing up in a predominantly Latine and highly polluted part of Los Angeles County, I've witnessed first-hand the dire impact of pollution on the health, safety and ability to prosper in Latine communities. The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund provides a lifeline, offering a chance for a cleaner, healthier future where every Latine family can access clean air and sustainable energy. For too long, our communities have suffered from pollution and environmental disparities, hindering our dreams and well-being. This fund provides the crucial financial support needed to deploy clean energy and pollution reduction projects, offering cleaner air, safer neighborhoods, and economic opportunities. Facing potential cuts, we must unite to defend this program, ensuring our community thrives in a pollution-free world, now and for future generations." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Steve Clemmer, Director of Energy Research and Analysis, Union of Concerned Scientists: "Establishing the National Clean Investment Fund is pivotal in catalyzing the transition to an equitable, decarbonized economy. Using seed money from public funding to unlock additional private sector investment and new low-cost financing is a cornerstone in the transition to clean energy, and this program ensures the associated benefits are accessible to all. It is hopeful to see a list of non-profits that have a proven track record of financing clean energy in low-income and disadvantaged communities." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Carrie Clark, Executive Director, North Carolina League of Conservation Voters: "We thank Vice President Kamala Harris for coming to North Carolina and announcing the launch of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund; and it couldn't come at a better time. According to the latest US climate assessment, North Carolina is one of the top five states facing the most expensive climate disasters. But North Carolina has also ranked first in the nation for business two years in a row, and first in the nation in rural clean energy jobs. If we want this success to continue, we must address the climate crisis. This announcement addresses the heart of the climate crisis and will help ensure North Carolina continues to be a great place for families and businesses to thrive." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Sandy Bahr, Arizona Chapter Director, Sierra Club: "Sierra Club is excited to see today's announcement of the awardees for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, which will help communities throughout the U.S. with investments to facilitate a more rapid transition to clean energy. These dollars will be focused on Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and other communities that have experienced the worst impacts of pollution. Scaling up clean energy via this program will help to reduce pollution and energy costs, while improving the health of everyone, especially those in these overburdened communities." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Shelbie Swartz, Executive Director, Institute for a Progressive Nevada: "Today's announcement is a watershed moment for climate and clean energy funding in this country. Communities nationwide - especially Black, Latinx and other communities that have for decades faced the brunt of pollution - are going to see an injection of federal investments that will help accelerate the necessary and crucial transition to clean energy. That transition will happen in their homes, their towns, their businesses - building on a track record of successful green and community-based lenders across the country. The federal funding will help scale projects that push us closer to a pollution-free future, reduce energy costs, and improve the health of all Americans. The GGRF is one way the Biden administration is meeting its commitment to the Justice40 principles, and we are excited to see these investments break ground later this year." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Elizabeth Del Buono, MD, President, Michigan Clinicians for Climate Action: "Michigan Clinicians for Climate Action (MiCCA) celebrates the announcement of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It is a significant step towards prioritizing the health and well-being of communities across the nation. This key component of President Biden's climate and clean energy plan provides important resources in our fight against climate change and its detrimental impacts on public health.

By directing funding towards projects aimed at reducing pollution and lowering energy costs for families, the GGRF is fostering a cleaner and healthier environment for all. Given the disproportionate health impacts of those living closest to fossil fuel pollution, it is appropriate that a significant portion of this funding be allocated to communities that have historically struggled to access capital for pollution-reducing projects, including communities of color, low-income, rural, Tribal, and energy transition communities." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Mikaela Curry, Regional Field Manager, Sierra Club: "The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund offers an incredible opportunity to equip communities with the tools they need to reduce pollution and improve health through meaningful investments. I am excited for the potential of this fund to bring real dollars to real people, especially for communities that are too often overlooked and underfunded, and have been disproportionately burdened by pollution." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Deirdre Nieves, Director of Climate Solutions and Justice, West Michigan Environmental Action Council: "Today's announcement of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) awardees marks another significant step in the right direction for West Michigan and environmental justice communities nationwide. With $20 billion allocated to green finance programs, including the National Clean Investment Fund and Clean Communities Investment Accelerator, the GGRF will empower individuals, nonprofits, small businesses, and lenders to drive impactful projects. From community-owned solar initiatives to electrification loans for small businesses and homes, these investments will reduce pollution, lower energy costs, and create quality jobs. Importantly, over two-thirds of GGRF funding will prioritize communities historically marginalized in accessing capital for pollution-reduction projects. This underscores the GGRF's commitment to advancing environmental justice and catalyzing inclusive economic growth. As we celebrate this milestone, let us recognize it as another step in the right direction towards a more sustainable and prosperous future for all." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

James Neal, Senior Manager for Finance Initiatives, Efficiency Maine: "The Efficiency Maine Green Bank is grateful for and excited about the opportunities that this generous National Clean Investment Fund grant will provide. These funds will enable the Efficiency Maine Green Bank to offer loans for heat pump projects that will reduce Maine's dependence on imported fuels and lower heating bills in homes and businesses across the state." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

PennFuture: "PennFuture is excited to see the progress made today in the Biden Administration's climate and clean energy plan with the awardees of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. This financing program will help Pennsylvania communities overburdened by legacy industrial pollution to recover by implementing clean energy projects in their areas and reduce pollution. GGRF will create job opportunities in the clean energy sector while also providing Pennsylvanians with investments in home and business upgrades to lower their energy costs. We are grateful that more than two-thirds of all GGRF funding will be allocated to projects in communities that frequently face difficulty in accessing capital for projects that reduce pollution and decrease household energy expenses. These communities include people of color, low-income, disadvantaged, rural, Tribal, and energy transition communities." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Sunrise Movement: "A huge announcement today: the EPA is launching a first-of-its-kind Green Investment Bank. It will finance tens of thousands of climate & clean energy projects to improve public health, create good-paying jobs, and invest in low-income communities." [X Post, 04/04/2024]

World Resources Institute Energy Program: "⚡💰We're pleased to see the announcement of the 8 recipients of the GGRF National Clean Investment Fund & Clean Communities Investment Accelerator, totaling $20 billion. This will help propel clean energy investments & strengthen local economies all across the US.⬇️" [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy: "Low-income communities across the Southeast are now one step closer to having the financing to cut pollution and invest in clean energy thanks to @EPA's Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. This fund has awarded $20 billion to 8 pollution-fighting grantees. #ActOnClimate #GGRF" [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Partners for Rural Transformation: "Today marks a monumental achievement in the world of environmental justice – a truly unprecedented $27 billion within the Inflation Reduction Act has been granted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)." [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Lobby for Climate: "Climate pollution is a major #publichealth and environmental threat. Thank you @POTUS and @EPAMichaelRegan for investing through the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to protect vulnerable communities! #ActOnClimate #GGRF"[X Post, 04/04/2024]

Health Care Without Harm – U.S. and Canada: "The @EPA's announcement today of awardees for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (#GGRF) is an important step to reduce pollution, improve public health, and accelerate the transition to clean energy. #ActOnClimate" [X Post, 04/04/2024]

ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, USA: "Investments from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund will reduce pollution, improve public health, and accelerate the transition to clean energy. The funding announced today by @EPA will help disadvantaged communities invest in climate solutions." [X Post, 04/04/2024]

National Association of Affordable Housing Lenders: "Congratulations to our members @communityp, @EnterpriseNow, @LISC_HQ, @HPN_Network and @OppFinance on being awarded under the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund! This will fund climate and clean energy projects across America, especially in low-income and disadvantaged communities." [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Justice Climate Fund: JCF thanks the Biden Administration & @EPA for selecting JCF for the GGRF's Clean Communities Investment Accelerator program. We look forward to collaborating on climate solutions to benefit the communities we serve and the whole USA. #StrongerTogether [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Colorado Clean Energy Fund: "Exciting news 🎉 @CGreenCapital has been named an award recipient of the @EPA Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (#GGRF) and we are proud to be named a sub-awardee of this program!" [X Post, 04/04/2024]

RE-volv: "Today's @EPA news = bold progress toward a just, clean energy future. 70+% of GGRF funds will benefit disadvantaged communities. Congrats to the $14B National Clean Investment Fund (NCIF) awardees a part of GGRF: @CGreenCapital, @climate_united , & Power Forward Communities." [X Post, 04/04/2024]

California IBank: "Today's announcement marks a historic moment in the equitable transition to a clean energy economy! IBank is ready to get to work and accelerate the deployment of clean energy projects across CA." [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Amalgamated Bank: "Congratulations to the recipients of grant awards from the @EPA Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. The grants will establish a national climate bank & provide low-income communities with access to capital to participate in a more sustainable economy. More:" [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Labor Leaders

Jason Walsh, Executive Director, BlueGreen Alliance: "Today's announcement shows the Biden administration's continued commitment to investing in communities around the country to support the deployment of clean energy, reduce pollution, and create good union jobs. We urge the EPA and the entities selected to work closely and thoughtfully with workers and communities to make sure the funding goes to those that need it most and adhere to high-road labor standards to make sure the jobs created are safe, good-paying, union jobs." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Sean McGarvey, President, North America's Building Trades Unions (NABTU): "The EPA's announcement of awardees under the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund is a major step toward lowering our nation's emissions, supporting low-income and disadvantaged communities, creating union jobs, and expanding clean energy projects across the country. NABTU is pleased to be partnered with groups like the Coalition for Green Capital and others as we work to ensure that the pathways to the middle class that unionized labor provides are a key pillar in the rollout of these funds." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Elected Officials

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont: "This grant from the EPA will go a long way in supporting Connecticut's efforts to build infrastructure that helps us reach our goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making our state more resilient against climate change. On behalf of Connecticut, I thank President Biden, Vice President Harris, and EPA Administrator Regan for leading the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund process in a diligent, comprehensive, and inclusive manner. This award will help the Connecticut Green Bank increase and accelerate private investment in our state's environmental infrastructure, especially in our vulnerable communities." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Washington Governor Jay Inslee: "The EPA announced a staggering $20 billion of investments to ignite clean energy financing to speed the delivery of clean, affordable energy to communities nationwide. WA stands poised to seize this opportunity with our new non-profit the WA ST Green Bank." [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker: "A big day for Illinois and the entire nation. With @EPA's investment in the @CGreenCapital, we have the opportunity of a lifetime to boost our Climate and Equitable Jobs Act goals. We're on track to a clean energy future and economy that every Illinoisan can access." [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Senator Chuck Schumer (NY): "The investments Democrats made are paying off for the American people. By providing $20 billion that will flow to tens of thousands of green and climate friendly projects across the country, today's historic announcement, made possible by our Inflation Reduction Act, is ushering in the clean energy revolution. I am especially proud that EPA has secured commitments from today's awardees that over 70 percent of the capital - over $14 billion - will go to low-income and disadvantaged communities. These investments mean cleaner communities, lower energy costs, and jobs, jobs, jobs. I'm proud of this bold investment in communities across America and New York and confident today's announcement will have positive reverberations for generations to come.

For decades - low-income and disadvantaged communities have been disproportionally affected by climate change and environmental disasters. Now, we are pairing public dollars with private investment - mobilizing almost $7 of private capital for every $1 of federal funding with these populations in mind - to create good-paying union jobs, rid communities of pollution, and lower the cost of energy. Americans are already feeling the effects of the transformative Inflation Reduction Act, and today's announcement of the initial funding for two of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund's programs - the National Clean Investment Fund and Clean Communities Investment Accelerator - will only accelerate our country's transition to a climate friendly and more equitable future.

Delivering on environmental justice was one of my north stars while writing the Inflation Reduction Act, and the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund is poised to be one of the most significant vehicles for delivering lasting support to our environmental justice communities. When you invest in renewable energy and clean buildings, you are investing in the technologies of the future and a better world for our children and grandchildren. I am proud to have led this historic program to passage in the Inflation Reduction Act to lower costs for families and creating good paying jobs securing America's energy independent future." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT): ""This $5 billion in federal funding is critical to building clean energy infrastructure and a more energy resilient Connecticut. The Connecticut Green Bank is doing transformative work in our state to fight climate change and protect our most disadvantaged communities from environmental injustice. I am proud to fight alongside the Connecticut delegation for strong investments like these that will tackle the climate crisis, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and grow well-paying jobs." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Senator Chris Murphy (CT): "Our state has set the national standard for green banks, and I'm thrilled to see this massive investment in the Connecticut Green Bank. This federal funding will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create good-paying jobs, and increase resilience in communities that have been the most impacted by climate change but have the fewest resources. It's a win-win for the climate and our state's economy." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Senator Tom Carper (DE): "Every American should benefit from the investments we make to fight climate change, no matter their zip code. That's why we created the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund - to leverage both public and private investments to help finance a historic network of climate and clean energy projects, especially in low-income and disadvantaged communities. Historically, those are the places least able to attract private capital, and we need to change that. These investments will lower energy costs for everyone and create good-paying jobs, and I applaud the EPA for moving quickly to implement this program. Congratulations to the eight recipients who will bring us one step closer to a clean energy future." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Senator Ed Markey (MA): "After more than a decade of hard work, our vision to create a national climate bank is a reality. Thanks to the $20 billion we secured in the Inflation Reduction Act, the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund will draw on the experience of public, semi-public, and non-profit community leaders to unleash tens of billions of dollars to deliver more than money, but also justice, to disadvantaged communities in Massachusetts and across the country.

As the single largest climate investment in the Inflation Reduction Act, the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund will cut emissions, protect health, and create job and economic opportunities so that communities won't just survive, but thrive, for generations to come. Even more than money, the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund is delivering hope - hope for justice and for a livable future. I applaud the Environmental Protection Agency's work to quickly stand up this critical program while ensuring transparency and collaboration." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Representative Frank Pallone (NJ-06): "This fund, created as part of the Inflation Reduction Act, is critical to ensuring that nobody is left behind as we transition to clean energy. For years, underserved communities that have tried to invest in clean energy have repeatedly run into obstacles accessing the necessary capital. The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund is designed to fix that problem by building sustainable community lending capacity so everyone can benefit from clean energy.

The Inflation Reduction Act included $27 billion for EPA to build the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. EPA is still implementing the fund and working through the award selection process for each of the three funding opportunities announced last year.

This program is a game-changer. Third-party estimates project that investments made through the fund could save Americans more than $100 billion and create hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs over the next decade-particularly in low-income and disadvantaged communities. This is what investing in America looks like. Good paying jobs today for a cleaner and healthier tomorrow. This is exactly the kind of thing this Committee should be getting behind. But not one Republican supported the Inflation Reduction Act, and now, true to form, they are already attacking it.

Their attacks are unwarranted. EPA has already put in important safeguards to ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent properly. Each funding opportunity from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund includes mandatory reporting requirements that apply to any award or subaward, so that EPA can assess award performance and the progress on meeting key milestones. EPA also included annual audits that allow it to monitor how recipients are using their awards in order to make certain that funds are being spent appropriately. EPA also has the flexibility to make final awards contingent upon recipients taking additional steps that mitigate award-specific risks identified in the selection process.

These are strong oversight requirements that EPA has put into place to help ensure that every dollar goes toward accomplishing the fund's goals. The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund is critical to our efforts to meet the environmental and economic challenges we face today. The worsening climate crisis continues to wreak havoc across the nation, costing families their homes, their livelihoods, and their lives. Wildfires and extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change are ravaging our communities. Just last year, Americans experienced more billion-dollar disasters than any other year on record and natural disasters linked to climate change cost Americans more than $92 billion. By drastically cutting our emissions, we can aggressively combat the climate crisis, protect our communities, grow our economy through the clean energy transition, and save money in the long-term.

I am always disappointed when Republicans say they care about oversight but then make it clear at hearings that their only intention is to tear down programs that they oppose. They don't want the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to work because they don't want anything to undermine their agenda of putting polluters over people.

The size and scope of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund is very large, but so is the challenge of combating climate change. Constructive congressional oversight can enhance EPA's efforts to mitigate program risks and make certain that every dollar has the greatest possible impact. For the future of our nation and our world, we should be doing everything we can to ensure that this program succeeds. I look forward to hearing from the witness today on how we can best accomplish that." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Representative Chellie Pingree (ME-01): "Green banks have proven to be instrumental in our transition to a clean energy economy, supporting renewable energy technology investments and deployment across the country. These are the kind of targeted tools to reduce greenhouse gas emissions we envisioned for our communities when Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act, the most significant piece of climate legislation in our nation's history. This considerable investment for the Efficiency Maine Green Bank will not only help Mainers save on their home energy costs but will help propel our communities towards a more sustainable future." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Representative Debbie Dingell (MI-06): "These awards are making clean energy financing accessible to low-income and underserved communities that have for far too long carried the brunt of environmental pollution, helping us attack the climate crisis head on and creating jobs while lowering energy costs. These investments will fund projects that otherwise would not have been possible, and will mobilize nearly seven times as much in private capital. I'm proud to have helped author and pass the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund and look forward to continuing to invest in the most impactful and urgent projects to reach our climate and environmental justice goals." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Representative John B. Larson (CT-01): "Today's announcement is an investment in good-paying jobs and unleashing America's clean energy future. I am proud of the work the Connecticut delegation has done and will continue to do to secure funding to support the Connecticut Green Bank, which has been a model for the nation in the fight against climate change. This funding will build on their important mission to invest in innovative green energy solutions, protect residents from dangerous pollution, and uplift communities that have been disproportionately impacted by environmental injustices." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Representative Joe Courtney (CT-02): "When we talk about becoming more energy efficient, more energy independent, and better stewards of our environment, this is the kind of serious investment we need to achieve those goals. With the federal funding announced today from the Inflation Reduction Act, the Connecticut Green Bank will enable communities across the region to stand up more climate resilient infrastructure and projects that reduce greenhouse emissions." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Representative Rosa DeLauro (CT-03): "This award to the Connecticut Green Bank, the nation's first green bank, will accelerate investments in the clean economy, reduce emissions and improve the quality of life for all Americans. The intent of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund was to ensure that entities like the Connecticut Green Bank can spread the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act to underserved communities. Investments like the one today empower clean technology projects to create good-paying jobs and lower energy costs for American families, especially in low-income and disadvantaged communities, while cutting harmful pollution to protect people's health and tackle the climate crisis." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Representative Jim Himes (CT-04): "The Connecticut Green Bank is an invaluable asset in the national effort to curb the effects of climate change and a key driver of our state's transition to a clean energy economy. I'm thrilled to see $5 billion from the Inflation Reduction Act's Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund go to organizations like the Connecticut Green Bank to facilitate public-private investments in green infrastructure across the country. This award will help make our communities more resilient against extreme weather events, slash energy costs for residents, and limit our greenhouse gas emissions so that future generations may inherit a livable, vibrant planet." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Representative Jahana Hayes (CT-05): "Once again, Inflation Reduction Act funding will be coming back to our state through the Connecticut Green Bank. This legislation has a tremendous impact on Connecticut as we look to combat climate change, reduce carbon emissions and deploy clean energy infrastructure. I look forward to continuing the work to deliver wins for our state." [Statement, 04/04/2024]

Senator Chris Van Hollen (MD): [Thread] "🚨 NEWS: Today the Biden Admin announced the official launch of our Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund-the $20 billion 'Green Bank' we created with the Inflation Reduction Act to turbocharge green innovation.

This is a major milestone in an effort I've worked on for over a decade.🧵

This national Green Bank Network includes thousands of nonprofits, companies, and individuals who will invest these funds in green innovation & clean energy projects - accelerating our clean energy transition nationwide.

Grantees will leverage private investments into green transportation networks, buildings, and energy in MD and across the country - reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

They will also build capacity among community lenders to drive investments in underserved areas.

Overall, our public investment will leverage up to 7x more private investment - ensuring a self-sustaining fund for generations to come.

It'll also bolster our economy with thousands of green jobs & put more money in consumers' pockets as we lower the cost of clean energy.

Importantly, we're aiming for 70% of the $$ from this Green Bank to ensure that underserved communities are not left behind in the clean energy revolution. They have felt the brunt of the devastating impact of climate change & should have a seat at the table in this fight.

It's been 15 years since I first put pen to paper on a bill to create this Green Bank, and two years since we finally got it done with the Inflation Reduction Act. With today's milestone, the Green Bank will get up and running - and the entire world will benefit." [Thread on X, 04/04/2024]

Senator Chris Coons (DE): "Thanks to @POTUS' ambitious decarbonization agenda and @SenatorCarper's leadership on the EPW committee, the @EPA announced $20 billion of investments today, marking a pivotal moment in our ongoing fight against climate change and transition towards a clean energy economy."[X Post, 04/04/2024]

Representative Mike Quigley (IL-05): "Today, EPA announced $20 billion to create a national clean financing network for climate and clean energy projects! Projects will reduce climate and air pollution while mobilizing private capital and bringing clean technology to communities across America."[X Post, 04/04/2024]

Representative Jamaal Bowman (NY-16): "Let's go!! The money from Green House Gas Reduction Fund is finally going out to combat climate change in our most vulnerable communities. I am so proud to have supported the Inflation Reduction Act which created these grants. Now, we're working on getting this funding to NY-16!" [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Representative Jared Huffman (CA-02): "Great news! This federal $ will help advance the bold climate solutions we need to reduce air pollution, lower energy costs, & bring clean technology to communities across the US. @POTUS Biden's #InvestingInAmerica agenda continues to deliver real results." [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Representative Yvette Clark (NY-09): "Celebrating the @EPA's announcement on $20 billion in funding to create a national clean financing network for climate and clean energy projects! These projects will help bring lower costs and economic revitalization to communities that have historically been left behind." [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Representative Hank Johnson (GA-04): "I'm proud to support these historic climate investments. Thanks to @POTUS & @EPAMichaelRegan, we are providing resources to vulnerable communities in #GA04, delivering investments in clean energy & climate solutions. That is how we #ActOnClimate!" [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Representative Raul Grijalva (AZ-07): "This announcement is a game-changer for environmental justice, low-income, and disadvantaged communities to access and benefit from technologies and programs that enable a cleaner, more sustainable economy. @POTUS is delivering on much-needed climate action and progress." [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester (DE-At Large): "In the words of @POTUS, this is a big ___ deal! I commend @EPA for this investment – made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act – that will create a national clean financing network for climate & clean energy projects & will reduce climate and air pollution across the country." [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Representative Lois Frankel (FL-22): "Today, @EPA announced $20B to support clean energy projects across the US. These projects will continue our efforts to: Lower energy costs, 💼 create good-paying jobs, &🌎 curb our emissions! All thanks to the #InflationReductionAct & @POTUS's Investing in America agenda!"[X Post, 04/04/2024]

Congresswoman Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick (FL-20): "Today, @VP and @EPA announced a $20 billion investment in climate solutions and clean energy projects, especially in low-income areas. This will reduce climate pollution and save families money while bringing clean tech to communities across America." [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Representative Kathy Castor (FL-14): "Investments from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund will reduce pollution, improve public health & accelerate the transition to cleaner, cheaper energy. The funding announced by @POTUS& @EPAwill help communities invest in effective solutions for their pocketbook and planet." [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Representative Pramila Jayapal (WA-07): "BREAKING: The @EPA announced $20 BILLION in grants to fund a national network of climate and clean energy projects! This will mean reduced air pollution, lower energy costs, and clean tech for communities across America. Despite Republican chaos, Democrats continue to deliver." [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Representative Jerry Nadler (NY-12): "Today, @EPA announced $20 billion in #InflationReductionAct grants to create a national clean financing network. By financing tens of thousands of projects, this network will mobilize private capital to reduce climate & air pollution while also reducing energy costs, improving public health, and creating good-paying clean energy jobs in communities across the country, especially in low-income and disadvantaged communities. @POTUS and Democrats continue to deliver." [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Representative Frederica Wilson (FL-24): "🚨Too many wins today! Biden Administration and @EPA announced $20 billion to help fund projects to reduce greenhouse gases, like installing solar panels in Miami-Dade. With Florida being ground zero for climate change, it's time we tackle it head on. #DemocratsDeliverAgain✅" [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Representative Kathy Castor (FL-14): "Investments from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund will reduce pollution, improve public health & accelerate the transition to cleaner, cheaper energy. The funding announced by @POTUS & @EPA will help communities invest in effective solutions for their pocketbook and planet💸👏" [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Representative Betty McCollum (MN-04): "The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund is a $20 billion 'Green Bank' we created through the Inflation Reduction Act-a national financing network for climate & clean energy projects that will turbocharge green innovation & reduce air pollution! #ActOnClimate" [X Post, 04/04/2024]

Senate Environment and Public Works Democrats: "🚨⚡🌎 GREAT NEWS! Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act's Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, @EPA is announcing $20 billion to spur clean energy projects nationwide. Our clean energy future is here!" [X Post, 04/04/2024]

House Sustainable Energy & Environment Coalition (SEEC): "Today, @EPA announced $20 billion to create a national clean financing network across America. This is one of the #InflationReductionAct's biggest investments in America's communities who – for far too long – have been left behind and overburdened by pollution. #GGRF" [X Post, 04/04/2024]

House Energy and Commerce Democrats: "BIG NEWS: @EPA has announced its selections for $20 BILLION in grants from Democrats' landmark Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.

This first-of-its-kind program will:

💵Save Americans money on utility bills

🧑‍🔧Create new good-paying jobs

🌎Protect communities from the climate crisis" [X Post, 04/04/2024]

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