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Interprofessional Teams Studied for AUD Prevention and Treatment
Child drug use may be twice as high as estimated through hair analysis
New legislation to strengthen WA’s Banned Drinkers Register
Unique Alcohol Avoidance Program Linked to Lower Death Rates
Pill for skin disease also curbs excessive drinking
Brain Connectivity, Cognition Differ by Sex in Kids
US Alcohol Research Body-Industry Links Spark Concerns
US Officials’ Troublesome Ties to Alcohol Industry Exposed
Alzheimer’s Risk Linked to Alcohol Consumption: Study
CDC Launches Centre to Improve Health Outcomes Through Prevention
Harmful Effects of Long-Term Alcohol Use Documented in Blood Protein Snapshot
Long-Term Alcohol Use Linked to Health Risks: Proteins Reveal
Suicide Rates Higher in Areas of Greater Latitude: Study
Living in Violence Shrinks Lifespan: NYU Abu Dhabi Study
Cornell, CCE responding to farming mental health crisis
Teen Drinking Rises Sharply After Initial Use
Mothers’ alcohol use changed during Covid pandemic
Moms’ Drinking Habits Shift During Pandemic
UNICEF Ambassador Kidjo Praises Girls & Youth in Benin Visit
NIH-funded study finds hepatitis C treatment gap for individuals with alcohol use disorder
New research finds that social group values are most readable in way we write
Hearings held in Northern Territory on sunsetting of Stronger Futures legislation
Teen cannabis abuse has increased 245% over 20 years
Kids ditch alcohol for marijuana, as 20-year national US study reveals 245% increase
Help Carinity to provide shelter, support and self-worth to at-risk youth
Pregnant women’s use of cannabis in legalized US states raises demands for screening
Local alcohol availability related to child maltreatment
Can pharmacotherapies prevent alcohol use disorder in people with PTSD?
Brain area thought to impart consciousness, behaves instead like Internet router
Smoking, drinking means higher surgery risks, but health coaching before surgery could help
Hatoum wins NIH award
Smoking & drinking means higher surgery risks, but health coaching before surgery could help
Researchers 1st to track app’s effect on heavy drinkers with insomnia
Researchers study alcohol’s impact on immune system, lungs
College students suffer more than 100 alcohol-related consequences
Lighthouse expansion – General fact sheet
In transition to high school, eighth graders who move to new building were less delinquent than peers who stayed
Researcher creates virtual reality experiences to aid substance use disorder recovery
Mongolia has taken significant steps to protect against arbitrary detention; vital to continue work, UN experts say
Study identifies neural circuit that controls alcohol abuse in mice
Parenting practices in teen years set stage for closeness, warmth later on
First-Ever Secretary’s Tribal Advisory Committee Convenes
Do people who undergo bariatric surgery have higher risk of epilepsy?
Research finds cortisol level as indicator of addiction recovery success
Alcohol Use Disorder: Growing Public Health Crisis
Heart medication shows potential as treatment for alcohol use disorder
Heart medication reveals potential as treatment for alcohol use disorder
How many drinks is too many?