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New drug rehab beds for Shepparton delivering better services, close to home
Ethnic pride may help protect Latino college students from problem drinking
Study of pre-teens yields surprises about alcohol, tobacco and marijuana
Government invests to minimise gambling harm
University suspends, sanctions Men’s Cyclone Hockey Club
Prison leavers tagged to cut alcohol-fuelled crime
Staring at yourself during virtual chats may worsen your mood, research finds
Four-year college students drink more, use marijuana less than community college peers
Prompt and accurate information is vital in a pandemic – climate and biodiversity crises demand same urgency
How leaky gut leads to inflamed lungs
Medication that lowers risk of overdose underused
‘factory reset’ for brain may cure anxiety, drinking behavior
‘factory reset’ for brain cures anxiety, drinking behavior
Scripps Research study finds how alcohol cravings get stronger after drinking during withdrawal
Just over half of Michigan pharmacies offer overdose-fighting naloxone without prescription
New 30-Bed Wangaratta Rehab Centre Now Open
Study shows need to increase screening for unhealthy alcohol use during primary care visits
Half of Liver Transplants Last Year Resulted from Alcohol Use
Late-onset alcohol abuse can be presenting symptom of dementia, researchers find
Monkeys routinely consume fruit containing alcohol, shedding light on our own taste for booze
Monkeys often eat fruit containing alcohol, shedding light on our taste for booze
Study: First-pass metabolism of alcohol occurs in women’s stomachs
In U.S., alcohol use disorder linked to 232 million missed workdays annually
Targeting dysregulated kappa-opioid receptors reduces working memory deficits in alcohol use disorder
Goldfields Banned Drinkers Register trial officially starts
Alcohol Dependence Significantly Increases Suicide Risk – Otago Study
Researchers uncover how human brain separates, stores, and retrieves memories
Study finds drinking wine with meals was associated with lower risk of type 2 diabetes
How density of bars, restaurants affects parents’ alcohol use
Research finds potential target for alcohol-associated liver disease
Scientists restore brain immune system function after prenatal exposure to environmental toxin
Hospital admission with liver cirrhosis: highest mortality rate of all chronic diseases
How we view future may hold keys to recovery from alcohol use disorder
Alcohol consumption among men drops during pandemic, but problem drinking rises
It’s time to treat substance abuse like chronic disease
Handgun ownership and intimate partner violence history increases risk of violent crime
General anesthesia impacts brain functioning less than other patient risk factors
Visuals increase attention
Deadly Car Accidents Involving Cannabis and Alcohol Have Doubled in 20 Years
Goldfields third WA region to trial Banned Drinkers Register
New regulations to tighten alcohol home deliveries
Research reveals that youth exposure to tobacco marketing linked to tobacco & cannabis co-use
Stress may be driving inequities in alcohol problems for Black individuals
Study Recruitment Effort Grows Into Public Health Tool to Reach Young American Indian/Alaska Native Women
Budtenders, healthcare providers seek more training as cannabis use rises sharply in perinatal women
Newly discovered genetic link to nonalcoholic inflammatory liver disease
Treatment for alcohol use disorder often not perceived as ‘helpful’: WHO survey analysis
Treatment programs reluctant to allow take-home methadone, survey indicates