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First pandemic assessment of youth mental health says demand for services will increase
Feeling poorer than your friends in early adolescence is associated with worse mental health
Feeling poorer than your friends in early adolescence linked to worse mental health
Bedtime routines and sleep strategies help autistic kids sleep, study reveals
Researchers study adolescent recovery from post-traumatic stress symptoms
Paternal stress associated with children’s emotional and behavioural problems at age two
Young kids avoid one learning trap that often snares adults
New Research Shows Children Exposed to Natural Disasters in Womb Have Higher Rates of Developmental Psychopathology
Research reveals children exposed to natural disasters in womb have higher rates of developmental psychopathology
Children’s headaches and mental health worsened during pandemic
Crib time curbs parent time
Elevated Tween Screen Time Linked to Disruptive Behavior Disorders
Universal UK school-based mindfulness training to boost teen mental health probably not warranted
Psychologists applaud Federal Government commitment to mental health in schools
Children who play adventurously have better mental health, research finds
Researchers use AI to predict antidepressant outcomes in youth
Bond between mothers and their babies integral to infant development, Deakin study finds
Increase in mental distress among young people from disadvantaged backgrounds following start of Covid pandemic
Child masking associated with reduced Covid-related child care closures
Study links Child masking to reduced Covid related child care closures
Children, as well as adults, are more lenient towards “lies of omission”
Most adolescents dying by suicide or harming themselves known to health services
Maternal caregiving may reverse effects of stress during pregnancy on newborns
Using game technology to help adolescents on autism spectrum
Acting early to break cycle of family mental illness
Prevention and early intervention critical to ending cycle of family mental illness
Number diagnosed with autism jumps 787 per cent in two decades, study shows
Children of cancer patients are too often excluded from disease journey
Covid boost for sleep
Autism can be detected during toddlerhood using brief questionnaire
With an Indigenous lens, University of Toronto grad Shanna Peltier focuses on youth and mental health
Attentive listening helps teens open up, study finds
Researchers Demonstrate How Dynamic Changes in Early Childhood Development May Lead to Changes in Autism Diagnosis
Study shows how lockdown has increased mental health difficulties for vulnerable children
Borderline Personality Disorder: Don’t Ignore It
Negative thinking disturbs teen sleep