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Plant root-associated bacteria preferentially colonize their native host-plant roots
Synlogic publishes papers in Nature journals demonstrating proof-of-mechanism and potential of synth
Simple compound to control complex gut microbes
Research first to investigate newly introduced butterfly which could become widespread in Canada
Coastal ecosystems being ‘burned’ by double whammy of rising temperatures and ocean acidification
Long-term climate regulation changed with proliferation of marine animals and terrestrial plants
Species of gut bacteria linked to enhanced cognition and language skills in infant boys
Ecologist Ruby Harris-Gavin reflects on Ireland’s ‘conflicted national relationship with trees’
Negative role of eosinophils in metastasis uncovered
Biogeography of Tetrastigma Fleshes out Asia-Australian Floristic Exchange History
UNE’s Jennifer Tuttle to present at American Literature Association conference
Heart of Fremantle now officially Walyalup Koort
Microbiome Medicine: Scientists Harness Body’s ‘Bugs’ to Treat Asthma, MS, and More
Body’s ‘Bugs’ as Medicine
Nature article: Dieting and its effect on gut microbiome
Valuing water for our shared sustainable future
Probiotic Intervention to Prevent Salmonella Infection in Poultry
“Great Dying” did not lead to uniform forest regrowth
Indigenous Mortality Following Spanish Colonization Did Not Always Lead to Forest Regrowth
From meat-production to urinary tract infections
Covering Soil Substrate on Sand Surface Helps Colonization and Development of Artificial Biological Soil Crusts
Desire to help fellow Indigenous students leads to prestigious award for new graduate
NIH scientists find that Salmonella use intestinal epithelial cells to colonize gut
Oregon State University research shows two invasive beachgrasses are hybridizing
Research shows two invasive beachgrasses are hybridizing
Half of Guadeloupe’s Snakes and Lizards Went Extinct after European Colonization
Bacteria do not colonize gut before birth, says collaborative study
Differences between leopards are greater than between brown bears and polar bears
African wild dog: An ambassador for world’s largest terrestrial conservation area
Defective Epithelial Barriers Linked to Two Billion Chronic Diseases
Northern Red Sea corals pass heat stress test with flying colors
Flatfish got weird fast due to evolutionary cascade
Study shows how meningitis-causing bacteria may sense fever to avoid immune killing
Researchers solve puzzle of origin and formation of specialized body plan in flatfishes
Tarantula’s Ubiquity Traced Back to Cretaceous
A Manifesto for Investigating Impacts of Object Flows on Past Societies: Objectscapes
UH Receives Mellon Foundation Grant to Establish Puerto Rican Literature Database
UBCO research shows a mother’s fat intake can impact infant infectious disease outcomes
Making space for Indigenous artists to lead
New formulation of existing medicines prove highly effective against drug-resistant fungus
Trans PULSE Canada highlights diverse experiences of trans and non-binary Canadians
Land-based learning reconnects Indigenous youth to their cultures, says Elizabeth Fast
Evolution proteomics approach opens view into how new gene functions arise
Canada provides support to Indigenous youth in Manitoba involved in justice system
University of Toronto Mississauga launches Indigenous Entrepreneurship Program
Researchers Collaborate with TIP Company Shoreline Biome to Study Microbiome in NICU
Gallery celebrates First Nations artists in new exhibition program
CPHO Sunday Edition: Impact of COVID-19 on Racialized Communities