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How plants colonize base of an active stratovolcano
Two-step adaptive walk in wild
Friendly fungi announce themselves to their hosts
Canada invests in safer health systems through Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies and Sturgeon Lake First Nation
Canada Commemorates National Historic Significance of Curé Antoine Labelle
Research fills knowledge gaps about surgery outcomes for Inuit in Canada
Breakfast of Champions
Mount Sinai researchers discover how early-stage breast cancer can become silent killer in some patients
Research into pathogen-host manipulation inspires major European Funding
Research reveals superbug C. difficile can jump between pigs and humans, providing evidence of zoonotic spread
What is it like to compete as team in Urban Greenhouse Challenge?
New research highlights role of green spaces in conflict
Research highlights role of green spaces in conflict
New study provides guidance for reconsidering harmful place names in national parks
Adult Eelgrass Shoots Rule Seedling Fate in Large Seagrass Meadow in Eutrophic Bay of Northern China
Grave health of our pioneer settlers
Research Discovery Pearl of Hope for Imperiled Oyster Reefs
Advocating an African science at end of century
How Indigenous burning shaped Klamath’s forests for millennia
How stress hormones guide bacteria in their host
Archaeologists Discover Innovative 40,000-Year-Old Culture in China
An Innovative 40,000-Year-Old Culture in China
Plastic debris in sea could contribute to introduction of invasive species
Secret of mycorrhizal fungi
Research reveals gut fungi influence neuroimmunity and behavior
Study finds gut fungi influence neuroimmunity, behavior
Center for Social Sciences awards 2022-23 grants
Your microbiome shapes your life. But where did it come from?
Research reveals how climate change can worsen impact of invasive plants
Discovery of oldest modern humans in Europe
Cover crops help squash squash their pathogens
Feeding Mode of Newborns Could Influence Oral Bacteria Makeup
Compost Is Major Source of Pathogenic Aspergillus Spores
Extreme Precipitation and Drought negatively Impact Nitrogen Fixation of Epiphytic Bryophytes
Humans reached remote North Atlantic islands centuries earlier than thought
Coastal ecosystem being destabilized by climate change
Bicentennial of Arrival of First Free Black Americans to Providence Island, Liberia
Study shows how changing gut microbiota can affect lupus disease activity in mice
Living in outer space: Changes in blood flow volume may be at heart of worsening eyesight
Indigenous communities face higher risk of socioeconomic vulnerability due to flooding
Changes in blood flow volume may be at heart of worsening eyesight
Researchers identify genes key to microbial colonization of plant roots
Stanford project details how to reimagine global supply chains to be more equitable, fair
More than 100 underwater animal species found living on 2,200-year-old Mediterranean shipwreck
Differentiating friends from foes in fungal root microbiome
Melting glaciers may produce thousands of kilometers of new Pacific salmon habitat
Journey of immune cells in developing zebrafish revealed
Review of Elephant Hill fire calls for Indigenous leadership in wildfire management and recovery