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Politics, Machine Learning, and Zoom Conferences in Pandemic: Conversation with an Undergraduate Researcher
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Russian trolls tried to distract voters with music tweets in 2016
Using Trump’s vaccine endorsement to move needle on Covid vaccines
How attempts to debunk a conspiracy theory only helped it spread
Can Meditation and Mindfulness Help Cancer Patients Thrive?
Press Briefing by Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates, OMB Director Shalanda Young, and CEA Chair Cecilia Rouse
Unclaimed Freight goes to Unreserved Auction
UO political experts view Ukraine through different lenses
Haitians Being Returned to Country in Chaos
Incivility, threats doubled against ‘The Squad’ after Trump tweet
Rutgers-Eagleton Poll Confronts Industry Challenges as It Marks 50th Anniversary
Trust in government linked to work attitudes
Scott Morrison has COVID. It’s a big deal but not how you think
A look at Truth Social, Trump’s ethically dubious social media platform
Most Middle Eastern and North African Americans don’t identify as ‘white’ – despite what U.S. census says
Activists’ Movements Blocked in Vietnam
Fact checks effectively counter COVID misinformation
Do you buy your significant other chocolates and roses
Leigh Sales to step down as 7.30 presenter in June
Senate Hearing on “Targeted Killing’ and Rule of Law
Stronger political donation rules are long overdue
University of Missouri’s School of Law, Kinder Institute host symposium on ‘The Two Impeachments of Donald J. Trump’
Racial resentment: insidious force that divides America
Border Program’s Huge Toll on Children: US
Stanford scholars show how assumptions about electability undermine women political candidates
Anthony Pratt gave Liberals $1.3m while upstart political groups gain sizeable donations
Northeast Asian public favors democratic regional climate, pandemic management
Shared political views have moderating influence on cross-border mergers and acquisitions
When it comes to managing COVID, people place party over policy
Emotionally manipulative political ads fail at swaying new voters, but excel at ensuring party loyalty
U-M economic expert, others find views on politics, science have driven public response to pandemic
Press Gaggle by Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre 8 January
An ‘Age of Discord’: Looking Ahead One Year After Capitol Insurrection