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Sky News with Andrew Clennell
Calif Schools Not Exempt from Political Attacks
US Supreme Court Threatens Democracy with Voting, Race, and Religion Cases
Lord Darroch of Kew discusses democracy in turbulent times
US citizens spread fake news to belong with peers
Biden Urged to Avoid Renewing Family Detention
Immigrants with Top Lawyers Less Likely to Face Deportation
Texas Voters Prioritize School Safety in UT/Texas Politics Poll
Americans More Open to Counter-Partisan Msgs: MIT Sloan Study
Half of Americans Uncertain on Political Claims: Survey
Digital Cosmopolitanism Thrives on Social Media
Academic report shines light on what United States midterm election results could mean for Biden, Trump and future of American politics
Chatter Hides COVID-19 Spread in USA: Social Media News
Ukrainian, British Diplomats Meet at King’s to Discuss Putin Tensions
Celeb Tweets Helped Shape US COVID-19 Opinion: Study
20-Year Study of Mexican Deportees Examines US Immigration Policy
Myanmar Tries Prominent Cleric
Malpass To Step Down Early As World Bank Chief
Return of ‘native’
Free speech vs. harmful misinformation
At Markup, Nabiha Syed keeps watchful eye on Big Tech
Democracy in US Struggling with Aging Leaders
Asian American Businesses Suffer from Anti-Chinese Prejudice: U-M Study
Research: Anti-Asian Discrim. Cost Chinese Restaurants $7.4B
Russian Twitter campaigns didn’t influence voting behavior
Russia’s Disinformation Campaign Failed to Impact US Voting
Highly Partisan Republicans Most Exposed to 2016 Russian Twitter Campaigns
Russian Twitter Campaigns Targeted Republican Voters in ’16 Election
2022 midterm elections show silver lining for US democracy
UN Experts: US Sanctions Violate Iran Human Rights
Asian Americans Find Mental Health Benefit from Pride in Identity
Decarbonization amid global crises
After Georgia runoff, what will next two years of American politics look like?
Thinking of breaking up with Twitter?
Mindfulness techniques could help improve health of environment
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at Democratic National Committee Rally
Bright Line Watch assesses American democracy on eve of 2022 midterm elections
Why Elon Musk’s first week as Twitter owner has users flocking elsewhere
How much impact do boycotts and buycotts actually have on brand sales?
Most Voters Skipped ‘In Person on Election Day’ When Offered Choice of How and When to Vote
Trade agreements can ease pain of possible global recession
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at Reception for Gubernatorial Candidate Charlie Crist
Hobby School Poll Finds Texas Republicans Are Gaining Ground
Considering COVID hoax is ‘gateway’ to belief in conspiracy theories
Protect Right to Vote: US
President Biden receives poor marks from Cuban American voters, many of whom want Trump on ballot in 2024
Republican Party lost core supporters after attack on Capitol
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at Democratic National Committee Event 25 October