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Queensland Expands Genetic Testing for Newborns
Method for Tracking Blood Vessel Changes Could Improve Brain Disease Detection
High-Efficiency Assay Offers Rapid Mitochondrial Disease Diagnosis
Young Cancer Survivors at Higher Risk of Early Heart Failure
Sleep Apnea Linked to Higher Risk of Long COVID
Rural Communities Still Missing Out on Healthcare Despite Modest Budget Measures
Experts back newborn DNA sequencing
Research Shows Early Gestational Diabetes Treatment Beneficial for High-Risk Women
How old are your internal organs?
Stereotactic Radiosurgery Effective for Vestibular Schwannomas in Neurofibromatosis Type 2
Research Maps Links Between Psychosis and Immune System
Covid Subvariants Fueled Pandemic Spread: Study
Autism-risk kids struggle with audio-visual mismatch
Brain tumour discovery paves way for new drug treatments
‘Paper Clip Technique’ Fixes Infant Ear Deformities Without Surgery
Newborn Genomic Screening May Help Kids with Rare Diseases
UC Davis Health Developing In-Utero Therapy for DMD
Clinicians Discover Deadly Mpox Strain in Advanced HIV Patients
Research Outlines Use of Plasma as Covid Treatment
Yes, you do brush baby teeth
Highly Effective Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Found for Early Covid Treatment
No Benefit from Early Anti-VEGF for Diabetic Retinopathy
No Benefit to Visual Acuity from Early Anti-VEGF Treatment
Chinese Scientists Study Link Between Meth Use, Antisocial Disorder
Research: Early Interventions for Sepsis Have Same Outcomes
Newborn SMA Screenings Lead to More Kids Walking at 2 Years
Newborns Screened for SMA: Better Chances of Walking, Quality Life
New Units to Speed Up Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Blood Test Shows Potential to Screen Pregnancy Risks
Blood test detects Alzheimer’s early
Covid drug trial results released
What Imperial research taught us about Covid in 2022
Molnupiravir Fails to Cut Covid Hospitalizations in High-Risk Vaccinated
Molnupiravir Fails to Lower COVID-19 Risk in Vaccinated High-Risk Patients
Molnupiravir Fails to Cut Covid Risk for Vac’d High-Risk Group
MIT Merges Storytelling and Tech with Conquered
UKHSA update on scarlet fever and invasive group strep
New meningococcal case in Victoria
New rat lungworm disease resource to help doctors with diagnosis, treatment
New blood test can detect ‘toxic’ protein years before Alzheimer’s symptoms emerge, study shows
NSW new call to bring HIV testing rates back to pre-pandemic levels
People with autism are not ‘indifferent or hypo-sensitive’ to pain
Biomarker in urine may be first to reveal Alzheimer’s at early stage
Analysis of impact of antivirals
Remdesivir reduces mortality from Covid in real-world setting
$80 billion dollar cost of addiction to Australia
Nation’s health care organizations call for vaccination and treatment against Covid and influenza
Lab grown ‘mini eyes’ unlock understanding of blindness in rare genetic condition