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APEC Fortifies Disaster Risk Management, Strengthens Local Communities
TSU research will predict new epidemics
UNICEF working to restore water supply amid cholera threat
Exploring an epidemic’s meaning from perspective of nursing
UNICEF works urgently to restore water to 200,000 people in Goma cut off because of volcano lava damage
New method accurately reflects hotspots in epidemic
Goma Volcano Eruption Displaces 415,700 People as IOM Prepares Response
Armand-Frappier Museum Will Present Bilingual Travelling Exhibition Pandemics
Pharmaceutical companies urged to support knowledge-sharing platform
£1.6M boost for research into African Salmonella
Researcher works with service providers to launch guide for virtual delivery of domestic and sexual violence interventions
WHO and Switzerland launch global BioHub for pathogen storage, sharing and analysis
Developing global health sector strategies on HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections for 2022-2030
Similar patterns in spread of pandemics and biological invasions
Study reveals huge pressures on anaesthesia and critical care workforce and hospitals during winter wave of COVID-19 pandemic
Researchers develop mathematical model to predict disease spread patterns
Scientists have found new parasites in bats from Asia
Fatigue, perceived cognitive impairment and mood disorders associated with post-COVID-19 syndrome
Fatigue, mood disorders associated with post-COVID-19 syndrome
Improved air quality during first wave of COVID prevented 150 premature deaths in major Spain cities
New vaccine blocks COVID-19 and variants, plus other coronaviruses
Researchers develop mathematical model predicting disease spread patterns
Don’t discard face masks just yet
WHO, Germany launch new global hub for pandemic and epidemic intelligence
Immunization services begin slow recovery from COVID-19 disruptions, though millions of children remain
New study highlights tourism operators were not strategically prepared to respond to economic impacts of COVID-19
Brazil at high risk of dengue outbreaks after droughts because of temporary water storage
Widespread use of control measures is vital as lockdown lifts, say scientists
Widespread use of control measures such as facemasks is vital to suppress pandemic as lockdown lifts, say scientists
Dark Stories to Host Interactive Comedy Show, “How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse”
Children living with HIV lagging behind adults in access to treatment
1,600 vaccinated in Guinea Ebola virus outbreak but more jabs needed: WHO
Chinese consumers optimistic on post-COVID travel
Brown School working with St. Louis city on virus containment
USG to Initiate Public Health Measures to Respond to Ebola in Guinea and DRC
Improving understanding of and response to infodemics during public health emergencies
World Radio Day marks evolution, innovation and connection of ‘vector of freedom’
Jeremy Hunt: “I was too slow to boost NHS workforce”
Bats may hold key to vaccines for future pandemics
Richness of plant species reduces number of viral infections in both wild meadows and meadows on edges of cultivated fields
Voices: Dr. Kazuaki Miyagishima
Scientists uncover potential antiviral treatment for Covid-19
US Covid resurgence driven by younger adults
We are off track to meet 2020 targets on number of voluntary medical male circumcisions
Anonymous cell phone data can quantify behavioral changes for flu-like illnesses, study finds
Discriminatory attitudes towards people living with HIV declining in some regions, rebounding in others
Parental mental health worsens under new national COVID-19 restrictions
Heterogeneous populations develop herd immunity quicker