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King’s to partner on new Consortium to reduce harmful consequences of violence
King’s accelerates synthetic brain 3D image creation using AI models powered by Cambridge-1 supercomputer
Majority of psychiatric inpatients are not compliant with COVID-19 infection control measures
Young people share tips for coping with anger
Integrating mental health into HIV prevention and care: call to action
King’s researcher receives NIHR funding to study Long COVID
Could your gut bacteria help you lose belly fat?
Research finds that one in five people are less likely to attend cancer screenings post-pandemic
New MONAI tool eases development of AI-assisted annotation models
Big Data and Policy Process
World’s first cell therapy trial for post COVID-19 fibrotic lung disease
Biomedical & Molecular Sciences Research announces Matt Wilson Scholarship
Workshops explore public’s views on scanning and surgical innovations in pregnancy
New exhibition reveals entwined stories of royal family and Shakespeare across centuries
Researchers examine economic burden of bowel cancer
Survival for babies born with a birth defect –code lottery”
MRC Doctoral Training Partnership in Biomedical Sciences awarded multi-million funding
Investigating how B cells and antibodies in immune system respond to breast cancer
King’s collaboration develops smarter medical imaging
Scientists identify key molecular pathways controlling anti-tumoral functions of immune cells
As England lose Euro 2020 final on penalties, study shows ‘fairer’ way of settling spot-kicks
COVID-19 vaccine: Antibody response weakened in patients receiving methotrexate
Thresholds for diagnosing hypertension in pregnancy should not be lowered
Sir Patrick Vallance makes biomaterial slime at Summer Science Exhibition
Genetic test shows promise in discriminating cases of chronic back pain
UK’s most powerful supercomputer launched to accelerate research in AI and healthcare
King’s project wins government funding to develop AI tools
International Workshop on National Multilingualism reveals connections between Horn of Africa and South Asia
Interleukin-6 antagonists improve outcomes in hospitalised COVID-19 patients
King’s Hosts Joint Seminar with Peking University on Impacts of COVID-19 on Mental Health
King’s delivers innovative virtual global health elective with partner university in India
Armed Forces personnel who are medically discharged most likely to struggle with transition into civilian life
King’s delivers innovative virtual global health elective with partners in India
New study seeks to improve identification of inherited high cholesterol
Volunteering during a pandemic
Trust is key to improving global health in a multi-polar world
New Scientist Live 2021: Future of Healthcare
Academic papers should use emotive and personal language to achieve greater public impact
New study shows Fibromyalgia likely result of autoimmune problems
Lau China Institute & Young China Watchers 2021 Essay Competition Open
Lau China Institute & Young China Watchers 2021 Essay Competition Open
From physical to digital: staging exhibitions in a pandemic
Researchers investigate factors determining response of colorectal cancer patients to immunotherapy
Security Studies Academics Outline New Wargaming Integrity and Ethics Standards at Top US Conference
Founding Director of Transnational Law Institute Moves to McGill University
King’s receives Bronze Armed Forces Covenant Award
UK’s ‘culture war’ risks leading to US-style divisions – but we’re not there yet
‘Not fitting in’ with local neighbourhood does not increase risk of severe mental illness