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Hepatitis Outbreak Among Kids: What Parents Should Know
Liver transplants from drug overdose deaths rose sharply during Covid pandemic 25 May
Liver transplants from drug overdose deaths rose sharply during Covid pandemic
Update on Children with Acute Hepatitis of Unknown Cause
Lemon water won’t detox or energise you
Teenager organizes toy drive to give back to transplant team
AI could save lives by helping liver transplant candidates too sick to survive sobriety ‘road test’
Half of Liver Transplants Last Year Resulted from Alcohol Use
Key protein facilitates regeneration of liver blood vessels
Specialized liver blood vessel identity factor required for regeneration
No-Click System Doubles Hepatitis C Screening Orders, Penn Study Finds
Immune cells as squatters
Study shows new scoring system can help clinicians predict 30-day mortality risk for patients with alcohol-associated hepatitis
Henry Ford Health System study reveals admissions for alcoholic hepatitis rose 50%in early months of pandemic
Special Testing of Kidney Tissue from Deceased Covid Donor Documents Safe Transplantation of Organ, Johns Hopkins Researchers Report
Trial tests strategy to augment response to Covid vaccines in transplant recipients
Researchers identify proteins that could predict liver transplant rejection
Scientists identify proteins that could predict liver transplant rejection
Public urged to sign-up to world-first Covid antiviral study
Researchers identify novel pathways responsible for liver cancer
ASTRO issues clinical guideline on external beam radiation therapy for primary liver cancers
Boosting maternal microbiome sharply reduces biliary atresia risk in early-stage study
Placental cell therapy could deliver new treatment options for liver disease
Research links air pollution to fatty liver disease
UCL spinout raises £117m to trial ‘pioneering’ cell therapy
New PET imaging-based tool detects liver inflammation from fatty liver disease
Rewriting operating manual
King’s start-up raises funds for immune system engineering
Medicine by Design-funded researchers generate cells to treat bile duct disorders resulting from cystic fibrosis
In patients with fatty liver, bariatric surgery decreases risk of progression of liver disease, serious heart complications
Medical research leads University of Alberta performance in latest U.S. News ranking of world’s best universities
Comprehensive patient blood management program can reduce use of transfusions, improve patient outcomes
UQ startup gets $1.3 million international backing for liver disease treatment
UQ start-up gets $1.3 million international backing for liver disease treatment
Vaginal birth may be safer for pregnant women with kidney and liver transplants
Covid affects transplant recipients differently, possible therapeutic approach suggested
International experts develop Clinical Care Pathway in response to NASH epidemic
Young Transplant Recipients Have Better Covid Vaccine Response Than Adult Counterparts
Living donor liver transplants
Calculated risk – new tool to predict mortality in patients with liver failure
Why brain swells after liver damage – mystery solved
Common virus that besets transplant patients is study focus
Organoid success finds potential target for future treatment of biliary atresia
3rd Vaccine Dose for Immunocompromised Individuals
ALXN1840 FoCus Phase III trial in Wilson disease met primary endpoint demonstrating improvement
Sex disparity in access to living donation for liver transplant
Local 12: Local woman in need of life saving liver transplant
Three New Organs, One New Life