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Coal Demand to Hit Record High in 2022 Amid Energy Crisis
Mining is making substantial contribution to public services
Cancellation of $2 billion Qld mine sign of things to come: QRC
Ensure Respect for Rights in Massive Iron Ore Project in Guinea
NextOre wins major mining technology solution award
OZ Minerals, Boliden and Rio Tinto agree to innovate on solutions to pave way for lower footprint mines
Sky’s limit: Horsham Flight Hub Master Plan funded
New workplace relations regime will be handbrake on investment, job opportunities and wages
Mining for clean energy transition
54% of projects extracting clean energy minerals overlap with Indigenous lands, research reveals
Brighter prospects as mining sector transforms towards net zero
Mining companies are shifting their focus to supporting employee well-being
Council Welcomes over $5 Million State Funding for road repairs & community projects
Workforce safety study delivers preliminary findings
Selling Queensland’s critical minerals to world
Ending Fossil Fuel Finance, Improving Corporate Transparency Would Support Democracy in Pacific
SYDNEY BASIN KOALA NETWORK Awareness and action deemed critical as new study finds most NSW residents don’t know they are neighbours
Busselton and Bunbury top performers in September 2022 quarter
“We won’t let deep sea mining risk ocean”: Greenpeace confronts mining ship
Arecibo Observatory Scientists Publish Major Study on Near-Earth Asteroids
How metal-munching microbes help rare, toxic element tellurium circulate in environment
Alliance For Responsible Mining Regulation launches a 10 point reform plan
Minerals industry leads corporate tax payments
Peabody moves to tear up wash plant agreement, stronger laws needed
Huge win for oceans against deepsea mining
How much does greenwashing cost fossil-fuel sponsors of Australian sport?
Mining Union condemns attempt to import foreign labour
UN expert: Exposure to toxic substances form of environmental violence against indigenous peoples
140 iron ore railcars to be manufactured in WA
Rapid switch in magmatic plumbing taps porphyry copper deposit-forming magmas
WA mining community mourns another death, union calls for reform
Over $22 million for North West from resources fund
Higher taxes on mining would damage Australia’s investment recovery
Higher taxes on mining would wreck Australia’s investment recovery
Australia needs more investment, not taxes
Insight – Australia’s multibillion-dollar 5G opportunities
NSW government offers multi-million dollar support for critical minerals projects
Ocean scientists measure sediment plume stirred up by deep-sea-mining vehicle
Scientists measure sediment plume stirred up by deep-sea-mining vehicle
Munupi Clan defeats fossil fuel giant
CME’s Digital Technologies Program ready to launch in South West
Australia and New Zealand advance satellite positioning
3 ways fossil fuel industry has failed women – clean energy must learn from its mistakes
Going green for growth: business case for reducing emissions in Australian mines
Search for fossil fuels must come to end
Greens condemn Labor’s failure to save Murujuga songlines
Building robust future for Australia with critical minerals in our own backyard
Greens join fight for sea country on Tiwi Islands, in legal first