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Uncovering new details of brain’s first line of defense
Risk factors for dementia may vary with age
Change of temperature causes whole body reprogramming
Identifying new drug targets for inflammatory autoimmune diseases
Cambridge recognised once again as Leader in Openness around animal research
NeuroScientific Biopharmaceuticals submits for approval of early-phase trial
Antidepressant use during pregnancy not linked to epilepsy in kids
Glatiramer acetate compatible with breastfeeding
Key Protein Identified for Brain Stem Cell Longevity
How “calming” our spinal cords could provide relief from muscle spasms
NIH should create an Office of Autoimmune Disease Research, says new report
Nine Cambridge scientists among new Fellows announced today by Royal Society
NIH launches clinical trial of Epstein-Barr virus vaccine
New research shows Cannabis flower is effective for treating fatigue
Ultomiris met primary endpoint in CHAMPION-NMOSD Phase III trial
Higher antioxidant levels linked to lower dementia risk
How Herpesviruses Awaken
Hitting nerve: how antidepressants treat nerve pain
β-NMN delays myelin ageing and enhances myelin repair in aged mouse brain by targeting SIRT2
Findings open way for personalised MS treatment
Research reveals rate of multiple sclerosis similarly high in Black and white people
Does multiple sclerosis play role in cancer screening and diagnosis?
Findings open way for personalized MS treatment
New treatment reduces inflammation in multiple sclerosis mice models
New discoveries about origin of brain’s immune system
Faster accumulation of cardiovascular risk factors linked to increased dementia risk
Australia’s Post-viral Disease Tsunami Threat
Most infants on WIC don’t get enough vitamin D
Could releasing ‘handbrake’ immune cells help supercharge immunity?
Total economic burden of MS in United States is more than $85 billion
Kessler Foundation researchers develop behavioral treatment for deficits of facial affect recognition
How to rejuvenate immune system of elderly people and reduce their risk of infectious disease
Artificial Intelligence research project winner in $2.1 million funding program
An immune ‘fingerprint’ finds path for better treatment of autoimmune diseases
Some types of epilepsy may be linked to worse quality of life
University of Sydney rises in QS subject rankings
Childhood emotional trauma linked to heightened MS risk among women
New OHSU Science Café series focuses on neuroscience research
Medicare beneficiaries without low-income subsidies were less likely to fill important prescriptions
Head-Mounted Microscope Reaches Deeper into How Brain Works
High rate of diabetes, high blood pressure in Puerto Ricans linked to brain changes
Head-Mounted Microscope Reaches Deeper into Mouse Brains
Reversing hearing loss with regenerative therapy
Oregon State receives $5.6M to study protein engineering, key tool in fighting disease
Nine out of 10 Aussies have low vitamin D intakes, Curtin study shows
Why HIV remains in human tissue even after antiretroviral therapy
Researchers develop new antibody test to diagnose MS
Research finds pandemic-specific depression and anxiety among individuals with multiple sclerosis