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Global One Health initiative awarded CDC Cooperative Agreement
Telling sunbathers what they don’t want to hear: Tanning is bad
COVID-19 in our dust may help predict outbreaks, study finds
Racial justice grants fund two new public health projects
In a first, scientists watch 2D puddles of electrons spontaneously emerge in a 3D superconducting material
Healthy State Alliance Hosts ‘COVID-19 For Long Haul’ Symposium
Masculine traits linked to better parenting for some dads
How people decide when they have so many choices
UNM part of NSF’s Engineering Research Visioning Alliance
Ohio State First in Ohio to Use Mixed Reality 3D Hologram Technology For Shoulder Replacement
Scientists harness chaos to protect devices from hackers
U.S. President Biden Announces his Intent to Nominate Key Members for Department of Defense
Study Shows Federal Autism Research Funding Doesn’t Follow Recommendations
Floating gardens as a way to keep farming despite climate change
Changes in ocean chemistry show how sea level affects global carbon cycle
A new way to visualize mountains of biological data
Distinctively Black names found long before Civil War
Stewart Kurtz remembered for his impact on materials research at Penn State
Predicting who may do best with psychedelic-assisted therapy
New Technology ‘Retrains’ Cells To Repair Damaged Brain Tissue In Mice After Stroke
Polymerized Estrogen Provides Neuroprotection in Preclinical Testing
MedTips: Awards and Announcements
Electromagnetic fields hinder spread of breast cancer, study shows
What happens in your brain when you ‘lose yourself’ in fiction
Antarctic peninsula likely to warm over next two decades
How pregnancy turns stress response on its head
Stress reduction as a path to eating less fast food
Electricity could help speed wound healing, new study shows
UV radiation kills virus that causes COVID-19 in lab, study finds
Capitalizing on measles vaccine’s successful history to protect against SARS-CoV-2
Study: Aviation Industry Safety Advances Can Improve Hospital Alarm Design
Strict environmental laws ‘push’ firms to pollute elsewhere
A parental paradox for Black girls in justice system
Army of robots pushes limits of astrophysics
Want to cut emissions that cause climate change? Tax carbon
How math can help us understand human body
JHU Engineers Develop Drive-thru Type Test to Detect Viral Infections in Bacteria
Politicized pandemic shaped compliance with social distancing
Ohio State’s COVID-19 testing numbers are higher than those of 10 states
More than 87,000 scientific papers on coronavirus since pandemic
Virtual lecture series to highlight women advancing river research
Depressed and out of work? Therapy may help you find a job
Tricking novel coronavirus with a fake “handshake”
Study Shows Voluntary Running Reduces Neuromuscular Decline In Aging Mice
Pore-like proteins designed from scratch
Public Service Announcement: Ohio State Study Using Hyperbaric Oxygen To Treat Traumatic Brain Injuries
One in 10 Ohio women thought abortion illegal amid attempts to ban at 6 weeks
Grasshoppers & roadblocks: Coping with COVID-19 in rural Mexico