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Facial expressions don’t tell whole story of emotion
Babies mimic songs, study finds
Having fewer children reduced education gap in China
Use of jargon kills people’s interest in science, politics
Adapting to climate change: We’re doing it wrong
Himalayan glacier shows evidence of start of Industrial Revolution
Effects of China’s One-Child Policy on Women’s Education
When kids face discrimination, their mothers’ health may suffer
Exposing a virus’s hiding place reveals new potential vaccine
Buckeye All-American turns to research to protect against hard hits
Ancient skulls tell new story about our first settlers
Current model for storing nuclear waste is incomplete
Chemistry finding could make solar energy more efficient
What’s a halo made of? Scientists have new insights on galactic kind
Fossil is oldest-known scorpion
Study: Pig virus is easily transmitted among chickens and turkeys
‘Biodegradable plastics’ is coolest Ohio State science story of 2019
Finding a new way to fight late-stage sepsis
Simplifying how scientists share data
More Chinese scientists in America are going back home
“This is why we do science: to further knowledge of humanity”
Seeing new Star Wars? Be careful what you wish for
Tiny magnetic particles enable new material to bend, twist and grab
Understanding what makes black pigment black
A new gene therapy strategy, courtesy of Mother Nature
Heat or eat? How one energy conservation strategy may hurt vulnerable populations
A mission to find next Earth
Out-of-network costs soar for non-emergency hospitalizations
Shrinking of Greenland’s glaciers began accelerating in 2000, research finds
Last remaining glaciers in Pacific will soon melt away
You create your own false information, study finds
Scientists see defects in potential new semiconductor
Depression affects one-third of lung cancer patients
How to fight illegal cocoa farms in Ivory Coast
Design flaw could open Bluetooth devices to hacking
How a warming world may alter functions of oceans’ organisms
First look at thermostat wars suggests women may be losing these battles
Sex workers’ preferences for HIV prevention center on convenience
Gut may be ticket to reducing chemo’s side effects
In a warming world, glacier scientists have to keep going higher
What your friends’ brains look like when they think of you
Nature might be better than tech at reducing air pollution
Lost trees hugely overrated as environmental threat, study finds
Scientists may just have discovered a new class of black holes
Vampire bats give a little help to their “friends”
For teens, multitasking makes them feel better – and worse
5,000 “eyes” try to solve mystery of dark energy