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Anxiety, depression, burnout rising as college students prepare to return to campus
Developing machine learning tools for soil moisture data
For female vampire bats, an equal chance to rule roost
Ibrutinib effective treatment for difficult-to-treat forms of hairy cell leukemia
Exoskeletons have problem: They can strain brain
Ibrutinib effective treatment for difficult to treat forms of hairy cell leukemia
Nanostructures enable record high-harmonic generation
Blocking how malaria parasite suppresses immune response
Childhood exposure to gun violence increases risk of violent behavior as adults
15,000-year-old viruses discovered in Tibetan glacier ice
Biodiversity, climate change and fate of coral reefs
Scientists on scent of flavor enhancement
COVID-19 made unequal access to food worse, study suggests
Bacterial Parasites Are Behind Rise of ‘Super Bugs’
Race, politics divide Americans on sports issues
Ohio State Wexner Medical Center names first chief health equity officer
Even on Facebook, COVID-19 polarized members of U.S. Congress
Defence awards engineers $2m extension funding
Leading cardiovascular organisations issue joint opinion on improving clinician well-being worldwide
Ohio State collaborates on $2.9 million grant to study age-related muscle loss
A third of young people reported worsening mental health during pandemic
Gene Therapy Offers Long-Awaited Hope for Children with Rare, Incurable Disorder
A third of teens, young adults reported worsening mental health during pandemic
Innovative gene therapy ‘reprograms’ cells to reverse neurological deficiencies
For female vampire bats, an equal chance to rule roost
Leading scientists praise UNESCO’s leadership after draft decision on Great Barrier Reef
More than half of wheelchair users with spinal cord injury needed repairs in past 6 months
Smaller summer harmful algal bloom predicted for western Lake Erie
Mountaintop glacier ice disappearing in tropics around world
U.S. presidents’ narcissism linked to international conflict
People across world favor paid parental leave, study finds
Novel gene editing in mice shows promise in treating Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Throwing shade: Measuring how much trees, buildings cool cities
People overestimate Black Americans’ chances of economic success
Engineering nanobodies as lifesavers when SARS-CoV-2 variants attack
Risks of adopting ‘body positivity’ to make a sale
Those breakfast foods are fortified for a reason
MedTips: June Awards and Announcements
Ohio State among first in nation to implant new deep-brain stimulation device
Astronomers discover a ‘changing-look’ blazar
Soil microbes metabolize same polyphenols found in chocolate, wine
An unprecedented survey of ‘nurseries’ where stars are born
NSF to fund research on ‘boundary spanning’ in Ph.D. studies
A quantum step to a heat switch with no moving parts
Ohio State Wexner Medical Center Names New Chief Operating Officer
ORNL names new Innovation Crossroads cohort of manufacturing, building and clean energy technology entrepreneurs
Calquence demonstrated fewer incidences of atrial fibrillation versus ibrutinib
DiBenedetto, mathematician who advanced knowledge on differential equations, has died