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Scientists develop “backpack” computers to track wild animals in hard-to-reach habitats
Stressed about COVID-19? Try tapping into power of music
Examining past, present and future of COVID-19 pandemic
Some mobile phone apps may contain hidden behaviors that users never see
Battelle and Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Create and Use New High Throughput
Drug Used to Treat Liver Disease Also Affects C. diff Life Cycle, Reduces Inflammation
How social media makes it difficult to identify real news
Scientists electrify aluminum to speed up important process
Study shows how diligent we have to be to keep surfaces germ-free
Study uses AI to estimate unexploded bombs from Vietnam War
Study Finds More Mental Health Visits Decreases Risk Of Suicide Among Youths
Why is a 16-year-old book on slavery so popular now?
Parents shouldn’t feel they have to be teachers, too
3 things to avoid if you want to keep your carpets mold-free
Knowing more about a virus threat may not satisfy you
Gratitude interventions don’t help with depression, anxiety
How communication about environmental issues can bridge political divide
Radar and ice could help detect an elusive subatomic particle
Novel treatments with potential to prevent and cure gonorrhoea in women
Illness won’t stop vampire bat moms from caring for their offspring
Little Tissue, Big Mission: Beating Heart Tissues to Ride Aboard ISS
Household chemical use linked to child language delays
For anxious spouses, a baby may be a rival
New ‘organ-on-a-chip’ system holds promise for drug toxicity screening
New Center of Microbiome Science is in works at Ohio State
Team deciphers how myotonic dystrophy generates lethal heart dysfunctions
Psychologist uses computer-simulated patients to untangle sociological influences
Mangurian Foundation $10 Million Gift To Support Six Diverse Ohio State Areas
Ohio State First in U.S. to Use a New Atrial Fibrillation Device
Childhood physical abuse linked to heavy cigarette use among teens who smoke
New Kensington music instructor composes requiem
Facial expressions don’t tell whole story of emotion
Babies mimic songs, study finds
Having fewer children reduced education gap in China
Use of jargon kills people’s interest in science, politics
Adapting to climate change: We’re doing it wrong
Himalayan glacier shows evidence of start of Industrial Revolution
Effects of China’s One-Child Policy on Women’s Education
When kids face discrimination, their mothers’ health may suffer
Exposing a virus’s hiding place reveals new potential vaccine
Buckeye All-American turns to research to protect against hard hits
Ancient skulls tell new story about our first settlers
Current model for storing nuclear waste is incomplete
Chemistry finding could make solar energy more efficient
What’s a halo made of? Scientists have new insights on galactic kind
Fossil is oldest-known scorpion
Study: Pig virus is easily transmitted among chickens and turkeys
‘Biodegradable plastics’ is coolest Ohio State science story of 2019