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Turn Up Music to Boost Medication Effectiveness
Patients with Baclofen Pumps Can Have Safe TSS Treatment
Scientists Examine Racial Bias in Historic KY Properties
Non-invasive Imaging Tool Maps Uterine Labor Contractions
Non-invasive Imaging Maps Uterine Contractions in Labor
Rainbow Produce Fights Prostate Cancer
Unconventional spellings are ‘Badd Choyce’ for brand names
Virtual Care Team Boosts Heart Failure Treatment: Study
Neuro ICU care improved with multidisciplinary rounding
Young-Onset Type 2 Diabetes Linked to Aggressive Nature
Stress Gene Disrupted in Kids After Abuse vs. Accident
Compression Treatment Eases Horse Limb Swelling, Pain
Biomarkers Linked to Perinatal Depression & Anxiety in Women
Reducing Social Media Use Improves Body Image for Teens, Young Adults
Spinal Stimulation May Help Stroke Victims Regain Arm Mobility
Proteins are not distributed equally in ancient teeth
Lancashire Problem Gambling Study Launched at Lancaster Uni
Fighter Pilot Brain Changes May Aid Astronaut Health in Space
VR Exercise Reduces Pain in Women with Endometriosis
Remote Diet Intervention Feasible for Lymphoma Survivors to Reduce Fatigue
94% Accurate Prostate Cancer Test Developed
Brain health, concussions and sports: Is there long-term connection?
Research to reduce insomnia in autistic adults
Clinic Financial Coaching Boosts Child Health Visits
Neurotech Reduces Insomnia, Enhances Autonomic Nervous System
Positive aspects of caring for relatives at home
E-Cigarettes Linked to Greater Lung Inflammation: PET Imaging
Exploring Endocrine System Could Help Lower Diabetes, Obesity
Australian-first study aims to capture migraine burden in our community
Research Measures Migraine Burden in Australia for 1st Time
Helping disability support workers empathise
Surfing Can Boost Mental Health: Psychologist
Food Safety Training Program Tested for Market Vendors
Newborn SMA Screenings Lead to More Kids Walking at 2 Years
Pharmacists Help Treat Opioid Use Disorder: Study
Enrollees sought for study of diets’ effect on brain
HKU Dentistry: 50%+ Cured With Jaw Surgery for Sleep Apnea
First Nations language partnerships to Close Gap
Older Cancer Patients May Benefit from Geriatric Evaluation
Model explains how autism arises
Starting over: Speech & Hearing Sciences helps stroke survivors regain speech
Activity “Advent calendar” could help boost activity and cut sitting time
Advent Calendar Increases Activity, Reduces Sitting Time
Nepal Study: No Link Between Diet, Gestational Weight Gain
NIH funds antibiotic trial for HIV and emphysema
Small studies of 40-hertz sensory stimulation confirm safety, suggest Alzheimer’s benefits
Computer Vision Tech Effectively Monitors Mask Use in Hospitals
Adding yoga to regular exercise improves cardiovascular health and wellbeing