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Tailored, earlier heart failure rehab has physical, emotional benefits for patients
Children explain their food insecurity woes
Autologous adipose injection for shoulder pain in wheelchair users with spinal cord injury
What helps houseless families move to stable housing?
Metagenomic Analyses Used to Identify Changes in Gut Microbiome After Spinal Cord Injury
Whispering out loud
A glimmer of hope: New weapon in fight against liver diseases
Orthocell says study results open US market opportunity
Sydney industrial zone goes green in Australia-first tree study
Female veterans face mental health support barriers
UVA Develops Imaging Approach to Help Stop Epilepsy Seizures
New therapy target for malignant melanomas in dogs
Poor iodine levels in women pose risks to fetal intellectual development in pregnancy
Can ‘Warrior’ exercise help Parkinson’s patients?
Can what cyclists wear make them look ‘less human’?
Fighting dementia with play
Research to investigate promising exercise program for Parkinson’s disease
$2.5 million grant helping researchers improve health disparities in communities of color
Most U.S. adults who vape want to quit, study finds
New ‘sweat sticker’ improves cystic fibrosis diagnosis, accessibility
NIST Develops Privacy-Preserving ‘Encounter Metrics’ That Could Help Slow Down Future Pandemics
Bridging Informational Divide: High-Speed Broadband Comes to St Helena
Pilot Study Finds Evidence of Bartonella Infection in Schizophrenia Patients
Can exercise help Down syndrome community?
Could birth control pills ease concussion symptoms in female athletes?
HIV: an antidiabetic drug to reduce chronic inflammation
When Volcanoes Go Metal
Veterans see positive changes in emotional resilience after intervention
PNNL Participates in COVID-19 Community Dialogues and Support Efforts
Can internal body awareness help beat stress?
£4.2m funding boost to improve menstrual health in Ugandan schools
Administration of oxytocin triggers production of love hormone
Teaching Chad’s scientists of future
“Stealthy” Stem Cells Better for Treating Tendon Injuries in Horses
Could cannabis help patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease?
Randomized, Controlled Trial Demonstrates Power of Open-Label Placebos
Vegan diet significantly remodels metabolism in young children
Skin-to-Skin Care Benefits Mothers and Infants in Pediatric Cardiac ICU
Special interests can be assets, not hindrances, for youth with autism
UK government must urgently rethink lateral flow test roll out, warn experts
Physician-pharmacist collaboration may increase adherence to opioid addiction treatment
We want people to choose green
Neighbor saving neighbor during an opioid crisis using a smartphone
Mindfulness Program Reduces Stress, Builds Resilience In Health Care Workers
Extracting precious zinc from waste ash
First Coral IVF babies on Reef thriving
CU Center leading work to study trail bridge use in rural Rwanda
Study suggests sugary diet endangers waste-eating protein crucial to cellular repair