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Alpha brain waves can predict post-surgery pain
ARU signs pledge to support GTRSB community
EnterpriseTECH star workshop reflection
Can weekly prednisone treat obesity?
Responsive footwear to prevent diabetic foot ulcers
How e-scooters can safely operate in city
Exercise may reduce depression symptoms, boost effects of therapy
Research reveals 10-second videos predict blood cancer relapse
Spirituality can improve quality of life for heart failure patients
People underestimate others’ desire for constructive feedback
Solar-powered UV water treatment could improve health outcomes in rural Tanzania
Energy Codes Pilot Study Takes Flight in New York
Mindfulness alleviates post-gun violence trauma and depression
100g of cranberries day improves cardiovascular health
Female Syrian Refugees in Houston Bear Brunt of Circumstances
Spikes in Ala Wai infectious bacteria influenced by rainfall
In pilot study, asynchronous telehealth visits effectively treat overactive bladder
Hino misconduct shows Real World Emissions test is vital
Researchers Explore Role of Black Female Principal in Schools
Supporting children after trauma
Rainfall strongly affects infectious Vibrio bacteria in Ala Wai Canal
Stanford-led research reveals how people’s experience with climate-related disasters affects their willingness to take and accept
Thoughts of harming baby normal but unpleasant part of postpartum experience
‘Maladaptive’ coping mechanisms contribute to poor sleep quality
Community support can make you healthier – and can help you lose weight, too
Vitamin B3 trialled as glaucoma treatment
Altruism in birds? Magpies have outwitted scientists by helping each other remove tracking devices
Bacteria upcycle carbon waste into valuable chemicals
Study finds nasal spray could aid battle against COVID
Construction workers at risk of unintentionally exposing families to multiple toxic metals
Clinical trial investigates group naturopathic program for endometriosis
Study spearheads chemical fingerprint of Viking weapons
Flippers and flutes: how music helps us talk to dolphins
How can music help us communicate with dolphins?
Promising skin probiotic could be way to reduce antibiotic treatments for acne
Research reveals mechanical hearts can regenerate some heart tissue
Culinary medicine education program reveals positive outcomes for low-income patients with diabetes
Air quality in your home may be worse than in your office building
Researcher to study aging and social relationships in Kenya
Trial tests strategy to augment response to Covid vaccines in transplant recipients
Deploying machine learning to improve mental health
Fat injections could treat common cause of foot pain
How data can help prevent overdiagnosis
Study finds children exposed to brand minute
New world-first clinical trial on benefits of losing weight prior to pregnancy
Medical research funding to treat debilitating diseases
UBC clinical trial supports new self-administered rapid antigen test
5 top tips to stay safe online