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Medical engineering collaboration aims for accurate hearing loss diagnoses
2022 Surgical & Interventional Engineering Summer School
Surgeon praises team after robot milestone
New Scientist Live 2022: Hospital of Future
Surgeon clocks up Mako milestone
New Health Secretary sees cutting-edge medical robotics research at Imperial
From fundamental to emerging applications
Automating renal access in kidney stone surgery using AI-enabled surgical robot
Elon Musk claims his Neuralink brain chip could ‘cure’ tinnitus in 5 years
Role of Humans in Surgery Automation
NASA Selects Universities for Space Station Research Opportunities
$2.5M donation targets pandemic waiting lists
New Western specialization links AI and health research
Handheld surgical robot can help stem fatal blood loss
Pioneering research bridges engineering and medicine
Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid – HSJ Digital Transformation Summit Speech
Top honour for engineer pioneering medical robots
Innovative robotic heart surgery offers patients superior care
Robot performs first laparoscopic surgery without human help
Robot performs 1st laparoscopic surgery without human help
UOW partners with University of British Columbia to treat spinal cord injury
UBC researchers lead $24 million project to treat spinal cord injury
Future is Robotic: University of Toronto Groundbreakers EP3
Robot assistant brings major patient benefits
Prestigious Engineering awards recognise academic excellence
Kobe University: Global Knowledge Base that will Invigorate Future Society
£250 million in NHS technology to modernise diagnostics
Startups initiated and grown at Vanderbilt get $4.5M in federal funding, LaunchTN matching grants
In conversation with Silvia Scarabelli, PhD, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs Engineer
Using power of technology to make world safer and healthier place
Taking lessons from sea slug, study points to better hardware for artificial intelligence
Soft components for next generation of soft robotics
Innovation and new technology to help reduce NHS waiting lists
Virtual ruler estimates size of colorectal polyps
First robotic liver surgery performed at Peninsula Private Hospital
New simulator helps robots sharpen their cutting skills
World-leading study begins into robotic surgery for knee replacement with major £1.6 million funding grant
T-rays could ‘revolutionise cancer treatment’
Robots with T-ray technology to spot and remove cancer tumours in £8 million project
New surgical robotic technology has led to a world-first non-invasive removal of an orbital tumor
Prime Minister announces £1 billion of new UK-India trade
Researchers develop microrobots to conduct minimally invasive brain surgery
‘A culture of discovery’: University of Toronto Entrepreneurship Week spotlights innovation and inclusion
New surgical robot a first for Mornington Peninsula
Surgical robots developed by Vanderbilt researchers could make radical prostatectomy safer and less invasive
A paradigm shift in surgical robotics in Australia
Lasers and virtual reality to revolutionize watch-crystal engraving
First endovascular technology that can explore capillaries