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How effective is quarantine alone or in combination with other public health measures to control
Study Questions Impact of Pregnancy-Related Programme on Stillbirth Rates
COVID-19 Update: April 8, 2020
Researchers Assess Bird Flu Virus Subtypes in China
Fiber Consumption Linked to Lower Breast Cancer Risk
Designing a World-Class Architecture Firm: People, Stories and Strategies Behind HOK
Effective options for quitting smoking during Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
COVID-19 Update: April 1, 2020
Wiley to Publish Inspiring New Memoir Bulleit Proof by Bulleit Bourbon Founder Tom Bulleit on April 7th
Staining Cycles with Black Holes: Ultrafast repeated staining and destaining of cell samples for tumor diagnostics
Study Uncovers Increasing Global Rates of Liver Cancer
Wiley to Publish Final Installment of Renowned ‘Little Book’ Series by Joshua Pearl and Joshua Rosenbaum, and Updated Edition of…
Making Green Space Even Greener at BU
Cancer Diagnostics: Amplification and imaging of microRNA as a biomarker to detect tumor development
Study Reveals Rising Colorectal Cancer Rates Among Young Adults
Study Uncovers Bias and Stereotyping When Recruiting Patients for Clinical Trials
Impact of Energy Development on Bird Populations
Rapid DNA Test Quickly Identifies Victims of Mass Casualty Event
Wiley to publish “Women of Color in Tech” by author and tech professional Susanne Tedrick
Study Links Physical Activity to Quality of Life in African American Cancer Survivors
Certain Factors Linked with Discontinuing Breast Cancer Therapy
LIFE WILL SEE YOU NOW: Quit Waiting for Light at End of Tunnel and Light That F*cker Up for Yourself
Police appeal to find man missing from Padstow
Effects of China’s One-Child Policy on Women’s Education
Single HPV Vaccine Dose May Be Effective Against Cervical Cancer
Benefits of Physical Activity for Older Adults
Synthetic Mushroom Toxin: New synthetic route for amanitin, a therapeutically interesting mushroom toxin
Safe Potassium-Ion Batteries: Nonflammable electrolyte for high-performance potassium batteries
Autonomous Microtrap for Pathogens: Self-propelled onion-like microvehicle can attract, trap, and destroy biological threats
Weight Loss Surgery May Reduce Risk of Colorectal Cancer
Weight Loss Surgery May Reduce Risk of Heart Failure and Premature Death
Study Reveals Similar Survival of African American and White Men with Prostate Cancer in an Equal-Access Health Care System
Taking Aim at Gastric Cancer: New approach to selective chemotherapy
Researchers Trace Coronavirus Outbreak in China to Snakes
SUPERTRENDS: 50 Things You Need to Know About Future
Patrick Lencioni, New York Times Best-Selling Author of “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” “The Ideal Team Player,” and “The…
New Book From Techstars’ General Manager, Claudia Reuter, Encourages Women to “Lean In” by Starting-Up
Imprinted Color Patterns: Azopolymer material allows light-assisted imprinting of nanostructures for structurally colored surfaces
HPV Status May Affect Risk of Early Death in Patients with Oropharynx Cancer
Sensing Protein Wellbeing: Molecular probe maps misfolded proteome state in live cells
Certain Steps Help Lead to Healthy Pregnancies in Women with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Nerve Stimulation May Benefit Women with Fibromyalgia
Study Examines Causes of Death in U.S. Breast Cancer Survivors
Pathways toward Post-Petrochemistry: Electroreduction of carbon monoxide for highly selective production of ethylene
Study Reveals Increased Cannabis Use in Individuals with Depression
Separating Drugs with MagLev: Magneto-Archimedes levitation for identification of illicit drugs in powdered mixtures
Even Light Alcohol Consumption Linked to Higher Cancer Risk in Japan
Cooking Practices During Pregnancy May Affect Hyperactivity in Children