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At-home blood test for juvenile-onset Huntington’s disease to be trialled
Kenyan Government, World Health Organization, Bloomberg Philanthropies launch new initiative to reduce road crash deaths
Living with dogs as toddler might protect against Crohn’s disease 25 May
Spiking of university students to be tackled
Using e-cigarettes may lead to higher use of and spending on health services
Reducing screen time increases physical activity in kids
Experts stress importance of monitoring for post-treatment opioid use in young sarcoma patients
Living with dogs as toddler might protect against Crohn’s disease
Researchers Will Provide Antibody Testing to Help Study Long COVID in Children
Supporting Burnie young people into independence
Pharmacists Join Children Flu Vaccine Rollout
How social work researcher’s experience with young adult cancer informed his work
Four-year college students drink more, use marijuana less than community college peers
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center study points to expanded genomic testing that aims to benefit children and young adults
Natasha Clinical Trial offers hope that “everyday foods” could be used to treat people living with food allergies
Apprentices get texted for success
CommBank makes online share investing more accessible for millions of Australians
Deaths from alcohol use disorder surged during pandemic
Prediabetes linked to higher heart attack risk in young adults
Study links Prediabetes to higher heart attack risk in young adults
International Partnership for Cooperation on Child Labour in Agriculture Statement for 5th Global Conference on Elimination
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease causes premature aging of immune system
Smokers who switch to e-cigarettes may adopt other healthy routines
Researchers probe Covid’s uneven impact on racialized and immigrant communities in Peel Region
Acute sleep loss may alter way we see others
Housing Crisis Has Reached Boiling Point for NSW Councils
Firearm Deaths Grow, Disparities Widen
Young adults’ reasons for not seeking treatment for depression
American College of Medical Genetics and genomics publishes clinical practice resource on hearing loss
First Nations poet Evelyn Araluen wins prestigious prize
Mental health first aid courses for young adults
Better diet helps beat depression in young men
Food insecurity risk related to diabetes later in life
On mission to cut Papua New Guinea’s high levels of sexual violence
Study Finds Pandemic Led to Decline in Exercise Performance in Children and Young Adults
Age and high BMI associated with sperm cell irregularities
Women and Black adults waited longer in ER for chest pain evaluation
Carinity carer empowering young and old
One-sport high school athletes prone to injury, burnout
How creative arts therapy helps young cancer patients through their treatment journey
FDA takes ‘momentous step’ to prohibit menthol cigarettes and all flavored cigars
Biological pathways found that drive genomic changes and bone metastasis in ewing sarcoma, rare childhood cancer
OECD countries advancing slowly on sustainable development targets by 2030
Research reveals risk of psychotic-like experiences can start in childhood
Immersive VR: empowering kids to survive in fire, flood, and war
Serious violence peaked after Covid restrictions eased – report
Parents’ reactions while helping with math shape young children’s achievement
New Jersey Residents Strongly Back Creation of Suicide and Crisis Hotline, Rutgers-Eagleton Poll Finds