Gravitation grant for teams of Bernet Elzinga and Andrea Evers

Although depression looks different for each person, the treatment is the same for everyone. At the same time, the treatment of psychological issues in most cases is insufficient. A research consortium hopes to change this, with the help of the Gravitation programme grant. Co-applicants Bernet Elzinga en Andrea Evers are two of the captains of the six teams, all led by main applicant Anita Jansen, Maastricht University.

New Science of Mental Disorders

Amount awarded: 19.3 million euros

Worldwide, one in four adults and one in ten children suffer from mental illness at any given moment. Mental illnesses cause considerable suffering, and our best treatments only work for about 40% of patients. We think that mental illnesses reflect dynamic and complex networks of interacting symptoms. The proposal is to study the complex dynamics of these networks, the transdiagnostic processes that drive the connectivity between symptoms, and the effect of network-based interventions tailored for the individual patient.

Communications Networks team, including

  • Bernet Elzinga
  • Eiko Fried
  • Bart Verkuil

Mind – Body Interface team, including

  • Andrea Evers
  • Antoinette van Laarhoven

Other universities: Universiteit Maastricht (Main applicant) and the Universiteit van Amsterdam

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