HKU admission standards highest in Hong Kong

Students admitted to HKU through the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) this year had both the highest admission scores and the best minimum scores in Hong Kong.

Top students admitted to HKU

the top students admitted to HKU are five candidates achieving 5** in 7 subjects and seven candidates achieving 5** in 6 subjects, with degree choices ranging from medicine and law to business and social sciences. The students have been admitted to Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Social Sciences (Government and Laws) and Bachelor of Laws, and Bachelor of Business Administration (Law) and Bachelor of Laws.

Highest average admission scores amongst all universities

As in all years since 1998, HKDSE candidates admitted to HKU this year have the highest average scores amongst all universities in Hong Kong, both across all subjects combined regardless of which of the usual admission selection principles are used, as well as in the four core subjects of Chinese, English, Liberal Studies and Mathematics.

Subjects / Selection Principles Average admission scores
Chinese Language 5.12
English Language 5.30
Mathematics 5.61
Liberal Studies 5.23
Best 5 subjects 27.22
Best 6 subjects 33.61
4 core subjects + 2 elective subjects 33.06

Minimum scores are the best in Hong Kong

The minimum HKDSE score for any student offered admission to any HKU degree programme was 23 points (calculated as the 4 Core + 2 Electives sum without the HKU Scoring System bonus points). This is by far (by a full five points) the best in Hong Kong. These JUPAS offers have filled the vast majority of places available.

Newly-introduced HKU Scoring System for JUPAS attracted applications from more candidates

In the newly-launched HKU Scoring System for JUPAS, candidates get bonus points for achieving 5 or above in individual subjects. It is believed that the new scoring system is one of the reasons behind more candidates applying for HKU programmes than was the case in 2018, despite a decrease in the total number of HKDSE candidates in Hong Kong. The number of candidates placing HKU in Band A has increased by around 8% compared to last year. More than 50% of those students who achieved an average of 5* were admitted to HKU — many of these students therefore benefitted from the bonus points of the new HKU Scoring System (Programmes using old scoring systems are not included).

A spokesperson from HKU believed that the HKU Scoring System enabled students to have a better chance to gain admission to their favourite programmes. “Some candidates did not perform as well as they hoped in core subjects but were outstanding in elective subjects, others did brilliantly in core subjects but did not do so well in individual elective subjects, yet both groups benefitted under the new HKU Scoring System with bonus points and were able to gain admission to their favourite programmes successfully.”

HKU admits 100% candidates scoring 5** in 4 or more subjects who applied for law-related programmes

Though the overall number of candidates in Hong Kong applying for law-related programmes decreased this year, HKU still admitted the top candidates. All 22 candidates scoring 5** in 4 or more subjects who applied to study law-related programmes gained admission to HKU.

Asset Management and Private Banking widely popular among candidates with a leap in admission scores

Newly launched in the academic year 2017 – 18, the Bachelor of Finance (Asset Management and Private Banking) programme is the first of its kind in Asia that focuses on Asset Management and Private Banking. The course content meets industry needs and students are able to have close exchanges with industry practitioners. The programme has been widely popular since its launch, but this year saw its Band A applications more than double, with a corresponding increase in admission standards.

32 outstanding athletes admitted to a wide range of programmes

HKU has admitted 32 outstanding athletes via the HKU Sports Scholarship Scheme this year who are passionate about their sports including badminton, gymnastics and taekwondo. Four athletes with outstanding performance in track and field, swimming, volleyball and football respectively gained admission to the Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Other athletes who performed well academically are admitted to programmes like Bachelor of Economics / Bachelor of Economics and Finance, Bachelor of Social Sciences and Bachelor of Engineering.

Non-Chinese speaking students and students with special education needs

HKU admitted 64 local non-Chinese speaking students this year, the highest among all the universities. Three such students gained admission to Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, others are admitted to Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Arts etc. 11 students with special education needs (SEN) have been admitted to the University. The University will provide the students with support and assistance where needed.

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