Researchers awarded more than $15 million by ARC

The Australian Research Council (ARC) has announced that University of Sydney researchers have been awarded over $15 million of funding for 34 research projects that will discover new knowledge and deliver solutions that benefit us all.

“I’m delighted to congratulate colleagues on their outstanding success in the Australian Research Council’s 2023 round of Discovery Project grants,” said Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Emma Johnston.

“From investigating solutions to wealth inequality in Australia, to harnessing the power of machine learning for safety in robotics and developing a scalable methodology for reducing the severity of bushfires, these are exciting fundamental research projects that will ultimately help solutions to society’s greatest challenges and advance our research impact on a global scale.”

“Our success is a testament to the outstanding calibre of our research, and I’d like to acknowledge all the members of these teams, including both academic and professional staff, that have contributed to this outcome.”

Successful ARC Discovery Projects

The Discovery Projects scheme provides grant funding to support world-class research excellence across a wide range of fields that will expand the knowledge base and research capacity in Australia.

University of Sydney-led projects awarded funding are listed here. Further details of successful grant recipients and projects are available on the ARC website.

Investigator(s)SummaryFunding Awarded
Professor Grant Steven; Professor Qing LiBidirectional Evolutionary Structural Optimization for Transient Problems. $492,697.00
Professor Gianluca Ranzi; Dr Riccardo Paolini; Assistant Professor Kwok ShahAdaptive daytime radiative cooling and heating for buildings.$567,630.00
Professor Susan Park; Dr Ainsley Elbra; Assistant Professor Yixian Sun; Associate Professor Teresa Kramarz; Professor Craig JohnsonGlobal Governing Gaps and Accountability Traps for Solar Energy and Storage. $180,580.00
Professor Geordie WilliamsonMachine learning, group theory and combinatorics. $397,000.00
Associate Professor Dmytro Matsypura; Professor Oleg ProkopyevBushfire analytics: optimisation of fuel reduction.$423,200.00
Professor Patrick Cullen; Dr Emma Lovell; Dr Rouhollah JaliliPlasma driven electrochemical synthesis of urea. $422,103.00
Professor Assaad Masri; Associate Professor Matthew Cleary; Dr Matthew Dunn; Professor William RobertsOn the Combustion of Green Hydrogen in Future Energy Systems. $530,000.00
Dr Matthew Griffith; Professor Paul Dastoor; Dr Natalie Holmes; Professor Alan Brichta; Associate Professor Rebecca LimOrganic Bioelectronics: Solving Key Barriers to Precision Neuromodulation. $463,985.00
Professor Susan ParkGlobal Governance, Eco-Justice, and International Grievance Mechanisms.$203,906.00
Professor Ben Colagiuri; Professor Ann Louise Sharpe; Dr Kirsten Barnes; Professor Andrew GeersFrom me to you and beyond: understanding socially-induced nocebo effects.$510,087.00
Professor Leanne CutcherHybrid Practices in Indigenous Community-Owned Organizations. $606,303.00
Dr Jungsoo Kim; Professor Richard De Dear; Dr Zhengdong ChenThe impact of work-from-home environments on comfort and productivity. $431,840.00
Professor Carel de Sterke; Dr Antoine Runge; Dr Andrea Blanco RedondoUnshackling solitons through ultimate dispersion control. $332,027.00
Professor Kevin Varvell; Associate Professor Bruce Yabsley; Professor Mark KruseTop-quarks as a portal to new physics at the Large Hadron Collider.$477,000.00
Professor Steven Meikle; Associate Professor Yanan Fan; Professor Andrew ReaderUltra-sensitive 3D molecular assays using total body PET and deep learning. $568,000.00
Professor Yuan Chen; Associate Professor Hao LiDegradation of atomically dispersed M-N-C carbon catalysts in acidic media. $565,000.00
Associate Professor Densil Cabrera; Dr Shuai Lu; Associate Professor Dagmar Reinhardt; Dr Manuj YadavUsing acoustic retroreflection in architecture to improve rooms for speech. $435,000.00
Dr Xianghai An; Emeritus Professor Andrejs Atrens; Dr Jiangtao Qu; Associate Professor Hung-Wei YenMaking Strong Alloys Ductile and Hydrogen-Tolerant via Tuning Nanogradients. $530,000.00
Dr Gwendolyn Hyslop; Associate Professor Jade d’Alpoim Guedes; Dr Mark Post; Dr Yankee Modi; Professor Dr Michael PuruggananPseudo grains and adaptiveness in the Eastern Himalayas. $379,876.00
Dr Svetlana Postnova; Professor Ronald Grunstein; Associate Professor Christina SchmidtBiophysics of the brain’s waste disposal system.$385,000.00
Professor Lisa Adkins; Professor Martijn Konings; Associate Professor Stephen Whelan; Professor Daniel WoodmanWealth Inequality in Australia: Sources and Solutions. $613,000.00
Dr Yu Heng Lau; Professor Spencer Whitney; Assistant Professor Tobias GiessenRemodelling encapsulin nanocages to help enhance plant carbon fixation$691,716.00
Professor Ian Manchester; Associate Professor Guodong Shi; Professor Dr Alexandre Megretski; Professor Alexandre ProutiereRobust Data-Driven Control for Safety-Critical Systems. $430,000.00
Associate Professor Jeffrey Neilson; Professor William Pritchard; Dr Zoe (Ju-Han) Wang; Dr Rebecca Cross; Professor Neil Coe; Dr Kiah SmithHigh-value horticulture and global production networks in coastal Australia. $561,272.00
Professor Luming Shen; Associate Professor Daniel Dias-da-CostaEnergy dissipation characterisation in dynamic brittle fracture.$427,820.00
Associate Professor Oded Yacobi; Professor Geordie Williamson; Associate Professor Benjamin EliasBraid groups via representation theory and machine learning. $382,000.00
Professor Chris Ling; Professor Maxim Avdeev; Professor Brendan KennedyRare earth-free high-performance magnets. $449,492.00
Professor Chiara Neto; Professor Xuehua Zhang; Associate Professor Alberto GiacomelloGas-enriched slippery surfaces. $432,307.00
Professor Peter Kim; Associate Professor Federico Frascoli; Dr Robyn Araujo; Professor Dr Peter LeeUnpacking the immune system with applied mathematics. $423,000.00
Professor Alexander Broom; Dr Katherine Kenny; Associate Professor Nadine EhlersThe Social Life of Death.$615,000.00
Professor Daniel Anlezark; Dr Erin SeboFinding friendship in early English literature. $249,088.00
Professor Richard Payne; Dr Emma WatsonSite-specific protein functionalisation at diselenides via photocatalysis.$537,000.00
Professor Xiaozhou Liao; Associate Professor Zengxi PanMetallic materials with combined chemical and structural heterogeneities. $440,520.00
Dr Omid Kavehei; Dr Arman Ahnood; Professor Kate FoxA novel platform-technology for long-term subcutaneous neurophysiology. $372,150.00

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