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Collaboration to enhance agricultural research and education in Northern Tasmania
Project empowering farming communities in Southern Africa
Gene bank strengthens global agricultural efforts in changing climate
$20 million to grow innovative AgriPark precinct at Wagga Wagga
Secretary Blinken At Food Security Ministerial
Lao blueprint to transform research into policy
Research provides long-term look at ways to control wildfire in sagebrush steppe ecosystem
International Partnership for Cooperation on Child Labour in Agriculture Statement for 5th Global Conference on Elimination
Record $12 billion infrastructure boost for regional WA
Mungbean network sprouts new opportunities
Diets high in fiber linked to less drug resistance in gut bacteria
MARPLE diagnostics reaches South Asia
Preferred partner for $5 billion plan
AgForce and CQU welcome beefy election commitment to livestock research
Finding best lentil varieties for every farm
New Research and AgTech Innovation Hub
$25 million research investment to grow WA’s agricultural capability
New plant science team gets grants from USDA-NIFA for research on soil microbes
Discovery reveals how fungi bypasses plant defenses, kills plants
Increasing Knowledge about Adaptation in MENA Region
Newly discovered protein in fungus bypasses plant defenses
Adding high-flavonoid corn to broiler chickens’ diet may cut intestinal disease
$1M USDA grant supports digital agriculture integration
Unveiled – mosaics 125 years in making
Alumni invited to join ACIAR digital training platform
ACIAR-supported scholars graduate new fisheries course
Researchers investigate garlic’s hidden powers
Climate change demands near perfect weed control in soybean
Vietnam alumni resilient in pandemic response
New Climate Resilience program to boost Pacific scholars’ skills
ARS-developed Varroa-resistant honey bees better winter survivors
Selective breeding sustainably protects honey bees from Varroa mite
Secret to better coffee? birds and bees
In Profile: New SSG Chair, Dr Scott Williams
International collaboration aims high in Nepal
Cover crops more effective than insecticides for managing pests, study suggests
Insect industry abuzz with new knowledge sharing Hub
To fertilizer or not to fertilize: delicate balance between chalky rice grains and excessive protein content
Pacific agricultural workers in Australia win-win for food security
ACIAR and 2022-23 Federal Budget
Study shows strong influence of external environment on fungal communities in primate gut
UWA launches Centre for Applied Bioinformatics
Collaboration key to unlocking strong ag solutions
United States-Israel Relationship
25th DPI winter crop variety sowing guide released
New study defines spread of SARS-CoV-2 in white-tailed deer
Delivering agricultural innovation funding
Federal spending bill expected to aid Oregon State wave energy, wildfire and mass timber projects