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Improving soil health starts with farmer-researcher collaboration
Celebrating 75 years of agricultural research in WA’s far north
$1M NASA grant to improve carbon monitoring in East Africa
UK ‘meat tax’ would cost economy almost £250 million year
Scientists on scent of flavor enhancement
FAO and Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences take partnership to next level
Penn State agricultural research highlighted on Ag Progress Days tours
New program to speed salmon breeding
University of Missouri announces restructuring of Agricultural Experiment Station
Researchers begin to unravel mysteries of kombucha fermentation
Hub to drive agricultural research and innovation
Tile drainage impacts yield and nitrogen
Funding to Support Research and Innovation in Ontario’s Vegetable Farming Sector
Growing future of agriculture
Research highlights how to reduce ecological impact of rural roads
DPI Trangie Agricultural Research Centre welcomes back Junior Judging enthusiasts
Smart future for agriculture research in Central Queensland
Reappointment of ACIAR Chief Executive Officer
Mixed cultures for a greater yield
Reappointment of ACIAR Chief Executive Office
New report highlights best practices for sustainable rural infrastructure
COVID-19 revealed flaws in Australia’s food supply
Sorghum, a close relative of corn, tested for disease resistance on Pennsylvania farms
Sorghum, a close relative of corn, tested for disease resistance on PA farms
Tasmanian farming confidence hits a new six-year high
Events to present weed testing and survey results
Director-General opens special session of Committee on World Food Security
Tenacious Ventures closes first agrifood tech fund, oversubscribed at $35M
Millets prove tasty solution to climate and food security challenges
Study: Fluorescent light clarifies relationship between heat stress and crop yield
Computational scientists help enable, scale agricultural research
Three Priority Intervention Areas to Provide West Africans with Sufficient, Affordable, and Nutritious Food
‘Postcode lottery’ of nutrient intake from crops revealed in new study
Budget 2021: Delivering for Indian Ocean Territories
Wheat rust research centenary: science for sustainable prosperity
Defining climate-smart pathways towards tree crop yield intensification
Canada collaborating with Ontario farmers on sustainable solutions to environmental issues
CRISPR/Cas technology could enable early diagnosis of devastating citrus disease
Growing sweet corn at higher densities doesn’t increase root lodging risk
Sweet corn grown at higher densities doesn’t increase root lodging risk
Australian researchers to crack growing nut industry
AgForce and CQUniversity taking agriculture research and education to next level at Belmont
Plant microbiome discovery
Mutant corn gene boosts sugar in seeds, leaves, may lead to breeding better crop
Ugandan breeders use genomic selection to boost health and satisfy customers
Pioneering an inclusive approach to priority setting in crop improvement
African countries commit to double agricultural productivity as development banks