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Tool to unlock ‘numbers game’ of big data in rare disease research
Aging Brain Initiative awards fund five new ideas to study, fight neurodegeneration
New £1.2 million funding to advance development of investigational MND drug
System helps severely motor-impaired individuals type more quickly and accurately
Mutations in Noncoding DNA Protect Brain from ALS
Molecular key may unlock new treatments for neurodegenerative disorders
Study of skin biopsies offers potential as new diagnostic marker for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Researchers create synthetic scaffold to help grow lab muscle tissue
New strategy reduces brain damage in Alzheimer’s and related disorders,
Researchers see what research participants picture in their mind’s eye
Three UZH Researchers Awarded ERC Consolidator Grants
Protective immune cells active decades before symptom onset
Viral inhibitor of cellular stress response shows therapeutic potential
Study links Immune cells to neurological disease prognosis and survival
Honoring dying wish
Scientists discover new molecular pathway shared by two neurodegenerative disorders
Adaptive HEALEY ALS Platform Trial hopes to bring new treatments to patients faster
Discovery of new ALS and dementia disease mechanism raises treatment hopes
Whole genome sequencing detects most common inherited neurological diseases
Whole genome sequencing robustly detects most common inherited neurological diseases and is adopted by healthcare
ERC Proof of Concept funding to Assistant Professor Merja Voutilainen and REGENERA
Sequence-specific RNA recognition by an RGG motif connects U1 and U2 snRNP for spliceosome assembly
Simpler and reliable ALS diagnosis with blood tests
New insights into antibody response against viral variants
Promising ALS Therapy Moves Closer to Clinic
Silencing faulty gene may uncover clues to rare forms of ALS
CRISPR-Cas13 targets proteins causing ALS, Huntington’s disease in mouse nervous system
Therapeutic trial opens new avenues
Astrocyte studies reveal harmful changes in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Pinpointing disease progression in ALS
Decoding inner language to treat speech disorders
Boosting one gene in brain’s helper cells slows Alzheimer’s progression in mice
Findings open way to more precise diagnoses and treatments of Alzheimer’s disease
UMass Chan clinical trial reveals antisense oligonucleotide safely suppresses mutant ALS gene in pilot human study
Understanding features that help cells stay organized
Role of circular RNA
AcuraStem’s development candidate AS-202 demonstrates excellent safety and potency
First detailed images of molecule linked to ALS could open door to therapies
Covey, Milbrandt, Moran named to National Academy of Inventors
King’s spinout to develop ground-breaking neurodegenerative gene therapy
Firefighters fund new clinical trial for MND therapy
Fast-tracked stroke drug for humans reveals promise,, that it might also prove powerful tool against dementia
Stroke drug shows promise in treating Alzheimer’s and dementia
Trinity College researchers make breakthrough in understanding motor neuron disease
Ryan receives fellowship from NIH
Repurposed ALS drug shows promise in mouse model of rare childhood genetic disorder
Repurposed ALS drug reveals promise in mouse model of rare childhood genetic disorder
Researchers key in on brain’s mechanism for singing, learning