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Recent UC Law alum argues in Ohio Supreme Court Case
UO prof’s amicus brief is part of Supreme Court foster care case
Qantas contractor Swissport seeks approval for dodgy dea
Possum and climate defenders win top [conservation award]
Review of implementation of SOGIE Guideline
Failed court case leaves no one accountable for toxic mess in Harbour
Linde Bryk in VIVA400
Researcher’s work leads to activist being granted asylum after 15 year wait
Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry to hold public sessions to probe human impact and institutional settings
Dentists admit feeling pressured to offer unnecessary treatments
NSW Custody Statistics: Quarterly update September 2020
Businesses trading timber urged to prepare for change
RSPCA Victoria welcomes invitation to respond to proposed new animal welfare legislation
State officials confident in election security despite voter concerns
Law Symposium Considers Political Questions and Courts
NZ police accept findings of IPCA report – Auckland City
Retired High Court judge to lead Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry
No more public subsidies for Qantas unless it drops outsourcing of workers & repays unpaid wages
Qantas workers to receive thousands in unpaid wages as airline loses Jobkeeper case
AI can spur real change in legal sector
Fisheries Act protections for Canada’s marine mammals upheld as “bear-banger” court case against commercial skipper
Suspected criminals held for longer as criminal courts recovery plan announced
Magistrates’ court listings now published online
Senate passes motion to support casual miners, Government should act
Politicians must end ‘permanent casual’ rort in mining, not legalise it
Adani bullies community leader as it loses another court case
New report sheds light on sexual assault in Australia
TWU takes Qantas to court for abusing Jobkeeper
More support for those representing themselves in court
Federal Government must intervene to protect workers’ sick leave in a pandemic
Fair work Commission quashes deal for workers forced to sleep at airports
If Shoe Fits: CSAFE Study Improves Shoe Print Forensics
Higher targets to reduce Indigenous incarceration can be implemented quickly, safely
Sex workers’ rights group Stella gets a biography by one of its members 5 August
NSW Custody Statistics: Quarterly update Jun 2020
Victorian Government must provide certainty for native timber industry with Code review
Government legislation to support Canadian workers, businesses, persons with disabilities
Support to clear COVID-19 affected court cases
Bunnings should listen to forest industry workers and reverse Victorian native forest timber decision
Government introduces legislation to support Canadian workers, businesses and persons with disabilities
Do campaign finance reforms truly help make elections more competitive?
Backroom Labor boys doing their coal donors’ bidding
RSPCA Victoria caring for higher number of animals due to delayed court cases
Gig work survey shows urgent need to regulate
Serious questions remain over Marinus Link
Independent review into Post Office Ltd Horizon IT system
Sex workers’ rights group Stella gets a biography by one of its members
One million casual workers granted access to annual, sick and other leave